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Li Yalin felt that he was very patient today. He deals with these hooligans very well. He really is a very mature man.

However, it is a pity that those hooligans are too blind to see it. The road to life is right in front of them, but they are looking for death, which something he can’t do anything about.

“As I said, don’t touch the girl, why don’t you understand.”

The afro didn’t believe that Li Yalin could take out one hundred million, and reached out to catch Kirima Syaro. In this case, he had no choice but to resort to force.

Since they want to grab her, then simply teach them a little lesson. Otherwise, they wouldn’t know why the flowers are so red!

The moment afro reached out to grab Kirima Syaro, Li Yalin reached out and grabbed his wrist like lightning. At the same time, he also said the above.

Just as he spoke, Li Yalin bends backward and throws him over his shoulder. The afro weighing at least 80 kilograms was flipped over and heavily crashed into the coffee shop floor.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t use too much force. The bones should not be broken. He just going to lie in bed for a week at best.”

“So now… are you two going to communicate with me peacefully, or are you going to go to the hospital bed for a week like your boss?”

Li Yalin’s physical fitness at the moment is no longer comparable to that of ordinary people. If he was really serious, it is estimated that afro’s bones can be broken in minutes and make him disabled.

But this is a society ruled by law and a peaceful world. He can’t be so fearless like in the Gakkou Gurashi world, so even if he takes down the afro, he still gives him some leeway.

It stands to reason that if the afro leader is resolved, the remaining two minions should either run away or beg for mercy. But… the situation does not seem to proceed as expected, because just as Li Yalin spoke, the coffee shop door suddenly opened, many figures emerged from the back kitchen.

What’s going on?

Feeling that a large number of people appeared, Li Yalin thought that the hooligan’s reinforcements were coming. But he didn’t expect that, after looking closely at the figures rushing over, he actually saw the cameraman with the camera on his shoulder.



Could it be…

“Are you okay? Call the medic!”

“Please let them go Yalin-kun, they are not bad guys.”

“Hurry up and help him!”

Accompanied by the appearance of a very familiar figure, Li Yalin finally reacted. What the fuck, aren’t these people the staff of the prank show?

In other words, Kirima Syaro’s debt of one hundred million is fake, and those hooligans are also fake. The purpose is to prank himself?

It turns out that pranking MIO and dumb Yui is just one of the plans of the show. As one of the pranksters, he was in fact the one being pranked?

He immediately understood what was happening, and he was sure that he didn’t guess wrong.

Because in the next moment, the four members of the light music club that was supposed to go home to do homework, and Uomi who should have returned to the office to handle work, also appeared in this coffee shop.

So they all have been waiting for him here.

What the hell?

The prankster gets pranked as well?

Expect to get pranked back if you prank others. Is this what it’s mean?

Yes, Li Yalin didn’t guess wrong. It turns out that he was also one of the people who were kept in the dark. It’s just that different from MIO and dumb Yui, he knows the content of the first half of the prank from the segment team, while the second half was him as the prank object.

And the prank collaborator this time is Kohinata Yukari who guided him along the way!

It’s really… good acting.

Knowing the truth, what else can he do at this moment besides a bitter smile?

That’s right, Uomi already set him up as early as the beginning. She knew that Li Yalin would not agree to participate in this show so easily, so she used the prank on light music girls as an excuse to bait him.

He had already announced his participation in this prank the moment he agreed. There’s no mistake about this.

So next, Kohinata Yukari as the collaborator appeared on the stage. He has to admit that Kohinata senpai’s acting skills are really good. Although there were some minor problems along the way, it was still not discovered.

In this way, Li Yalin successfully entered the game. And the content of the prank this time, was more like a social survey rather than a prank.

As a well-known idol, when a girl is entangled by hooligans, will he choose to come forward or ignore it?

To be honest, this segment team is quite insidious. Because if Li Yalin really chooses to ignore it, once it was broadcasted, he will definitely be condemned by fans. Losing fans is secondary. The worst thing that can happen is his positive image was ruined.

Fortunately, Li Yalin did not ignore the girl’s distress and stood up at the most critical moment to rescue the girl who was entangled by hooligans.

It’s just that there still a deviation in this prank after all. The segment team didn’t expect that Li Yalin would actually dare to pick a fight against those hooligans, and quite ruthless too. He immediately uses a shoulder throw, the thrown down Afro still can’t stand up.

This is also the fault of the segment team because at the end afro’s instructions to grab her were sent by the director through the wireless headset. If he didn’t do that, Li Yalin would not be so heavy-handed.

Therefore, this mess will be left to the segment team.

Of course, after learning that all this is a prank, Li Yalin still showed some magnanimity. Not only inquired about afro’s injury with concern, but also expressed willingness to pay for afro’s treatment.

But how can the segment team really let Li Yalin take out his money for medical treatment? They have to bear the consequences of their own action.

So in the end, all members of the segment team plus the prankster raised the sign that the prank was a great success, declaring that the prank show was a complete success and it’s over.

However, the prank show is over. Li Yalin still wanted to talk about the prank.

“Tell me… are you that confident I will help that girl?”

Since everything is for the prank, Akiyama Mio and the others have no homework to do, and Uomi were the same. So in the end everyone got together for a small celebration.

It was at this celebration that Li Yalin cant help asked Uomi questions.

He felt that Uomi would not agree to let him participate in this insidious show. This is different from the ghost prank. The consequences of a ruined image are really scary.

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