Cafe 327

“First of all, I have confidence in you. I think you will never sit back and watch a girl being bullied by some bad guys.”

Regarding Li Yalin’s question, Uomi first took a sip of juice, and then slowly answered.

“Secondly, if you really choose to ignore it, we will pressure the segment team to give up showing this prank video. Anyway, there is Kohinata senpai, this is not a difficult thing to do.”

Knowing that Uomi doesn’t hide anything, it turns out that she has such confidence.

The Kohinata family has developed business in the entertainment industry, and the influence of this family is far more influential than expected. At least the Kohinata family has the power to put pressure on a small segment team.

So Uomi would not care at all even if Li Yalin reacts badly, and would not mind giving up this prank.

And all of this is also attributed to Kohinata Yukari. As expected of the prestigious ojou-sama, is this count as being carried?

Li Yalin finally figured everything out. No wonder that when he wanted to come forward, Kohinata senpai stretched out her hand to stop him. Did she intend to give up this prank?

What a gentle person.

It’s a pity that he doesn’t understand her intention.

And… even if he knew the truth at the time, he would still choose to intervene.

To be honest, no matter whether it was a prank or not, Li Yalin couldn’t just sit idly by. The inability to tolerate a girl being bullied was one of them. More importantly, it was because the girl being bullied was Kirima Syaro.

This is a good opportunity to get a good impression after all. After the prank is over, the poor girl not only kept bowed and apologized in front of him, but also the expression on her face showed that she was very moved?

For this alone, Li Yalin felt it was worth it.

The reason why he asked the question at the celebration party was just to confirm Uomi’s idea. Now that he got the answer he wanted, he felt that was enough.

As for being angry or something, not really. He fell into the trap from the beginning. If he didn’t think of pranking MIO and the others at that time, today’s prank wouldn’t happen.

So, let’s start today’s celebration banquet with a happy mood! In any case, the first TV show that they participated in was a big success, and it was totally a thing to celebrate, right?

It was a novel experience for Li Yalin and the girls for the first time to be on TV, and it was also a good start.

With this experience, they won’t be nervous anymore when going to the TV station in the future.

Of course, it will be toned down later. It is better not to participate in any prank shows.

“It feels like… you are getting lazy lately.”

The celebration takes more time than expected. This is probably because of the second prank. Anyway, it was almost 6 pm when Li Yalin returned home.

So of course, the opening time of the otherworld restaurant today is a bit later than usual. Although the elves girl as a Li Yalin student has nothing to say, as a foodie Dragon God, Red Queen’s expression is somewhat subtle.

Subtle dissatisfaction.

This can’t be helped, Li Yalin was really busy these days. First he was busy with the company, then he was busy with the office, and he was also involved in the TV shows. It was logical that he could not spare time to run a restaurant.

However, no matter what the reason is, it won’t make any difference in front of the foodie queen. The Dragon God of the otherworld’s guardian is quite unreasonable after all.

Red Queen is very dissatisfied, the consequences… should be quite serious.

“This… opening a restaurant is just my side job. I have a lot of work. I am really busy.”

Feeling the pressure of otherword Dragon God, no… it should be the pressure of Queen’s great heart, Li Yalin’s forehead also shed a few drops of cold sweat.

Queen, can’t we talk this out. Can you not come close to me without saying anything, it puts a lot of pressure on me.

Recently, Li Yalin didn’t focus on otherworld restaurants. In addition to the above reasons, there is actually another reason.

Some time ago, with Kowata Akane as the lead, Chino, Cocoa and Rize as the supplement, joined hands to put forward their opinions to him. The otherworld restaurant has too few customers. They hope to increase the number of guests through other methods to keep the store running.

Speaking of increasing guests, in fact, as long as the concealment magic outside is eliminated, the daily traffic of Rabbit House can keep everyone busy. But it is really not worth the loss, and the price is really high.

But if the concealment magic is not eliminated, how can they increase the number of guests?

In this regard, Kowata Akane put forward a good idea.

Rabbit House will certainly not be able to entertain ordinary guests, but if it is a special guest, wouldn’t it be okay?

For example… the guests hiding in the dark side of this world.

Yes, as literally said, Kowata Akane intends to cooperate with Chino to restart Rabbit House and open a coffee shop exclusively for witches. Of course, the guests are not limited to witches, no matter who they are, anyone who comes to this store can be treated as a guest.

The reason for this proposal is that Kowata Akane has recently received too many spell materials, and it takes too much time to exchange through ordinary channels. Then Rabbit House is used as a transit point for guests to come here to exchange materials, which undoubtedly a very good choice.

And just to welcome guests who exchange materials, this reason may not be acceptable to everyone. So she brought Chino to join her, one exchange materials, the other sell coffee to entertain the guests.

In this way, not only Kowata Akane got what she wanted, Chino and the others can also start working and run the coffee shop like normal.

How could Li Yalin disagree with such an approach of killing two birds with one stone? And judging from the recent situation, what they did is quite decent.

Kowata Akane promotes in the world of witches. Guests who are willing can come to the store through the transfer magic array, just like opening another portal.

Once Li Yalin opens the otherworld restaurant on his side, she can close the teleportation on her side, which can protect her own secrets and get what she needs.

Li Yalin really feels that the result was not bad. Originally, he felt guilty for everyone because he seldom cared about the house. Now that the coffee shop can be reopened again. With more customers, there are more smiles on the girls’ faces, which is more important than anything else.

What’s more, Kowata Akane also exchanged a lot of useful materials, which is in his interest.

In this case, there’s no problem even if the otherworld restaurant were not open.

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