Cafe 328

Due to the reopening of the coffee shop, the business of the witch is very good, so it is quite natural that Li Yalin did not put too much energy into the otherworld restaurant. This reason is reasonable, right?

Unfortunately, the Queen did not accept it at all.

“Opening a restaurant is also an important job! Or… you don’t take me seriously, thinking I am not that important, so you would not care about me?”

Whoops, Queen-sama, you are saying something ridiculous. How could we not care about such a beautiful Dragon God like you?

In addition, you are really pressuring me. I can’t take it!

“Of course you are someone important, really important.”

Having known Red Queen for so long, Li Yalin came to a very important conclusion. That is, don’t argue with the Dragon God of the otherworld’s guardian, because he would only lose if he argued with her.

Because our Queen can’t be reasoned at all!

So it’s better to be perfunctory.

“In other words, my importance is not as important as your job?”

Although this method worked before, Red Queen today is obviously very dissatisfied and can’t be fooled at all.

And it seems like she has the tendency to overthink things?

How does it feel like the girlfriend is asking her boyfriend, the job or her who is the most important?

By the way, eating is obviously the most important thing for Red Queen, right?

“No, you misunderstand me, Queen is of course the most important. So how about I stew a pot of forbidden braised beef for your majesty for a while? This will prove that Queen is the most important thing in my heart?”

Seeing Red Queen like this, today’s work has to be postponed. Although he knows that she can’t really do anything to him, he still has to calm her grievance.

So… how can Queen’s grievances be quelled?

In fact, it’s not difficult. What did she want most in the past, can’t it be given to her today?

One pot of taboo braised beef, she should be satisfied with this, right?

What? I have said before that I would never take out the taboo recipes no matter how many times Queen asks?

Eh? Did I ever say that? Why didn’t I seem to remember?

Integrity you say?

Is that thing useful? Is it delicious?

In summary, the taboo recipe is the most intuitive and effective way to handle the Red Queen. Just look at her, the Red Dragon God showed a look of expectation when she hears the taboo braised beef, just like a little dog waiting to be feed.

Perhaps their faith will collapse if such a scene were seen by her followers.

“You didn’t lie to me? Are you really willing to make me a taboo braised beef?”

For Red Queen, the special recipe braised beef is her favorite. In any case, she will not get tired of the superb delicacies. But what really makes her unable to forget is the only braised Demonic Ox meat that she has eaten, which classified as a taboo food.

As the saying goes, the more you can’t get, the more you want. When Li Yalin announced that the dish was a taboo recipe and he would never make it again, Red Queen instead developed a rebellious mentality, thinking about enjoying that dish again.

For this reason, she keeps begging Li Yalin but was cruelly rejected, so she can only give up.

It turned out today, Li Yalin actually expressed his willingness to make the forbidden delicacy for her, and this immediately gave her a feeling that every cloud has a silver lining.

Not only that, she even wondered if he was joking.

“Of course not, but let me say this in advance, you should take the taboo dishes back to your own place to eat them and not here… I don’t want you to ruin this shop.”

The reason why he was so reluctant to make this taboo recipe is mainly because that thing is too powerful, even Red Queen almost can’t control herself. Last time she can resist not changing back to her original body, if today she can’t control herself…

God, he doesn’t want to see Red Queen’s real body with his own eyes, and he definitely doesn’t want a huge red dragon to destroy this small coffee shop.

Taboo recipes can be taken out, but she had to accept his terms.

“Really? That’s great!”

It was finally confirmed that Li Yalin had not deceived her and was really planning to make a taboo recipe. This immediately made Red Queen like a little girl, and her joy was written on her face.

In her excitement, she actually picked up Li Yalin. Not only that, she actually spun around in a circle, she gets really excited.

As a man, at least a man who has fully grown up mentally, it was really embarrassing to be held in such a way by a hot beauty.

Queen, no matter how happy you are, should you pay attention to your image? Can you please put me down?

There is such a tsukomi in his heart, but with Li Yalin’s power alone, he obviously cannot leave the embrace of Red Queen.


It was, but… more embarrassing things happen!

Just as Red Queen was holding Li Yalin and spinning around, the copper bell suddenly rang, and the door connecting the two worlds was opened. A silhouette of an old and a young appeared at the door, and the scene of the two huggings and spinning around was thoroughly seen by them.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!”

Li Yalin almost wanted to cry right now. It was embarrassing enough for such a shameful scene being seen by his own imouto, now even outsiders see it.

What to do?

Kill to shut their mouths?

No no… knock it off, he can’t just kill people just because his shameful scene was seen, wanna replace the Salvation system with the demon king system?

But… Sure enough, let’s stop first. Otherwise he would really lose all his integrity!

Obviously, the scene presented before them was quite shocking for the old and the young. Although Red Queen found them soon, and stopped and let go of Li Yalin, the two still failed to recover from their shock.

Sure enough, they have never seen such a shameful scene?

So damn embarrassing…

Li Yalin wishes to find a place to hide after what Red Queen has done to him. It’s a pity that there is no place for him to hide, and he also needs to pay attention to the two who appeared from the otherworld gate.

It is a very rare new customer after all. This otherworld restaurant has been open for so long, new customers finally arrived. It is really gratifying.

Even though he just lost his face in front of new guests…

Need to explain?

With this thought, Li Yalin also intends to break the awkward atmosphere. But when he was about to greet the two new guests, he saw the old man with a white beard took the lead and knelt on him first.


What the hell is this?

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