Cafe 329

“The Great Red Dragon God…”

The old man knelt, and even the girl beside him was dragged down by him. However, they are not bowing down for Li Yalin, but for the Red Queen beside him.

Obviously, the old man recognized the identity of the Red Queen. As the 6 pillars Dragon God guarding the world, she also has the qualification to accept anyone’s bows.


It really feels embarrassing for such a scene to happen in his own shop. Especially the old man, he must be at least 70 or 80 years old, right? Kneeling at such an age, can his knees really take it?

“Is this Queen’s believer?”

Although he was determined to help the old and the young, Li Yalin also knew very well that he didn’t have the qualification to meddle, as they are not kneeling for him. He could only ask in a low voice beside Red Queen, to see what is going on.

Faced with the bows of the old man, Red Queen turned a blind eye, but she responded to Li Yalin’s question.

“He is not a believer of mine, from this breath… probably a believer of that White.”

Li Yalin had heard of the legend of the 6 pillar Dragon God, and it is also dictated by Red Queen.

According to the Red Dragon God, the names of the 6 pillar Dragon God are Red, Gold, Green, Blue, White and Black. They have different powers, different areas of control, and different personalities.

As the Red Queen in charge of the flame, her character is like the burning flame, free and unrestrained, and will not be constrained by rule. All behaviors are arbitrary and cannot be imposed by anyone.

For the other Dragon Gods, let’s not talk about it for the time being. Just talk about the White Dragon God. That one’s character is the most compassionate. Among the 6 pillar Dragon Gods, she has given a lot of help to mankind and also has the most believers.

Dragon God didn’t care how many believers they have. After all, the so-called power of faith cannot enhance the power of the gods themselves, don’t be misled by the plot in the novel.

On the contrary, when the believer has the power of faith, it is completely a manifestation of nurturing oneself. This not only does not bring benefits to the gods, but if necessary, the gods must use some power to increase the believers.

Although… such a little power is completely insignificant for the gods.

All in all, the relationship between gods and believers is actually quite subtle. Whether there is a believer or a dependant, there is no difference.

At best, after having believers and dependants, things can be easier, nothing more.

For example, if you want the meat of Magical Beast, you don’t need to do it yourself. As long as you give the order, the believer and the dependant would handle them.

leaving aside the other Dragon Gods, for Red Queen, the role of believers and dependants is only this.

Let’s talk about White Dragon God. Although the meaning of believers and dependants is not very important, she still develops many believers and dependants in the otherworld. The purpose is not to rule the world, but to help humanity better survive.

It was not a peaceful world after all. Whether it was in the past or in the future, the two topics of survival and death will never stop.

The White Dragon God has a good impression on humans and has helped humans the most. Therefore, most of the humans in the East Continent are her believers, and the same is true for the old men and young girls who arrive from crossing the otherworld gate.

But obviously, the old man is definitely not an ordinary person. Not to mention his gorgeous clothes, just recognizing Red Queen’s real body is enough to explain many problems.

After all, the image of the Red Queen can’t be recognized by just anybody.

“What should we do now? We can’t let them kneel all the time, right?”

The two new guests are White Dragon God believers, Li Yalin already knows this. But how to deal with the current situation, he thinks it is better to ask Red Queen.

It was her who makes them kneel like this, so she should solve this matter.

“Let them kneel if they want to… Forget it, you will handle them, just remember not to forget my dishes.”

Well, Red Queen obviously didn’t plan to take care of the old and the young who were kneeling. Not surprising as she is the Dragon God who guards the world after all, and she also has her pride. In her eyes, ordinary humans are something she can crush like ants at will, it is impossible for her to place them in her eyes.

Whether the old and the young were kneeling or standing had nothing to do with her, and she did not intend to pay more attention to it.

This is Li Yalin’s site, of course he should handle it himself.

As for her, as long as she can eat delicious food, everything else didn’t matter.

“You are really…”

Li Yalin couldn’t help but slap his forehead for Red Queen’s disregard for the old and the young. He could see clearly that the Queen thinks highly of him and the girls at home. Besides, other humans don’t have that treatment.

But having said that, should he be proud of himself? He was not only treated differently by Red Queen, but even experienced Red Queen’s hugs and kisses.

If this kind of thing spreads out, those Queen’s believers and dependants would be shocked out of their wits.

Ahem… Calm down, it’s better to settle down those two quickly.

“You two, please get up first.”

Since Red Queen had no objection, Li Yalin chose to handle it on his own. Queen didn’t care anyway, so he can just go on her behalf.

Rather, if Queen stays indifferent, the two would keep kneeling all the time.

“Thank you, sir.”

Perhaps the relationship between Li Yalin and Red Queen is too close, the older man obviously misunderstood something. He was very respectful in his attitude towards him. In contrast, the girl next to him is not as cautious as him, that delicate face was full of curious expressions.

She is not only curious about Li Yalin, but also curious about the furnishings in this room, which is obviously very different from the environment in which she lives.

“I am not really someone respectable, I and the Queen are just friends. My name is Li Yalin, nice to meet you. I also welcome you two to this otherworld restaurant. I hope you two can have a good appetite.”


Hearing what Li Yalin said, the old man was completely dumbfounded. Being a friend of Red Queen, wouldn’t this alone be an extremely noble status?

And it’s not like he originally thought, this Red Dragon God blessed land is called otherworld restaurant?

Good appetite… Is this the kind of restaurant where one can eat?

Looks like they have come to some incredible place…

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