Cafe 33

Rinna Fuwa’s uniform size problem is quite simple. Chino spent a night modifying it and easily change the uniform to her size.

Speaking of which, Chino had a skillful hands and is very good at needlework.

This should be inherited from her mother?

All in all, the uniform size discomfort was easily resolved, and Rinna Fuwa quickly adapted to the work in the store. Adding one person is indeed a good thing. Even if the number of customers is increasing, everyone can still do their job more easily.

The only awkward thing is that after listening to Li Yalin’s piano performance, Rinna Fuwa has also become one of his admirers. With her airhead attribute, she often become absentminded when listening to his piano play and will cause series of small accidents.

Fortunately, it just harmless small accident and everything in general is quite good.

Time passes just like this and the day of school has finally arrived.

“High school life, huh… I am really looking forward to it!”

“High school life… so troublesome… “

As school is approaching, Cocoa and Li Yalin are showing two very different reactions. Cocoa is longing and looking forward, but Li Yalin is not motivated at all.

Not surprising that as a 15-year-old girl come to this strange city alone, she naturally carried the expectation of becoming a high school student.

Different from Cocoa. Li Yalin as a self-proclaimed otaku is already near thirty years old. It would be impossible for him to be interested in high school courses!

The only thing that can attract him is the name Eiryou High School.

Now that he know what kind of world is this, it is not impossible for more familiar 2D characters to appears.

After entering Eiryou High School, will Li Yalin meet the Uomi student president he knows?

This issue is really worth exploring.

But being a high school student really makes him very tangled.

Sweat and youth in school?

Spares me on this…

He has always feel entangled but he still has to go to the entrance ceremony after all. What makes him sad is that Cocoa cannot become Li Yalin’s kouhai, because she did not attend Eiryou High School but entered the still female school Ousai Academy.

Li Yalin really wants to go to that school!

It’s a pity that fantasy can only stop here.

Although Rinna Fuwa has adapted to the work of Rabbit House, they can’t be at easy to let her take care of the shop by herself.

Fortunately, Otosuna Mihari said that she would take the time to help, there should be no problems with the two in the store.

What’s more, no class was held on the day of the entrance ceremony. Everyone can go back quickly. Li Yalin also thought this was a good opportunity to test Rinna Fuwa performance.

But… sure enough he was still worried.

Although it won’t take much time, Li Yalin is still very concerned about the situation in the store. Afraid that Rinna Fuwa and Otosuna Mihari will have an accident in the store.

Because of this, he didn’t pay attention to Eiryou High School entrance ceremony at all. Anyway, it’s just activities such as principal speech, he can just ignore it.

But as Li Yalin expected, the students president of Eiryou High School is really Uomi.

Seeing the expressionless twintail on the stage, he has already confirmed this.

He won’t have any intersection with the Uomi student president standing on the stage as an ordinary student, so naturally it was impossible to have any contact with her. Instead of thinking about far-fetched things, the situation in the store is more important.

The annual spring entrance ceremony is very important for new students in Japan district. Even parents will accompany them. Often will gather together in groups of three or five to take pictures and the like even after the end of the entrance ceremony.

Old students may not be as excited as new students, but will also meet with friends and happily discuss the fun of the spring break.

Li Yalin standing here always feels out of place.

It’s no wonder since he originally not a high school student and with his identity as a sophomore transfer student, he was destined to have no friends in this school. Staying here would only feel awkward.

So after scratching his head a bit, Li Yalin made a very decisive decision – Go home!

The entrance ceremony is over, it had no meaning to keep staying in school.

Li Yalin started to walk towards the school entrance with this thought. But just after taking a step with his left foot, a great force suddenly came from behind him.

“Be careful!”

Li Yalin’s body also leaned forward with that voice and he was already fall on the ground when he recovered.

What’s going on?

Li Yalin’s body has not been strengthened even after having a high school student appearance. He had the average physique of an ordinary person, of course he will fall down if he is suddenly hit.

But the fall was not as simple as imagined, because the person who knocked him down also fell on him after Li Yalin fell.

This soft touch…



All this time, Li Yalin felt that the lucky pervert incident of the main character collided in anime was nonsense. Suddenly fell on a flat ground coincidentally and still fell on the heroine’s body. Touched some parts that should not be touched.

Isn’t that nonsense?

But he was taught by reality today. The tender touch has completely covered the pain after being hit! This is definitely a reproduction of the classic scene in anime!

It’s a pity that the shadow of the light caused Li Yalin to not see the appearance of the girl because he was lying on the ground, he don’t know if the girl who fell on him looks pretty or not.

Of course, whether the girl looks pretty or not, Li Yalin only needs to do one thing – Take his hands back as soon as possible!

According to the anime setting, ninety-nine percent the heroine will get angry if this is the main character encounter scene. Whether the protagonist is wrong or not, the heroine will immediately treats the protagonist as a pervert. Until a series of subsequent encounters, gradually fell in love with the protagonist.

Then in order to avoid raising the flag in this situation, he must act immediately!

“Haruka! Are you okay?”

“Are you all right?”

Li Yalin’s reaction was indeed quick and he also very relieved. Because just as he take back his hands, two female voices sounded around him.

This shows that the girl who fell on him also has a companion. Three female students, it will be more troublesome if not handled properly.

As for the accident just now…

Just think of it as nothing happened!

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