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After spending some time, Li Yalin finally explained clearly what a otherworld restaurant is.

There are otherworlds in many different spaces. The old and the young reacted very quickly, so he didn’t have to explain too much.

However, it is worth mentioning that the identities of the two crossings over the otherworld gate today are really not simple. Through simple exchanges, Li Yalin sort of learned the origin of these two.

It turned out that the old man was the first emperor who created the new empire of the Eastern Continent. Now, the Great Emperor who has just abdicated, is known as a generation of sage emperors, His Majesty Wilhelm.

The beautiful girl who came with him was his granddaughter, the royal princess of the empire named Adelheid.

Sure enough, they are big shot.

Although the name of the emperor Wilhelm is not a big deal in the eyes of Red Queen, it is a famous name for the humans of the otherworld.

At the beginning of the war between humans and demons, the old empire was destroyed. As the orphan of the old empire, Wilhelm actually relied on his own power to call on the people and the army to re-establish the empire.

His life is quite legendary, and his experience is still sung by bards.

When he heard this from the uncle of swordmaster Shinmon Tatsugoro, Li Yalin just listened to it as a story, but it turned out the legendary emperor of the empire actually came to his restaurant. Fate is really wonderful.

Of course, fate is wonderful and all, but Li Yalin himself did not think much about this. For him, no matter what great achievements this old man has established, he is also a person who can communicate on an equal footing.

He didn’t feel that he has to lower himself, he never has this idea at all.

Rather, instead of paying attention to the old man, it is better to care about his beautiful granddaughter. Although this girl looks only 15-16 years old, she is an incredible beauty.

“Then, if the two guests don’t mind, please try the food in our shop.”

Okay, he should stop observing the beautiful girl. The visitors are customers after all, even if he doesn’t plan to run the restaurant seriously, he can’t let down the customers.

Speaking of which, Li Yalin has recently given up on the menu and intends to entertain customers based on their preferences. He already knows what old customers like to eat, while the dishes on the menu are not enough for new customers.

It’s not like he was getting lazy, okay!

“The dishes recommended by our restaurant today are… croquette and sweet and sour pork. Ramen is the staple food. Both are delicious dishes and will never disappoint customers.”

“Eh… then I’ll pick those dishes.”

Look, now Li Yalin is ordering at a lot of speed. The customer wants to eat it after he gives a recommendation, which saves so much time.

And why he recommends croquette and sweet and sour pork with ramen? It’s not because Cocoa said yesterday that she wanted to eat croquette, and then this morning Kowata Akane was asking for ramen. Of course he must satisfy what his own girls wanted to eat.

As for the sweet and sour pork loin, it was purely because he wanted to satisfy his appetite.

So when cooking for the guests, he can increase the amount for himself and the girls. It really kills two birds with one stone!

Li Yalin would like to praise his wit!

“Remember to cook my food first! Don’t forget!”

Just when Li Yalin has done with the order, Red Queen voiced her dissatisfaction. This foodie queen really never forgets her food all the time.

Can’t even wait for a few minutes?

“Okay, I’ll make it for you right away.”

Having no choice to wave his hand towards the Red Queen, Li Yalin then nodded towards the Great Emperor Wilhelm and Adelheid princess, finally turned around and walked to the kitchen to start the daily cooking work.

For Li Yalin, this is really ordinary everyday, but this scene is not so simple in Wilhelm’s eyes.

One must know, the old man Wilhelm is not just as simple as creating a new empire. Although outsiders may not know, he himself has a close relationship with the four heroes who severely damaged the demon and even killed the Evil God.

Because of this, Wilhelm knows many secrets that ordinary people don’t know, including the real body of the Red Dragon God!

Red is in charge of the flames. Her power in the 6 pillar Dragon God also belongs to the top one. This God-sama is not only powerful but also moody in personality, which is difficult to grasp.

She is different from the White Dragon God. In her eyes, human beings are no different from ordinary ants. Rather, as long as she is in a bad mood, she can kill himself and his granddaughter who appear in front of her anytime and anywhere, without leaving the slightest trace.

If it weren’t for this, he won’t kneel down after confirming the identity of the Red Queen, without the majesty that an emperor should have.

After all, no matter how powerful the mortal emperor is, he can never compare with the guardian Dragon God. He will not be arrogant because of his power.

He was full of regret when he bowed down to the Red Dragon God, why he curiously opened the door that suddenly appeared, and also walks in with his most beloved granddaughter.

If he knew early that he would meet this Dragon God, he wouldn’t have let his granddaughter be in danger.

Is it because he’s getting old that his brains didn’t function well?

Why is he doing this on a whim?

While Wilhelm was in remorse, of course he also saw Li Yalin next to Red Queen. Although he seemed to be an ordinary young man, Wilhelm knew that he could never judge a person by their appearance.

Those who are qualified to stand side by side with Red Queen must be extremely honorable, no… that is not standing side by side anymore, they are obviously close enough to communicate with each other!

How can he provoke such existence?

This was in his mind, but contrary to Wilhelm’s expectation, the next plot turned sharply.



Otherworld restaurant?

Red Dragon God came here just to eat?

That young man, he’s running this restaurant?

What the hell is going on?

For a long time, Great Emperor His Majesty Wilhelm’s thoughts were in a mess, he nodded blankly, and even agreed to order a meal. After seeing Li Yalin and Red Queen make signs to one another, he once again petrified on the spot.

You say you are just a cook?

Who would believe this!

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