Cafe 331

The new empire can be regarded as one of the most powerful countries on the Eastern Continent. Thanks to the efforts of Emperor Wilhelm, the entire country is developing in a good direction. Although the country still cannot escape poverty and hunger, and also from the sequelae of the battle with the demon all the year-round. Compared with the tragedy of the past, the empire is much better now.

At least the vast majority of the civilians in the Empire are able to eat. As long as they can eat, it is a very happy thing, isn’t it?

As the royal princess of the empire, Adelheid is obviously unlikely to not have enough to eat or wear warmth, but even so, the diet of the royal family is not much better than that of the common people. At best, they don’t have to eat that hard black bread and soup, and can have more salt and spices.

During the fifteen years of being born in this world, Adelheid never thought about how delicious dishes can be. Until this day, she and her grandfather saw a magical door, and through this door, came to a magical place called otherworld restaurant.

It turns out that after wheat is ground into flour, can it not only be made into bread, but can also be made into delicious noodles?

This food called ramen can be so delicious?

No, not only the ramen, but also the sweet and sour pork loin and croquette. Although she doesn’t know what ingredients it was made, they have a magical power that makes people don’t want to stop eating them!

Is food such a pleasant thing?

For the first time, a princess named Adelheid opened the door to a new world. The delicious dishes of the otherworld washed her knowledge from beginning to end.

If she can eat such delicious dishes every day, being improper is nothing to this princess.

“Princess, this is a dessert from our shop, I hope you like it.”

How do visitors from the otherworld react to food? Let alone Li Yalin, even the girls in the family are already familiar with it. From Dragon God to swordmaster, elves to fairy, they are all the same. Not to mention humans, they can’t avoid vulgarity.

So no matter how the young and old Wilhelm and Adelheid react, they will not surprise everyone.

It feels like the visitors from the otherworld are a group of poor people who can’t get enough food.

Every time they saw the guests gorging themselves, everyone couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts. Fortunately, the guests this time were members of the imperial royal family. Although they were shocked by the deliciousness of the dishes, they still paid attention to their image after all, and prevent embarrassment.

In contrast, the appearance of swordmaster uncle Shinmon Tatsugoro’s first taste of delicious dishes… it was really horrible.

The girls in the family all have a common idea, that is to make friends with otherworld guests. They have already had friends from the Wood Elf tribe before, and they have also become partners with the fairies of Land of Flowers. Today, they naturally want to be friends with that princess.

However, it was still a bit difficult to speak up like this, so everyone comes up with an idea and quickly made a cup of ice cream, which was delivered by Cocoa.

On the basis of communicating with otherworld guests, Cocoa will always be the one leading the way.


The first time she tasted otherworld’s cuisine, Adelheid really felt the taste of happiness. Even after eating the dishes in front of her, she still recalled the feelings just now.

Until Cocoa appeared with ice cream.

It had been talked before that the cooking level of the otherworld is far behind imagination. Not only is the cooking method monotonous, but all kinds of seasonings are also scarce, so it is natural that sweet sugars have become quite expensive luxury goods.

Perhaps it is precisely because of the luxury that the cooking direction of the otherworld is deformed, especially in the dessert section. Otherworld people always think that the sweeter the cookies, the more delicious, the person who can eat the sweetest cookies, is the most noble.

Therefore, the cookies that the imperial royal family can eat are all the sweetest ones.

Because of this, Adelheid doesn’t like those sweet cookies. After eating a few times as a child, she rarely touches them again.

So this time, when Cocoa took out the ice cream, she frowned instinctively, because the word dessert reminded her of those unpleasant experiences.

“Very delicious, this is my meticulous masterpiece!”

Standing beside the princess, Cocoa’s expression is very proud at the moment. Speaking of this ice cream, Li Yalin bought the ice cream machine a while ago, so that everyone can make delicious ice cream at home. He was praised by the girls for this.

As for Cocoa, she was even more at the forefront. Not only did she learn how to use it in a short period of time, she even creates a lot of variations.

What she took out at this moment is her proud masterpiece -vanilla cocoa blend ice cream!

“Thank you.”

Although she doesn’t like sweets cookies, out of courtesy, Adelheid did not reject Cocoa’s kindness. And at this time, she started to look at the ice cream in front of her.

Are brown balls and creamy yellow balls too sweet?

But… she has to eat them even if it is too sweet.

And it doesn’t look bad, does it?

After hesitating for a while, Adelheid finally picked up the spoon and carefully dug a scoop of ice cream, paused again for a while before putting the ice cream into her mouth.

At that moment, the princess, who was still closing her eyes, suddenly widened her eyes, and the watery eyes flashed with an incredible light!

The icy cold taste, sweet but not greasy taste, it’s completely different from the dessert in her imagination!

Oh my God…

Is the dessert of otherworld so delicious?


Adelheid exclaimed subconsciously. She was deeply impressed by this ice cream. All she wanted to do next was to continue to taste this delicious dessert. If possible, she really wants to keep eating it without stopping!

“Hehe, I am actually quite confident about mixing ice cream.”

The ice cream she made by herself has received such praise, Cocoa on the side is also quite happy. She even touches the back of her head while smirking.

But it is precisely because of her personality that she can gain a lot of friends. Even the imperial princess of the otherworld can communicate with her happily.

Such talent is really enviable.

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