Cafe 332

Cocoa became friends with the princess of the otherworld, and under her lead, the princess quickly became acquainted with the other girls.

No… It should be said that they have become too familiar!

“You guys want to be a guest at that princess’s house? I don’t think that would be a good idea?”

The girls in the family want to make friends with that princess, Li Yalin as the onii-chan, of course will not stop them. But they have just become friends, to actually discussed going to Adelheid’s house, which being a guest on the imperial palace, will this be too much progress?

Isn’t this developing too fast!

“But… Adelheid is so pitiful, she has no friends to play with, and never entertain a friend to be a guest at home…”

Li Yalin had a headache for the whims of the girls, but on Cocoa’s side, her big eyes became watery in the next moment.

It seems that in this short period of time, they really became close friends with that princess, and even talked about this topic.

Is it because both sides are too pure?

“Okay, I understand, but even if we want to go to a friend’s house, we have to ask the parents for permission first, right? When they come again next time, I will talk to the Emperor.”

Although he was tsukkoming in his heart, Li Yalin couldn’t refuse his imouto’s request. He had no choice but to agree first.

They can’t start their journey right away even if they want to go to the otherworld. After all, the place Cocoa and the others are going to is the palace of the human empire. The degree of danger is far from comparable to Siena Forest or Land of Flowers.

There are times when the human heart is more terrifying than power. Compared to the simple Wood Elf and fairy, human…

It’s not that Li Yalin overthink things, but that the otherworld is full of dangers. It’s fine if it’s just him alone, but with these girls who have no power to even truss a chicken, he doesn’t want the slightest accident to happens.

Sure enough, it’s better to wait for the Emperor to come again and communicate with him.

“Really? Great! Thank you onii-chan!”

Cocoa was naturally very happy with Li Yalin’s consent, but Li Yalin’s mind at the moment was already placed on the virtuous emperor Wilhelm.

The old man had always been very respectful towards him, never talk like a proud and haughty emperor. As for why it was like that, needless to say, it was naturally due to the supreme power of Red Queen.

With this in mind, he shouldn’t have any bad thoughts about himself. With Queen as his backing, he wouldn’t dare to bear the anger from Dragon God even if he has a hundred of courage.

This means that he doesn’t actually have to worry too much?

Anyway, let’s wait for them to come next time. In any case, they already know the opening time of otherworld restaurant, and it is only a matter of time to visit again.

After the day has passed, a new week begins, and the holiday TV program recording ends. Li Yalin returns to daily school life again.

The school life is really fulfilling. Go to class, play games with his two small followers in the club, chat with Haruka and Maki, and then take a stroll to the student council.

And just after school, Li Yalin didn’t go home directly. He had to go to the company to check the situation first, and then go to the office to practice the new song with the girls. He was really busy.

But when he picked up his schoolbag and said goodbye to Haruka and the others, and was about to find Kohinata Yukari to go to the company, he accidentally discovered that his two little followers, Aoba and Nene, were actually waiting in his classroom doorway.

What’s going on?

“What’s wrong? Do you need me for something?”

Aoba and Nene came looking for him, which surprised Li Yalin. They just met at noon and they were playing games together. Why did they come to find him after school? Did they feel that they have not played enough at noon so they want to continue playing after school?

It shouldn’t be…

“That… um…”

Although she’s already familiar with Li Yalin, Aoba still showed a hesitant look when facing Li Yalin now. She spoke incoherent words he couldn’t understand, which made him impatient.

“It’s like this, Aoba wants to visit the club president’s game company, and wants to ask if you don’t mind.”

Aoba spoke haltingly, not only made Li Yalin impatient, but Nene on the side also couldn’t stand it anymore. So, she was the first to say what Aoba wanted to say in one breath, without holding back.

“Want to visit my company? Of course I don’t mind.”

After listening to Nene’s explanation, Li Yalin almost laughed out loud. It’s just such a trivial matter, just say it directly. How could he refuse?

Yes, as Nene said, Aoba is very interested in Li Yalin’s game company. Of course, one of the reasons is that she likes games. On the other hand, it is because she was confused about her future path.

Even though Aoba and Nene look like junior high school students, they are already senior high school students nearing graduation. By the spring of next year, they will face the most crucial choice in life.

Whether to continue to study or enter the society and start working, this should actually be considered as a choice every senior high school student will face.

Going to university has its benefits, and work also has its benefits. It is normal to be hesitant when having to choose between the two.

So, Aoba was in this confusion. She doesn’t know what she should do.

In this case, she discussed with Nene and finally reached a conclusion.

Whether she’s going to university or working, she should really take a look at it with her own eyes. Only what she likes best is the best for her. Roughly something like that.

Aoba really likes drawing and also likes games. She would love to do this work in the future. If possible, she hopes to become a character designer.

But she didn’t understand anything about game company at all. By coincidence, Li Yalin had acquired EagleJump not long ago, and had casually mentioned it to her and Nene, which made her remember.

After struggling for a few days, she finally musters up the courage. She wanted to go to EagleJump to see how the game production was. That’s why she asked Li Yalin with Nene.

It’s just that, as an outsider who wants to visit the company, it was really hard for her to speak out. In case there is any commercial confidentiality she accidentally sees, wouldn’t that be very bad?

As a result, she did not expect that Li Yalin actually agreed so happily, without any hesitation.

Although it was very unexpected, it was also a very unexpected surprise. The game company she longed for is right in front of her, and today she can finally witness it with her own eyes!

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