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Aoba is interested in EagleJump, this is actually not surprising. In the original plot, Aoba successfully passed the interview after graduating from high school and became a member of EagleJump. The plot also started from there.

Now, since she wants to visit EagleJump, Li Yalin naturally has no reason to refuse. Rather, he is quite happy to let Aoba join the company after graduation.

After all, Aoba is also a very capable girl. With a little training, she will definitely become an excellent character designer not inferior to Kou Yagami in the future.

Li Yalin even wants to bring Nene over. Aoba can become a character designer, and Nene also has a good talent in game programming. Let her join the programming team, she will definitely become a great talent in the future.

Of course, that is the future. At the moment, she is still a very unreliable little girl.

In any case, Aoba and Nene were interested, and Li Yalin makes use of the opportunity and brought them to the company.

Since the Wind Fantasy series project was officially launched, EagleJump has entered an intense and busy working state. After all, they have a goal. Whether it is a new member or an old employee, everyone bursts out with enthusiasm beyond imagination. They are full of energy.

However, it seems that it is precisely because of this working attitude that the two little girls who came to visit the company for the first time were shocked.

“So… so amazing, is this the working state of a real game company?”

Seeing everyone’s tense and busy figure, Aoba’s eyes widened, it felt like she didn’t know where to look.

At the same time, an idea arose in her mind. If she joins the company, will she work as hard as these senpais in the future?

“Aoba, you like designing. I’ll take you to the design team in a while. You should be able to learn something there.”

Seeing Aoba’s astonishment, Li Yalin also showed a smile. This is his company after all. The employees can work so hard, being a BOSS also makes him feel proud and a sense of pride.


Li Yalin had just brought Aoba and Nene to the company, and Shizuku Hazuki, who had heard of the news, quickly appeared in front of him.

Under normal circumstances, as long as Li Yalin is not present, Shizuku Hazuki is considered the top figure in charge of the company. But once Li Yalin appears, her status will be immediately lowered to a level, which is needless to say.


Normally, even if Shizuku Hazuki is a subordinate of Li Yalin in terms of status, she has no sense of subordinate in her attitude towards Li Yalin. Rather, she treats him as a strong enemy all the time. The two were fighting for the harem.

But today, maybe she took the wrong medicine. After meeting him, she actually bowed and greeted him very respectfully, which was two inverse contrasts to her normal lazy appearance.

What in the actual fuck, what happened to her today?

“Miss Hazuki, are you… not feeling well?”

Today, Shizuku Hazuki gave Li Yalin the feeling that she was a different person. Not only was her expression very serious, but her mannerisms also highly competent, just like the senior management of a large company.

It stands to reason that with her position and status, it was a correct attitude. But the problem is that Li Yalin really can’t adapt to this sudden change.

Is she get possessed by something?

The Shizuku Hazuki in front of him is actually no longer the real Shizuku Hazuki?

Otherwise, how could she be indifferent to the two beautiful little girls, and instead greet him solemnly?


Absolutely unscientific!

“Thank you for the president’s concern. I am in good health. By the way, although the work assigned by the president cannot be completed immediately, I have tried my best to complete three scripts. Please have a look when the president has time.”

Towards Li Yalin’s doubts, Shizuku Hazuki answered seriously again. But because of this, her performance made Li Yalin’s mouth wide open.

Something is wrong!

This is so wrong!

This is not the Shizuku Hazuki he know!

He haven’t been to the company for just a few days. What happened to EagleJump?

Who remodeled Shizuku Hazuki?

Or did aliens invade EagleJump and kidnap the real Shizuku Hazuki?

“What? President, are you not feeling well? You can go to the office to rest first if you did not feel well. If you are really sick, please go to the hospital to see a doctor.”

Li Yalin’s shocked look once again attracted Shizuku Hazuki’s health inquiries. However, Li Yalin really got goosebumps this time. Instead of facing Shizuku Hazuki who he didn’t recognize, he missed the Shizuku Hazuki who always tit-for-tat with him.

At least that would make him feel normal, instead of making his body uncomfortable.

What the hell!

What exactly is going on?

“Ms. Umiko, can you explain to me what is going on?”

Finally, Li Yalin couldn’t stand such a weird Shizuku Hazuki, so he asked Ahagon Umiko what actually happened. If anyone in this EagleJump can help him, it seems that Umiko is the only one.

“Here’s the thing. I think this guy’s work attitude is very problematic, so I took the time to educate her. You don’t have to worry about it, president, it’s completely normal.”

Ahagon Umiko was surprised when asked suddenly by Li Yalin. But soon, after she understood his doubts, she answered with a smile on her face.

It turns out that all this was her handwriting.

“Also, don’t you have something to say to the president?”

After answering Li Yalin’s doubts, Ahagon Umiko’s gaze turned to Shizuku Hazuki’s body. A sharp light flashed in her eyes as she uttered the words.

Wow! What a sharp look!

Being locked in by Ahagon Umiko’s gaze, Shizuku Hazuki’s body trembles immediately, as if recalling the fear of being dominated, she hurriedly bowed to Li Yalin.

“I’m really sorry for leaking the company’s secrets without authorization!”


Her sudden apology made Li Yalin stunned for a moment, and then finally realized after a while. It was about Shizuku Hazuki telling the loli chief editor the Wind Fantasy series outline before.

He would have forgotten already if it was not mentioned. He didn’t expect that Shizuku Hazuki would actually apologize to him for this.

What the hell?

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