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Generally speaking, unauthorized disclosure of company secrets is a very serious matter. If losses are caused to the company, it is completely normal to pursue civil liability against her.

But as far as Li Yalin is concerned, he didn’t really take this matter to heart at first. First, he knew the loli chief editor very well. Second, Shizuku Hazuki just leaked the outline of the first part of the Wind Fantasy series. It’s really not enough to cause any loss.

But obviously, Ahagon Umiko doesn’t think so, so she has what she calls education and Shizuku Hazuki’s apology just now.

“Cough… I have received Ms. Hazuki’s apology. I’ll let it slide this time, just this once.”

Although Li Yalin doesn’t mind, he also knows his status. As the president of this company, he shouldn’t have a playful mentality during working hours. Everything must be done in business.

In this regard, Ahagon Umiko can be said to have taught him a lesson. It turned out that the small things he didn’t care about should attract enough attention.

Li Yalin was quick to learn from this, so after a light cough, he also solemnly nodded, showing the attitude he should have as a president.

It can be seen that when Li Yalin said this, Ahagon Umiko’s eyes flashed with admiration. She was obviously satisfied with his handling of this matter, but Shizuku Hazuki…

“Yes, I understand.”

Although Shizuku Hazuki’s attitude of apologizing at this moment is very sincere, is Ahagon Umiko’s ‘education’ really that effective?

What happened between the indispensable CP during his absence, he’s really quite curious.

“Let’s go, I will take you guys to see the situation on the design team.”

After apologizing to Li Yalin, Shizuku Hazuki and Ahagon Umiko quickly continued to be busy with their work and did not give him time to satisfy his curiosity. So with no other choice, he can only continue to take Aoba and Nene around the company.

But just as Li Yalin spoke, Aoba and Nene look panicked and uneasy.

“That… or just forget it, it’s a company secret after all…”

Well, it turns out that they were shocked by what just happened. Although they didn’t understand it very well, they can roughly understand what happened.

It turns out that one must pay attention to strict confidentiality when working in the company. As an outsider, won’t it become a very bad thing if they see any secrets without authorization?

Sure enough, it’s better not to see it.

“Actually, it wasn’t anything serious. It’s fine as long as you guys didn’t disclose the company’s confidentiality..”

Li Yalin felt amused seeing their nervousness. To be honest, the Wind Fantasy series being produced by EagleJump is certainly a very classic game. Once it is successfully produced and released on the market, it will definitely be able to turn things around for this company, which suffered a dissolution crisis not long ago.

But now, neither the industry nor the gamers can pay attention to such a small company.

To put it bluntly, to outsiders, EagleJump doesn’t even have the value to get investigated. There is no point in thinking about leaking secrets.

At least he didn’t plan on letting them see some disclosed information, so there’s no problem with this.

“This… is it really okay?”

They can finally have a little peace of mind after listening to what Li Yalin said. Although they are still somewhat uneasy, in the end, the curiosity of the new game has the upper hand.

This is true for Aoba, and also for Nene. Li Yalin had independently created a very good game before he took control of EagleJump, and now he owns a formal game company. They also hope to witness the birth of a masterpiece.

“Come with me.”

Gesturing to them to follow, Li Yalin quickly took them to the office of the design team. Here, the members of the design team are working intensively and busy drawing the characters modeling that appears in Wind Fantasy.

Although Li Yalin has already come up with the characters’ design that will be used in the game, don’t forget that there are a lot of pictures needed in a game. Not only are there a large number of standing pictures, but also 3D character modeling must be produced.

After all, this Magic War is a 3D battle chess game, and the workload is by no means small.


The arrival of Li Yalin naturally shocked the girls of the design team, and quickly put down the works at hands and got up to greet him.

And Li Yalin also gestured everyone to be at ease. He was just giving a tour, not to cause trouble for everyone.

“I’m here to give people a tour, everyone can go back to work and don’t have to mind us.”

With Li Yalin’s words, the girls of the design team felt a little relieved and sat back in their seats to continue working. This can’t be helped, the big leaders showed up so they thought he had any work instructions. It turned out he come for a tour.

Really, isn’t this scaring people?

Seeing the design team girls are relieved, Li Yalin is actually quite awkward.

This is the bad thing about the district’s company. The relationship between subordinates and superiors is too obvious. With his current status, it is really difficult to get along with everyone. After all, there is still a considerable generation gap between small employees and big bosses.

Under such circumstances, it is really not easy to get closer to these girls.

Of course, this is not absolute.

Rather, he has thought of a good solution for the current situation.

It is difficult to communicate with everyone in the company, so how about using the internet? On the internet, will the conversation be simpler and more direct without seeing each other?

It’s thanks to Takimoto Hifumi that he could think of this.

Hifumi is very difficult in daily communication with people, she is always shy and unable to speak clearly. But once she is on the internet, it feels like she’s a different person. She becomes energetic and cheerful, and loves to use text emoticons.

At first, Li Yalin just wanted to capture Hifumi through online chat. But when he thinks over it, besides Hifumi, can he capture the other girls this way too?

Most of the girls in this game company are otaku girls, and the online chat method obviously can bring them closer.

Ahem… Let’s put aside the extra words. In short, Li Yalin brought Aoba and Nene to the design team, and let them see the results of the design team’s recent work. And it goes without saying that the two girls keep letting out a cry of admiration, and at the same time full of expectations for this upcoming game.

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