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Wind Fantasy is a good game, especially after optimization, whether it is the plot, character design or mode of operation, it is all top-notch. Although it still in the early stage, it also arouses the great interest of Aoba and Nene.

However, the biggest surprise of their EagleJump trip was not seeing the Wind Fantasy game, but seeing Kou Yagami herself.

Previously, when EagleJump was established and launched a game called FAIRIES STORY. The sales volume flopped, but the reputation is not bad, and it has caused some reaction in the industry.

And Aoba and Nene are hard-core fans of the game FAIRIES STORY, so the character designer Kou Yagami of this game has naturally become one of their admirers.

Now that they have seen the real Kou Yagami, they turned into a little fangirl.

It’s a pity that Kou Yagami is not the mature senpai after a few years of work. Her current personality is quite awkward. She often spoke too little which made her hard to talk to. She looks indifferent even when she faces her small fans, not even showing a little smile.

Such Yagami are really difficult to deal with, how to make her more cheerful?

It feels like she needs a little angel to influence her.

“Yagami, Aoba is a companion I value very much. After graduation in the future, she may become a member of our company. I think she has the qualifications to become a character designer, so I hope you can give her more guidance.”

“Yes, I know.”

As for who is going to ‘influence’ Kou Yagami, Li Yalin thinks that Aoba is the appropriate person to take this job. Although Kou Yagami and Toyama Rin in the original plot are CPs, in the same way, she and Aoba are also CPs.

Toyama Rin often turns to Toyama Midori or something, isn’t it all reasonable?

The reason for the frequent exchanges between this pair of CPs is simple. As long as Li Yalin expresses that he wants to cultivate Aoba and wants to train her into the company’s future main force and asked Kou Yagami for help, she will not refuse.

Kou Yagami is just not good at communicating, it’s hard to understand what she wants to say. In terms of her nature, she is a pretty good girl.

So next, let them exchange mobile phone numbers smoothly, and then instruct Aoba in private to ask Kou Yagami a lot of advice. It’s all logical, isn’t it?

He felt that he actually have the potential to be a matchmaker.

To help Aoba and Kou Yagami to establish a relationship, and to get a better understanding of the working environment of the design team, this visit has reached its end. It can be said that precisely because of this visit, Aoba has become more determined to become a character designer.

If possible, she would like to join the work immediately after graduation. So for Li Yalin’s instruction, she nodded without hesitation.

She is willing to communicate more with Miss Yagami.

But unlike Aoba, Nene doesn’t seem to have any special thoughts. Although she was curious about everything in EagleJump, it is only limited to curiosity. She wasn’t interested in the work of this company at all.

Perhaps if this continues, they will really embark on the path they should have taken. Aoba will start working after graduation, while Nene will continue her study.

Is this the gear of fate turning?

Well, no one can tell what would happen in the future.

“Heh, I knew that guy’s nature would not change easily.”

After the company tour, Aoba and Nene left, and Li Yalin went directly to the idol office in the same building to practice with Kohinata Yukari and light music club girls who had already arrived.

After practicing a few songs, Li Yalin’s mobile phone suddenly received a message. He almost laughed after reading the message.

The sender of this message is Shizuku Hazuki, and the content of the message, in a nutshell -this time she lost, but she will never get caught again next time. This is her last mistake!

The barking of a defeated dog?

Somehow, Li Yalin suddenly produced such adjectives in his mind. Although it is not very good for Shizuku Hazuki, it is really appropriate.

Sure enough, she was faking it. But unfortunately, she met Ahagon Umiko, her tragic future can already be imagined.

What’s the point of sending this message now?

『We’ll see what happens. 』

After laughing, Li Yalin replied to Shizuku Hazuki’s message. He now can see through her. To deal with this woman, he just needs to send out Umiko. She can try to use any tricks, but in the end, she will only be defeated under Umiko’s iron fist.

Rather, he is now looking forward to Shizuku Hazuki’s next move. The way she looks in the company just made him get goosebumps. Now that she finally exposed her true nature, he feels a lot more comfortable with her.

『I will not do the same thing twice, and who are the two bishoujos you brought today? That makes thing convenient, can you give me their contact information? 』

Shizuku Hazuki’s reply was very fast, but unfortunately, the content is really unsightly.

Aoba and Nene are just high school students! And they all look like middle school students! They are still children! You actually want their contact information? This is too perverted!

『Do you think I will give it to you? Miss pervert? 』

Without hesitation, Li Yalin typed these words on his phone and sent them to Shizuku Hazuki. He has already decided to protect Aoba and Nene!

He will never let them be defiled by Shizuku Hazuki!

『Pervert is too much, right? I’m just a lady who likes cute girls. 』

Sternly rejected by Li Yalin, Shizuku Hazuki seemed to be hit hard, but also wanted to restore her image, desperately trying to explain.

It’s just that the more she explained, the worse it got!

『Lady (pervert), right? I know, a lot of doujin veterans likes to call themselves this way recently. 』

『Ugh, President actually read doujin? I want to forward this message to the girls in the company so that they know your true face! 』

『No problem, you forward it to others, I forward it to Miss Umiko, fair enough. 』

『You devil! 』

『I am just using the same methods you use, so that makes us even. 』


The way of chatting via mobile phone is really interesting. So, Li Yalin has been chatting with Shizuku Hazuki for a long time and almost missed the time to go home to open the store.

He can talk to Shizuku Hazuki so well, so next time, he should try to talk to other girls in the company.

He got excited by just thinking about it.

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