Cafe 336

Today he stayed quite a long time in the company and office, so of course, the opening time of the otherworld restaurant has been delayed.

Li Yalin found that he is becoming more and more carefree now. Especially when there is no task as motivation, he even feels that it doesn’t matter if the restaurant was not opened.

It’s a pity that not opening the restaurant or something, he can only think about it. The Queen would be the first not to agree on it.

What happened to Queen today? She seems to have no energy.

It stands to reason that Li Yalin delayed the opening of the shop again today. Red Queen should be the first one to complain loudly, but she didn’t complain as he imagines. She just crossed the otherworld gate, and very tiredly found a seat to sit down.

Seeing that she didn’t speak from start to finish, in a state completely different from usual, made Li Yalin couldn’t help but worry.

To be honest, she is the Dragon God the otherworld guardian, one of the six most powerful gods of the otherworld. Could it be that something major happened to make her lose energy?

“Queen… are you okay?”

When he came to Red Queen, Li Yalin asked with concern. They meet every day and have become so familiar with each other. He would be concerned if something really happens.

Even though… he might not be able to solve the matter that can make Red Queen lose energy.

“I’m having some problems!”

Lying on the table, Red Queen still remains languid. And for Li Yalin’s question, she gave a very affirmative answer.

Sure enough, something happened!

So… should he ask her or not?

Li Yalin knows very well that even if he asks Red Queen, he will definitely not be able to help. Basically, it just a wasted question, which only adds to troubles. But if he stops asking, it seems like they are not close enough.

However, when he hesitated. Red Queen suddenly straightened up from the table, her eyes burning like fire, locked him tightly.

What’s going on?

“Tell me, you will take responsibility, right?”

Red Queen spoke before Li Yalin could react. It was this sentence that Li Yalin asked back with a surprised face.

“Responsibility? What responsibility?”

At this time, Li Yalin was a little dumbfounded. To suddenly asked him to take responsibility, what exactly did he have to be responsible for?

Especially toward this otherword Dragon God?

“You’re kidding, right? Sure enough, men are all irresponsible.”

Li Yalin was dumbfounded, but Red Queen’s expression suddenly became very disappointed. And what she said next almost scared him.

“Obviously doing that to me. First captivated me, and then abandoning me. There is really no responsibility at all. Isn’t it at times like this you should say that you will spend your whole life being responsible?”

Hold on!

Why it sounds like I’m some scumbag who is not loyal and cannot be trusted! And you are saying things so ambiguously! What did I do to you!

Li Yalin feels so frustrated right now. What the hell is this? What the hell is going on? Queen, can you explain?

“The taboo food… I still want to eat them…”

Well, in the end, Red Queen finally with tears in her eyes said her purpose in a pitiful look. Li Yalin becomes powerless because of this.

It was because of the taboo recipes?

He shouldn’t have taken it out if this would happen!

The power of taboo recipes is far more powerful than imagined. When Red Queen tried it for the first time, she could barely hold herself, probably because she didn’t eat enough. But yesterday, she returned to her place and ate two pots of taboo braised beef in one breath. After that, she finally unable to withstand the powerful vitality that emerged from her body, and it was a solid cause of troubles.

According to the Red Queen, because the amount was overflowing, even the ground could not withstand her power. So she had to fly into outer space, and fired the little satellite that orbited otherworld planets.

However, although such an approach made her vent her power, her sudden burst of power also attracted the suspicions of several other Dragon Gods.

It took a lot of Red Queen’s mental effort to settle those Dragon Gods, which is why she appeared languid today.

But even so, she still can’t forget the deliciousness of the forbidden dish, she still wants to eat it again. She is completely fascinated, she can’t live without the forbidden dish!

“Sorry, the taboo dishes have been sealed.”

After listening to Red Queen’s narration, Li Yalin was already full of black lines.

Use small satellites to vent her power? Is the power of this foodie queen strong enough to break through the atmosphere and even survive in outer space?

What level of power is this?

It’s too powerful!

In addition, the power of taboo recipes is even more terrifying than imagined. No… more accurately, it should be because Red Queen eats too much. Ordinary folks can’t eat that much food. The foodie queen’s belly is just like a bottomless pit.

To be honest, Li Yalin is a little regretful now, why did he make two pots for her on a whim yesterday. Obviously one pot is already the limit!

Forget it, it’s too late to regret it now. Just remember this lesson and don’t make a forbidden dish for this Queen in the future, better safe than being sorry!

So with no other choice, the taboo recipes must be sealed again!

This time it gets sealed for good, and will not be taken out again, Li Yalin guarantees with his integrity!

“Sealed? No!!!!”

Li Yalin had already made such a decision in his heart. But when Red Queen heard that she could no longer eat that delicious forbidden dish, she actually threw herself on him, like a child begging their parents for candy.

By the way…

Isn’t Red Queen always full of dignity? Where did she learn this trick? This is totally overwhelming him, damn it!

Li Yalin is really helpless when she’s like this. He can’t push her away either as she’s going to make a fuss. You are a Dragon God-sama, can’t you have the dignity of Dragon God?

Wouldn’t it be bad if people see you like this?

What he feared really happens, just when Li Yalin had a headache how to settle down Red Queen, with the ringing of the doorbell, two figures appeared in front of the store.

The guests who witnessed this scene showed up…

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