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The two guests who came to the otherworld restaurant this time were the two guests who visited the restaurant yesterday and established a new empire in the otherworld, the emperor Wilhelm and his granddaughter Princess Adelheid.

When they arrived yesterday, they witnessed the close relationship between Li Yalin and Red Dragon God. But what they didn’t expect was that their relationship was far closer than they thought.

At least yesterday Red Queen didn’t hug Li Yalin and act spoiled. No… In fact, with the supreme power of the Red Dragon God, she won’t hug him like this!

Wilhelm’s chin almost fell to the ground after witnessing this scene with his own eyes. He couldn’t believe his eyes at all, and even rubbed them with his hands several times.

It’s a pity that he didn’t see it wrong, nor was his old eyes deceive him. The scene before him was really happening.

The identity of this boy… is even more terrifying than he thought!

There is no mistake about this!

The person who can make Red Queen acts like that is definitely no longer a human!

Maybe… he is also a god!

That’s right!

He is God! Must be a god from otherworld!

Only with this kind of identity can Red Queen be treated equally. How can a human being like an ant get hugged by that Dragon God so intimately?

It’s impossible!

So, his eyes have told him the truth, and there is absolutely no mistake with what he thinks in his heart.


This is bad…

They were seen again, and it was in this awkward situation again. This grandfather and granddaughter came so ‘on time’.

Li Yalin definitely didn’t know what is in Wilhelm’s mind, he was tsukomi in his heart now. It was really embarrassing to be seen in a situation like this.

Of course, it is only Red Queen who is ashamed. After all, she is the superior otherword Dragon God, while he’s nothing.

Anyway, he is not familiar with Wilhelm.

But no matter what, the visitor is a guest. Wilhelm and his granddaughter are here again. As the store owner, he must greet them with a smile, right?

Fortunately, with the presence of outsiders, Red Queen was quite cooperative. At least she didn’t hug Li Yalin anymore, which relieve him.

“Good evening, sir.”


Perhaps it just an illusion, the Great Emperor seems to be more humble than yesterday.

Li Yalin just spoke the words of welcome, and Wilhelm greets him with a respectful bow. His face was full of respect, which confused him.

Didn’t he explain everything to him clearly yesterday?

What’s going on today?



Before Li Yalin could figure out what happens, Cocoa cheered and quickly came to the princess.

When the two girls met, both of them held each other’s hands, a thick lily… I mean, the friendship picture appeared between the two.

They have become very good friends.

Li Yalin as the onii-chan, was very pleased to see this scene!

Oh, yes, let’s have a talk with the Emperor in a while. Cocoa and the others want to go to the empire, so they still have to ask for their opinions, and they also need the strong cooperation of the empire royal family to dispatch security forces to protect the girls’ safety.

He just wasn’t sure if Wilhelm will agree to such a rude request. This is their second meeting, and they already want to go to their territory, it wouldn’t surprise him if he didn’t agree.

“Of course no problem! Rather, it would be our honor!”

Quite unexpectedly, when Wilhelm heard that Li Yalin wanted to take his imoutos to the palace as a guest, he agreed without hesitation.

Even his attitude he showed at the moment was quite sincere, as if he was looking forward to the Li Yalin group’s visit.

Is this Emperor so hospitable?

“Will it cause you trouble?”

Scratching the back of his head, Li Yalin was a little bit hesitant. The other party agreed too quickly, he couldn’t even react to it!

Is this really okay?

“No trouble at all! Our whole family is looking forward to your visit, please let us entertain you all!”

Li Yalin didn’t know at all. At this moment, in Wilhelm’s mind, he was already the otherworld god who was comparable to the Red Dragon God. If the god came to his house as a guest, even the imperial royal family would feel supreme honor. How could he think this was trouble?

Rather, the Emperor had already made up his mind. After returning home, he must prepare well and try his best to entertain the guests who came this time.

“Then… okay, sorry for causing you trouble.”

“No, sir is too polite.”

Sure enough, he’s too respectful. Maybe this trip to the empire will cause some trouble…

Li Yalin keeps correcting Wilhelm’s way of addressing several times, but the Emperor did not budge on a matter, and still maintains enough respect, which he can’t do anything about.

In this case, God knows what the effect will be after going to the Imperial Palace.

He just hopes that… it didn’t go over the top.

After confirming the trip to the empire, Li Yalin was looking forward to it from the bottom of his heart. But unfortunately, his expectations will not be realized at all. The seeds of misunderstanding have been planted, and it may be difficult to explain clearly in the future.

“Ready to go!”

The trip to the Empire was much faster than expected. Li Yalin originally planned to take everyone there after the holiday, but because everyone was really impatient, he chose to leave on Wednesday afternoon.

In addition to Li Yalin’s own girls, Cocoa’s close friend Ujimatsu Chiya, a signature girl from nearby Ama Usa An, also attended this trip.

They are close friends after all. For such an event, Cocoa will definitely not forget Chiya.

“It’s been a long time Chiya, you also asked for leave with Cocoa.”

The reason why he chose to leave on Wednesday afternoon is mainly because Chino’s school has a class in the afternoon and she can go home after this class. Li Yalin can ask for leave at any time and he didn’t really care whether he attends class or not. As long as Chino is not absent from class.

Li Yalin asks for leave, Cocoa, Rize and Makoto will inevitably ask for leave. Everyone asks for leave and goes to have fun in the otherworld. Thanks to the fact that no adult in Kafuu house, otherwise they will definitely get lectured.

What? There is still this old man, Tippy?

No, Tippy is a rabbit, and a rabbit is not considered an elder. This should be common sense, isn’t it?

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