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“It’s been a long time onii-chan, I’m going to trouble you again this time.”

It is not the first time for Chiya to go to the otherworld. She has been to Land of Flowers with everyone before and met the fairy of Land of Flowers.
In this trip to the human empire, she also took a large food box with her. It is estimated that just like last time, it was filled with cookies from Ama Usa An.

Chiya’s cookies coupled with Cocoa’s affinity, together they can face anyone in the otherworld.

In every sense, they are quite powerful.

“It’s just a small matter. Now that everyone is here, let’s go.”

Facing the polite Chiya, Li Yalin also smiled and nodded, then turned to look at the excited girls. He waved directly and opened the portal to the empire.

Asking for leave to go to the human empire, this kind of experience seems to be quite interesting.

So, what kind of world will the human kingdom of the otherworld be like?

Before going there, everyone’s hearts were full of expectations. But after seeing it firsthand, this expectation quickly turned into disappointment.

Unlike the magnificent Land of Flowers, nor the Wood Elf village full of natural atmosphere, the human kingdom of the otherworld is even more barren and backward than imagined. Even if it is one of the largest countries in the East Continent, the empire is still not as good as everyone imagined.

Passing through the otherworld gate, what the Li Yalin group came to was not the imperial palace, but a palace built by Wilhelm to escape the summer heat.

The otherworld gate was opened in this palace, and because of this, Wilhelm and Adelheid happened to find this gate and came to the otherworld restaurant.

Knowing the arrival of the Li Yalin group for a long while, Wilhelm has prepared a very grand welcome ceremony. Calling them grand, it is actually just a welcome by about a dozen maids, plus an army of hundreds of guards.

To go to the palace in Imperial City, everyone has to take a carriage for about an hour, and it is precisely this hour of carriage that makes the girls miserable.

This is the otherworld, but there is no smooth road like the modern society. With wooden wheels drawn by horses, the bumps up on the dirt road are killing them!

Cocoa couldn’t bear it anymore after only a few minutes, she was grieving beyond tears.

Kowata Akane who could not bear such hard and turbulent bumps for a long time, took out her broom wisely and flew into the sky happily, so her ass doesn’t have to suffer any longer.

“Sister is so cunning! Why you only bring your own broom!”

Compared to Kowata Akane who can fly in the sky, Makoto can’t help complaining. As a witch, she can of course fly in the sky, but the problem is that she didn’t expect this situation, so she didn’t even bring her broom around.

So with no alternative, she can only choose to continue to be patient in the carriage.

“Hehe, this is the wisdom of adult.”

Hearing the complaint of her imouto, Kowata Akane raised her nose triumphantly. In fact, she did not expect such a situation, she just habitually carried a broom with her. For a witch, a broom is not just a transport tool, it can also be used as a weapon to fight the enemy.

Only Makoto’s level is still low, so she can only fly with a broomstick. She didn’t rely on it much, so she has not developed the habit of carrying it with her.

In this case, isn’t it a good thing to teach Makoto a little lesson so she can remember it?

“Okay, don’t gloat on other misfortune. Just think of a solution, otherwise everyone won’t be able to stand it.”

The girls can’t stand the bumps of the carriage, Li Yalin is actually not much better. It feels like his buttocks can’t last until they arrived in the Imperial City.

Nothing else, he wanted to stop the carriage and get himself a car.

If anything, he regrets it now. If he knew this would happen, he should throw a car into the space ring as a backup.

At least the car is much more comfortable than this carriage, isn’t it?

Li Yalin came to intervene, and Kowata Akane finally gave him a face. Although she always made a lot of noise, she would not really ‘abandon’ them and let everyone suffer all the time.

As expected of a well-known witch, Kowata Akane really has no shortage of means. She thought of a good idea after a while, she directly used the floating magecraft on the carriage. The horse in front can pull more easily, while the vehicle itself was floating so that everyone won’t suffer from the bumps again.

In other words… If combined with such a magecraft, and then use the Pegasus with wings to pull the cart, will the cart be able to fly in the sky?

It’s worth a try if there is Pegasus in this world.

“Miss Kowata Akane is so powerful, she can use such a powerful magic.”

There is magic in the otherworld, but the magic system is different from the magecraft in the world where Li Yalin is located. Magic is very aggressive, but it also lacks the auxiliary capability. For example, such flying magecraft is rarely used by magicians.

Kowata Akane showed her skills naturally made Adelheid in the carriage show a surprised expression.

Although this princess is not a magician, she is not ignorant of magic. At least she knows very well that the magic that can make a carriage fly is certainly not that simple.

It seems that because of this, Adelheid’s eyes showed an expression of admiration, which make Kowata Akane very proud.

The princess’s mind is simple, seeing such a magecraft is just marveling and admiring. But it was different in the eyes of Wilhelm.

It is indeed a god of the otherworld, that young girl does not look simple, she can use such magic, is she also a hidden Grand Mage?

Or maybe… She is actually a god?

It feels like after coming to the otherworld restaurant, the Emperor’s mind is getting more and more imaginative.

Of course, Li Yalin still knows nothing about his mental activities.

With Kowata Akane’s floating magecraft, everyone finally doesn’t have to worry about their ass anymore. There are elite military escorts from the Empire, so no accidents along the way. The convoy came to the end of the trip smoothly, the center of the Empire –Imperial City!

As the capital of the empire, the Imperial City is undoubtedly the largest, and it is far more prosperous than other towns. But even so, in the eyes of Li Yalin and his party, the city is already very shabby.

The broken city wall has not been completely repaired, and the buildings in the city are of different shapes, without any beauty. The only thing that slightly eye-catching is the Royal Palace located in the center of the Imperial City.

Of course, it’s only limited to a slightly eye-catching degree, compared to the beautiful Land of Flowers castle…

It’s probably better left unsaid, there is no harm when there is no comparison.

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