Cafe 339

“It feels like… many people are living very hard…”

After entering the Imperial City, the convoy traversed the streets of the city, aiming directly at the palace in the very center of the Imperial City.

And just on this road, everyone also saw the complete face of the city.

Just look at the pedestrians on the street, although many of them are well-dressed, most of them are poor people in plain linen and even ragged clothes.

Although it has long been known that the life of otherworld people is hard, it really shocked the girls after seeing it themselves.

Compared with their worry-free life, and looking at the people who are struggling to survive, the girls on the carriage can’t help but sigh.

“In fact, this is already a very good situation. At least in recent years, few people have starved to death in the Empire…”

The girls sighed, and Wilhelm who was also sitting in the carriage couldn’t help but sigh. As a wise monarch, he actually didn’t want to see people suffer.

But no matter how much effort is made, it is difficult for mankind to restore its past prosperity. Especially when food is scarce, it has consumed all of their energy just to feed everyone.

And the effect… as can be seen, it’s not as ideal as imagined.

“Starved to death…”

As soon as Wilhelm said this, the girls’ faces began to become more ugly. To die from hunger, was something completely unimaginable for them.

Not surprisingly, although the world they live in finally restored real peace ten years ago, in the later stages of the war, the lives of civilians have rarely been affected, so there are no food shortages.

After all, it needs productive forces.

Let’s put it this way, even if this world has mystical magicians and powerful warriors, without the intervention of the gods, this world will surely be defeated if the two worlds go to war.

Because no matter how one fights, certain natural disadvantages will not be erased.

“I believe that with the efforts of my grandfather and father, no one will starve to death in the future!”

Although Adelheid is only fifteen years old and has a simple mind, as a princess of the empire, she is not completely ignorant of the suffering of the people.

At the same time, she also firmly believes that as long as everyone works together, the empire will definitely get better and better!

“Well, there will be one day.”

Listening to his granddaughter’s speech, Wilhelm smiled and stroked her hair, but… although there was a smile on his face, there was an unfoldable sadness between his brows.

There will be such a day… but how long will it have to wait?

Emperor Wilhelm, he is no longer young!

“Onii-chan, before we go to the palace, can we go shopping in this city?”

Perhaps this conversation between grandparents and grandchildren touched everyone, at least for now, the girls have lost the mood to go to the palace to play.

For example, Chino pulled Li Yalin’s clothes corner and asked him with complicated thoughts.


Suddenly begged by Chino so, Li Yalin also somewhat hesitated. Although it was not a problem to comply on his own imouto, he didn’t know what dangers lurked in this strange city they first visited.

It would be a bit presumptuous to let everyone wander around in the Imperial City without any worry.


“Your Majesty Wilhelm, what do you think…”

“I think everyone should go to the palace first, and at least change into ordinary clothes before going to the streets of Imperial City. Your clothes are indeed too conspicuous.”

Li Yalin didn’t want to disappoint Chino, but he was also worried about everyone’s safety. In this case, he could only ask Wilhelm for advice. After all, he was the biggest local snake in this country.

As for Wilhelm, he also gave a very pertinent answer.

They can stroll around in the Imperial City, but they have to be prepared in advance. Putting aside Li Yalin, these girls, whether it’s their beauty or the clothes on them, are too conspicuous. Sometimes, beauty is but the original sin, and it is the biggest culprit that attracts trouble. Although it was inappropriate to say, it’s honestly the truth.

“Then listen to Your Majesty Wilhelm, let’s go to the palace first.”

The old man had said so, and Li Yalin naturally nodded in agreement. Rather, it was in line with his thoughts.

They should put on a disguise before going out.

In this way, Li Yalin and his party went to the palace first. In that palace, they also received the most solemn reception. Except for the emperor who was not in the palace at the moment, all the other members of the royal family were present. It was quite a grand scene.

Faced with such a reception, Li Yalin was speechless. In fact, he had also heard that if the imperial emperor was not dealing with a war with a neighboring country at the moment, he would have personally come to meet them.

Seeing the respectful attitude of these royal family members, even Adelheid’s mother and the Queen of the Empire also bowed to everyone in a scene of welcome. Li Yalin opened his mouth several times but failed to speak.

You guys… have you misunderstood something? We just came to play, we have no distinguished status!

“You know… I can change my clothes myself, so you guys don’t have to bother.”

Li Yalin really didn’t want to recall the grand welcome ceremony. Fortunately, Wilhelm also saw the awkward look of everyone, and finally asked the royal family members to do what they should do, or else they stay here forever and make everyone uncomfortable.

And after the welcome is over, just as planned, everyone would dress up in advance, put on the clothes of this world, and then stroll around the Imperial City.

But it’s just a change of clothes, there’s no need to have more than a dozen maids to serve, right?

He doesn’t like people to help him change clothes!

“Dear sir, this is what we should do.”

Although Li Yalin had already said that he did not need help, the maids had no intention to leave.

Rather, they didn’t even intend to pay attention to Li Yalin’s refusal. They came forward and started picking up his clothes.

Hey! What are you guys doing?

I still want to wait for my wife to take off my clothes!


Pants don’t need to be taken off, right? You can take off my clothes, but there’s no need to change my pants, okay?

Alright, you can change my pants, but you have to keep this last one for me, okay? I will have nothing If you take them all off!


This is my final bottom line! I won’t budge on this! I won’t let you guys took them off!


It’s harder to change into a suit than to fight a war…

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