Cafe 34

“Uh… “

Although the strength of the collision between the two is not much, but the short time collision and the fall makes the girl on Li Yalin a bit dizzy. Then finally recovered after a soft murmur.

“Maki, Atsuko… “

The girl who hit Li Yalin at this moment is crawling on Li Yalin in a very indecent posture. After crawling in his body, she held her head and shook it back and forth before turning her attention to her companion.

“It’s just a joke, why are you running so fast?”

“Sorry, I am a little bit agitated.”

“All in all, it’s good nothing happens.”

The girl above Li Yalin’s body raised her head and one of her companions immediately express her complain, which made the girl feel ashamed and embarrassed in her voice.

Perhaps she felt the apology of her companion. The girl who complained also eased down. He only heard the dialogue between the two girls. Li Yalin who was still pressed down below, wanted to tsukomi.

Nothing happen you say?

But there is another person who is regarded as a meat pad!

“That… there is another person… “

Fortunately, before Li Yalin tsukomied, the last girl with weak voice opened her mouth. Looks like she noticed Li Yalin under her companion.

It also her reminder that let the girl above Li Yalin to finally react.

“I’m so sorry!”

Moved away from Li Yalin in a hurry, then bowed many times as apologize. Looks like the girl did not notice the ‘accident’ just now.

This made Li Yalin a bit relieved.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s just an accident.”

Had no burden on him, Li Yalin easily stood up from the ground. Although he was hit, he was fortunately not injured. Coupled with the benefit just now, how could he say harsh words.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, he also saw the girl on the opposite side. It was a long-haired girl wearing Eiryou High School uniform. The facial features were exquisite, and it was definitely a bishoujo that could hit more than 98 points!

But what impressed Li Yalin the most was the gentle and virtuous temperament in her. He always felt that this girl could be a perfect wife and mother. She was obviously only a high school student. Li Yalin could feel a touch of motherhood from her!

This is really incredible.

Turning his eyes to her companions, should it be said that beauty’s friends are all beauty? The other two girls are also very good-looking bishoujo. Although they are slightly inferior compared to the girl who fell on him, but at least 95 points or more when scored!

It’s just…

Blond hair, red hair and black hair… he always feel that this trio is somewhat familiar.

“Umm… Would you like to go to the infirmary… “

While Li Yalin looked at three girls, the girl who fell on him showed a worried look. After all, she just knocked Li Yalin down. She must take responsibility if he was injured because of this.

Although he looks fine now, she is still very worried.

“It’s just a small fall, no need to go to the infirmary. I am really fine. I’ll take my leave now.”

Honestly, these three are very good bishoujo, no man will reject to interact with them.

The problem is that the girls expression made Li Yalin a little helpless. He knew that if she followed him to the infirmary, things would definitely become more troublesome.

After all, he just touched the part that should not be touched, in case the girl remembered…

Sure enough, better leave quickly.

After waving his hand to the girl, Li Yalin turned around and walked towards the school gate. He back figure looks easy going.

For this reason, he also successfully attracted the attention of the three girls.

“Hey! Come back! Not just Haruka but even Atsuko was attracted by that schoolboy?”

Until Li Yalin’s figure disappeared, the girl called Maki within the three girls took the lead in reacting. She first pulled the girl called Haruka who just hit Li Yalin and then wave her hand in front of the girl called Atsuko.

She must admit that the schoolboy Haruka had just hit was pretty handsome, but she is not a superficial girl who would only be attracted by handsomeness.

But that does not mean that her two companions are the same. What makes her helpless is that she finds Atsuko’s gaze is a bit dazed.

What’s going on here?

Don’t tell me she fall in love at first sight?

According to the plot, the female lead should be Haruka, what is going on with Atsuko?

“I… “

Was disturbed by Maki’s hand, Atsuko was finally reacted and her face turned red instantly facing her companion’s surprised look.

“No way! You really like that schoolboy?”

Atsuko’s reaction made Maki even more surprised. It would be fine if she calmly shake her head, but now…

This is a problem!

“Really? Atsuko, did you fall in love with that schoolboy at first sight?”

The conversation between Atsuko and Maki surprised Haruka. Haruka and Maki’s eyes were firmly locked on Atsuko.

As a good friend and close female friends, they need to see the truth of this matter!

“It’s not love at first sight… I, I just seem to recognise the schoolboy… “

Atsuko feels quite uncomfortable being stared closely by two burning eyes. The most important thing is that she doesn’t want to be misunderstood by her friends and has not considered the issue of falling in love.

She was dazed because she recognized Li Yalin’s identity.

“You know that schoolboy Atsuko? But that schoolboy doesn’t know you, what the hell is going on! Tell us quickly!”

Atsuko’s answer obviously did not satisfy Maki and Haruka. Especially Maki, in her excitement, she almost grabbed Atsuko’s collar to let her explain.

Under her constant pressure, Atsuko could only surrender with both hands raised.

“Of course he doesn’t know me, actually it’s like this… “

How does Atsuko know Li Yalin?

Quite simple, she heard Li Yalin’s piano performance in Rabbit House, so she could recognize him.

Although she doesn’t know his name, his piano performance is something that Atsuko will never forget.

It’s for this reason that she was in a daze when Li Yalin left, because she never expected that she would meet the pianist of the coffee shop at school.


Coffee shop?

Maki and Haruka looked at each other after listening to Atsuko’s explanation, never expect that there such amazing schoolboy in the school.

But it’s a pity that no one recognize him…

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