Cafe 340

“Hehe, it must be very nice to be served on by so many young and beautiful maids to change clothes?”

The clothes were finally changed, but after coming out of the room, Li Yalin looked empty, as if his precious things had been taken away by the maids.

However, while he was feeling empty, Kowata Akane actually comes to bother him. The expression of ridicule on her face made Li Yalin unbearable!

“Like hell it would! Why don’t you try it yourself?”

“I have tried it, it was nice to get served by so many cute little maids.”


Well, Li Yalin found out that he really couldn’t fight Kowata Akane because he has a natural disadvantage -he is a man, Kowata Akane is a woman. A woman would not feel uncomfortable like him being served by a woman.

Rather, she seems to enjoy it quite a bit. How can he fight her?

Fortunately, not everyone is as heartless as Kowata Akane. At least after seeing the blush on Chino and Rize’s face, Li Yalin understands that he is not alone.

Forget it, don’t worry about such trivial matters. Next, follow the schedule and start visiting the city!

“Where should we go shopping first?”

On this trip, apart from the girls, princess Adelheid will also accompany him. Although the princess who has lived in the palace for a long time cannot assume the role of a guide, she is a good friend of the girls, so she won’t want to miss this trip.

However, because of this, they wasted so much time preparing for this trip. They are doing an incognito trip, so they don’t want to be too conspicuous to attract the attention of the people.

For this reason, Emperor Wilhelm sent ten of the best guards to accompany the girls. Not only that, but he also secretly sent a protection team, scattered around to protect the girls.

Everyone’s safety should be no problem with so many guards around.

“This fruit seems very good, do you want to buy some?”

Although Imperial City is very dilapidated in Li Yalin’s eyes, it is not completely without redeeming feature. At least walking on the streets of Imperial City, the girls’ interest is also slightly raised, not only watching the surrounding houses curiously but also interested in many novelties on the street.

For example, at this time, Makoto stopped in front of a nearby fruit stall and looked at the fruits on the stall curiously. The red fruits are quite attractive, maybe very delicious.

“Okay, then buy some for everyone to try.”

Makoto’s proposal quickly received Li Yalin’s approval. Anyway, he doesn’t lack otherworld coins, and buying some fruits is not a problem.

But just after he took out a gold coin and handed it to the fruit-seller auntie, the auntie waved her hands in panic, telling him that she has no money change.

This is really…

Prices in the otherworld are much lower than imagined.

He bought a total of ten red fruits, and together they are only five copper coins. After conversion, one gold coin can buy… two thousand fruits?

Well, no wonder this auntie doesn’t have a money change.

Fortunately, Li Yalin still has silver coins in his hand. He really wants to thank the swordmaster’s uncle Shinmon Tatsugoro, because Li Yalin’s silver coins are all obtained from him. Red Queen keeps giving him gold coins after eating, a local tyrant like her has no shortage of money, it really makes people want to facepalm.

After handing out a silver coin, Li Yalin did not ask the auntie for the remaining money. He was just saving trouble, he felt that holding the copper coin was useless. But he didn’t expect that his unintentional act was in exchange for the auntie thanking him many times.

Sure enough… it’s not easy to survive in this world.

Li Yalin sighed in his heart due to the fruit selling auntie’s gratitude. It was a trivial matter for him, but for the auntie, it was a joyous event worthy of repeated thanks.

It’s clearly just five copper plates…

With such a complicated mood, Li Yalin picked up the fruit and took a bite. There are no pesticides and fertilizers in this world. It was completely natural and pollution-free. It can be eaten after being washed with water.

However, it is precisely because of this bite that after a while passed his face contorted.

This… is its fruit?

The red fruit looks a lot like an apple, but why it doesn’t taste like an apple? Isn’t it just a lemon?

It’s really sour!

Because of the strong sour taste, Li Yalin’s brows almost twisted together.

It was the first time he tasted something this sour.

For their first trip to the human kingdom, this kind of experience is really frustrating.

Li Yalin was lured by this bright red fruit, and the other girls naturally can’t escape from this, they all grimace from the sourness. Especially Cocoa, her tears were about to fall.

“What is this! It’s too sour!”

When she first ate the fruit, Cocoa took a big bite, and naturally she was hit the deepest. She groaned while looking at the fruit in her hand.

Subconsciously, she wanted to throw away the sour fruit, but before she could throw it out, she held the fruit tightly.

At this moment, Cocoa suddenly realized that although this is something she wants to throw away, it is a very rare food for people in this world.

Because Cocoa has seen that a few children in shabby clothes not far away are looking longingly at the fruits in everyone’s hands. They are obviously just a cheap fruit with two copper plates, but it’s still delicious food that those poor children had no way to eat.

Her mood is really complicated and conflicted.

“Cough… this fruit doesn’t seem to be very delicious, how about processing it?”

Li Yalin saw clearly why Cocoa was conflicted, and because of this, he made a decisive suggestion after coughing lightly.

They obviously can’t eat this fruit just like this. It was too sour, they can’t swallow it without processing.

So, it is better to make fruit desserts. At least it can turn waste into treasure, and turn the sour fruit into delicious food.

Soon, Li Yalin’s proposal was approved by everyone. Then, he and Kowata Akane worked together to make the ice cubes and squeeze the fruit into juice, finally making a delicious fruit smoothie.

This is also thanks to the large space of Li Yalin’s ring, which is packed with a lot of things. Otherwise, they would have no way to get the fruit smoothie out.

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