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After making a fruit smoothie, Li Yalin definitely needs to add other ingredients to it, instantly turning the sour fruit into a sweet and sour smoothie. Eating this in the summer is definitely refreshing.

For this reason, he’s also unanimously praised by everyone.

However, because the sourness of the fruit is too strong, in order to neutralize the sourness, the amount of smoothies made seems to be too much. They still have remains even if they give some to the guards who are accompanying them to protect everyone.

In this case, Li Yalin also signaled to Cocoa that they would give smoothies to children from poor families nearby.

It just not Cocoa who can see that those children are staring at them.

“They seem to be very happy.”

Returned to Li Yalin again after distributing the delicious fruit smoothies to the children, the girls were in a happy mood.

Seeing the cheers of the children, they actually feel happier than eating the delicious food themselves.

Maybe… It’s the natural nature of humans to pity the weak, or it’s because the girls are kind-hearted.

All in all, they did a good job, everyone’s mood recovered a lot, and they continued to stroll around this Imperial City.

Originally, when Li Yalin thought about bringing the girls to the otherworld human kingdom, as described in many novels, they would meet some hooligan or second-generation nobles who tried to make trouble, but it just him overthink things.

Those who can bring so many guards with them are not easy to provoke at first glance. Even if there are hooligans in the Imperial City, they definitely don’t dare to foolishly run up to them.

As for the second generation of nobles, it is even rarer. After all, the time for the reconstruction of the empire is still short. Those who can become nobles are all warriors who dared to risk their lives to fight in the war with the demon. Children from such families very rarely act arrogant and domineering.

There was no trouble along the way, should Li Yalin feel lucky? Should he feel at lost?

There is no trouble, doesn’t he also have no chance to perform in front of his imoutos?

Well, it’s better to have a little trouble.

“So hard… this bread is so hard to eat…”

After seeing the local customs in the Imperial City, it is natural to taste the flavors of the otherworld. But this so-called ‘gourmet’ really hard to stomach, especially the rye bread most commonly eaten by civilians makes everyone miserable even more.

Is this thing really something that people can eat?

In the world where everyone lives, rye bread is considered a very healthy food, it can also lower blood pressure and fat. Wholemeal bread was quite popular among people who want to lose weight.

But when it comes to rye bread in this world, it’s more like a brick rather than food. Not to mention the hard texture, it’s even super difficult to broke the bread.

So, when Cocoa saw people selling rye bread, she insisted on trying the bread of the otherworld and suffered from it.

From the outside, the black and thick shape of this bread makes people retreat. After having a bite, it is found that the texture is rough, and there is a lot of wheat bran mixed in it. It tastes very strange when chewed and completely difficult to swallow.

Although Cocoa is not a girl who likes to waste food, she really can’t stand this rye bread.

“Little girl, don’t eat the bread like that, you have to eat it with hot soup.”

Finally, good-hearted passers-by couldn’t stand it, so they gave instructions on the side to tell everyone the correct way to eat rye bread.

It turns out that even otherworld people cannot eat hard bread like Cocoa. Without hot soup or hot water, this thing can’t be swallowed at all.

“Why is it like this…”

Cocoa seems to be struck by lightning after hearing that it needed to be served with soup to eat the bread. Can such bread really be called bread?

Is life in the otherworld so miserable?

Yes, life in the otherworld is so miserable. Not only the food of the common folks in the market are hard to swallow, but even the royal cuisine is also looks unpalatable.

Just look at the so-called white bread with a terrible taste, the sweet and salty creamy soup, the horribly greasy grilled meat, and the lack of cooked beans…

At the palace dinner, the only thing that can make everyone unable to fault is only the boiled egg in white water. At least everyone does not care whether it is fully cooked or soft boiled, anyway, it can be eaten.

If they hadn’t known before that the cooking level of the otherworld was poor, everyone would have doubted whether Wilhelm purposely toying with them. But in fact, this is really the highest level of cooking that the imperial family can produce.

This… is really a torture meal.

Li Yalin let out a sigh seeing the ‘rich’ meal in front of him. They opened a banquet for them and prepared so many dishes. Not eating it was disrespectful, but it doesn’t look edible either.

Looking around, he found that the girls around him also had the same awkward look. They should all be worried about the food on the plate.

Although this trip to the human kingdom allowed everyone to see otherworld humans, they also suffered a great deal. This feels like having a family trip and after seeing the scenery of the scenic spots, they were attracted by the high-priced food.

Unforeseen struggle.

But in the end, he still has to bite the bullet and eat it.

Picking up the knife and fork next to the plate, Li Yalin finally decided to eat this meal. No matter how unpalatable, he can’t be too rude. He’s willing to let his mouth suffer a bit and then have a big feast after returning home.

“Oh, what a great dinner. If you don’t mind, can you bring me some too?”

Just as Li Yalin was about to forcibly eat the dishes on the plate, very suddenly, a familiar voice spread throughout the banquet hall, accompanied by a huge pressure that made people palpitated.

Of course, this huge pressure is only relative. For the others in this banquet hall, this pressure can force them to bow down. But for Li Yalin and the girls around him, it is a very familiar and intimate feeling.

So… who is this uninvited guest who suddenly appeared in the banquet hall?

“Queen… why are you here?”

Well, after hearing the familiar voice, Li Yalin couldn’t help covered his forehead.

He cooks for her every day, so of course he can immediately figure out the identity of the other person.

Red Queen… Red Dragon God… She actually came down in this Imperial City palace.

What is she trying to do?

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