Cafe 342

“What a ruthless man. I can’t believe you just left me behind. Have you forgotten your responsibility?”

Red Queen appeared, and the banquet hall of the entire palace was silent for an instant. Everyone’s eyes were on the fiery red figure standing at the window and were also afraid of the supreme pressure brought by the owner figure.

However, just when everyone was feeling the pressure, Red Queen at the window actually quickly came to Li Yalin’s side, and she gently took his arm with bitter resentment.

Listening to what she says, Li Yalin seemed to have become a scumbag boyfriend who left his girlfriend and went outside alone to have fun.

If the two are a very ordinary human couple, then this scene seems to be a fight between young lovers. But the woman is not a little girl in love, but the great Red Dragon God!

Red Dragon God! That’s right, this is Red Dragon God! It must be said twice because it was important!

My God…

The great Dragon God actually act spoiled to a young boy?

No, it’s really rude to call him a young boy. The Great Emperor had already solemnly explained to them as early as yesterday. Today there would be several respected guests in the palace. Although they don’t know the origins of these guests, they must be some important noble.

Otherwise, the imperial royal family today wouldn’t show the highest courtesies to entertain these guests.

It’s just… the identities of these guests seem to be far nobler than imagined, and can be the object of the Red Dragon God to act coquettishly… Is it possible that he’s also a god?

It seems that only this reason makes sense!

Because of the Red Queen, the otherworld people’s misunderstanding of Li Yalin seems to be getting deeper and deeper. But Li Yalin is completely unaware of this because he is still suffering from the arrival of the Queen.

“What do you mean responsibility… We just want to take a vacation. Anyone can’t just work every day, right.”

Being held by the arm by Red Queen is something that Li Yalin is accustomed to. Not to mention the intimate hug, he even got a sweet kiss, this is really nothing.

But what made him helpless was that because of the otherworld restaurant’s trip to the otherworld today, the otherworld restaurant had to be closed. As a diner, she should go home and wait for the restaurant to open after seeing the restaurant closed, why did you come running to him?

“By the way… how did you find me?”

The arrival of the Red Queen gave Li Yalin a headache. At the same time, he was wondering why this Queen could still find him here. He hadn’t told her about today’s itinerary before.

Could it be that the power of otherword Dragon God has reached the level of understanding the world, and everything in the otherworld can’t be hidden from her ears?

“Of course it’s because you have my mark on your body. I can found you by just your smell.”

Regarding Li Yalin’s question, the foodie queen gave a small smile, and gently stroked his lips.

It is precisely because of her action that Li Yalin finally realized it. Shit, Red Queen’s blessing actually had such an effect?

Does this mean that she has installed a portable locator on him?

“Are you monitoring me?”

Red Queen’s blessing can increase his attributes and get Queen’s kiss. He doesn’t hate this, but he doesn’t like it if the additional condition is real-time positioning.

Fortunately, this is only a real-time positioning. Red Queen can only find him through this imprint. If it becomes real-time monitoring, then Li Yalin would rather not have this blessing, and let her take this blessing back.

Of course, even if he knows that this is just a positioning mark, Li Yalin still feels a little unhappy. In various senses, this can be regarded as exposure of privacy, right?

“How can this be called surveillance? I obviously care about you. Do you think it’s easy to get Dragon God’s blessings? You are the first person to receive my blessings!”

Although the foodie queen only thinks about food, she is not blind to other people’s moods. At least Li Yalin’s slight upset in his heart was well conveyed to her heart.

However, this angered her. She obviously has a good intention, but she was still suspected of having ulterior motives. She just concerned about his safety!

Such a privilege that ordinary people can’t get, but he actually doesn’t feel happy about it, is he worthy of Queen’s kindness?

“Should I be happy then? Queen cares about me so much.”

It’s very rare that Red Queen’s face showed an unhappy face like a child. Li Yalin couldn’t help but feel helpless. He was the one who was subjected to real-time positioning. How could he suddenly seem to be the one in the wrong?

“Of course! In this world, I can only care about you!”

Toward Li Yalin’s helplessness, Red Queen’s expression began to become proud again. Although Li Yalin didn’t know it, what she said was true. He is the only one that she really cares about.


“You only care about the dishes I make, you feared that something will happen to me and you won’t be able to eat delicious dishes in the future.”

It is indeed a privilege to be cared for by Red Queen, but Li Yalin also knows that he does not have the charm that can make this otherword Dragon God obsessed. What she really cares about is actually the one that conquered her body and mind, the delicious cuisine.

The reason why she cares about him so much is because of his cooking.

“It’s… it’s all the same, caring about cooking and caring about you, isn’t that the same thing?”

Red Queen’s expression was somewhat awkward after being exposed by Li Yalin. Perhaps for her, this feeling was something she hadn’t experienced for tens of thousands of years, and it actually made her blush.

Generally speaking, if someone dared to embarrass Red Dragon God, she would have spit out the dragon flame and burn the bastard who dared to humiliate her to ashes.

But she can’t do that to Li Yalin.

No… it’s not that she can’t, but she never thought of it from the bottom of her heart. Even if she was rendered speechless, it just made her blush.

Seriously, such a Red Queen is actually quite cute.

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