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“Red … your feeling is something humans call shyness?”

Just when Red Queen was embarrassed by Li Yalin, a female voice suddenly rang in the banquet hall. With the same full of majesty, make the heart want to bow down in surrender.

No, it should be said that most of the people in the banquet hall have been bowed down at this moment. Just when Li Yalin and Red Queen are ‘flirting around’, the imperial royal family members that are responsible to entertains the Li Yalin group and the maids of the palace have knelt to the ground.

That was the arrival of the Red Dragon God. While the supreme Kamui descended, an ordinary human being when facing the gods can only bow down their head without daring to raise their head in front of the Dragon God!

But now, the power of a Red Dragon God isn’t enough, and another Kamui appears. This situation is beyond everyone’s imagination.

Even Li Yalin was dazed, not because of the pressure, but because of the sudden appearance of the female voice that address Red Dragon God.

He still has to call her Queen even with their relationship. What kind of existence can call Red Dragon God with just Red?

The answer is obvious. Expect the same 6 pillars guardian Dragon God like Red Queen, who is qualified to call Queen like that?

“Humph! What do human feelings have to do with me? It’s just that he is special to me.”

Sure enough, with the sound of that voice, Red Queen snorted and responded with disdain. Her current attitude showed that she knew the owner of that voice very well, and the two of them must also be on an equal footing.

“Why are you still hiding after coming all the way here? Are you still afraid that I will ruin this little human country? White?”

Originally when the voice was heard, the voice owner did not appear in the banquet hall. But after Red Queen’s words, finally the figure flashed, and a girl with pure white short hair appeared in the banquet hall.

This girl is wearing a white dress and is about 15-16 years old. Her figure is not the finest, but still quite decent. At first glance, she looks like a super beautiful and cute middle school student.

But the seemingly cute and beautiful white-haired girl, her identity is not simple. From the way Red Queen addressing her, we can know that this girl… is actually the 6 pillar Dragon God who guards the world – White Dragon God!

After Red Queen, did White Dragon God also appear?

“That not possible, although Red’s personality is relatively hot-headed, she isn’t that unreasonable to destroy the country that didn’t concern her. I still know this. But I suddenly feel the breath of Red, which makes me a little concerned since you have never appeared in a human country.”

On the surface, White Dragon God looks like a quiet literary girl, such a girl can get the favor of others. But… when they opened their mouth and talks about destroying the country or something, such terrible words come out from two beautiful girls, it feels so contradictory!

Even if you guys are the Dragon God that guarded the world, don’t talk about such terrifying topics at this time! Haven’t you seen the people around you already very scared? Look at the occasion!

With the foodie queen in front, even if Li Yalin knew that the identity of the White Dragon God was very noble, he still couldn’t raise the slightest sense of awe. Perhaps this is also habitual. After all, he got used to the Red Queen, he wouldn’t feel anything even if he faced White Dragon God.

Rather, his tsukomi skills have improved a lot!

“Cih, I can go wherever I like! Do I have to report it to you?”

White Dragon God’s statement made Red Queen very unhappy. From this point of view, is it possible that her relationship with White Dragon God is not very good?

Anyway, can you let go of me while you are talking with your companion? It’s very conspicuous if you to keep holding me like this, my Queen!

As an outsider, Li Yalin didn’t want to participate in the dialogue between the two Great Dragon Gods. Especially the dialogue between the two was rather heated. What if he got involved?

It’s a pity that Red Queen doesn’t seem to understand his difficulties at all, she still clings to his arms without letting go. Wouldn’t this make it very awkward for him?

Look! The White Dragon God is looking this way!

“It’s not about reporting… Who is this little brother? It seems that he has a very close relationship with you.”

Naturally, Li Yalin was noticed by White Dragon God. Especially her eyes, which had already been staring at the arms of the two of them. Li Yalin was under a lot of pressure being watched by this line of sight!

A Red Queen is so difficult to handle, plus a White Dragon God…

Please spare me!

“He is mine! Don’t even think of grabbing him!”

Li Yalin was noticed by the White Dragon God, of course Red Queen had to react. But her reaction seemed a bit overwhelming, as if she was unwilling to share her toys with her friends. She holds him much tighter.

Hold it, my Queen, the more you are like this, the easier it will be to arouse people’s rebelliousness?

“Oh? He belongs to you? He’s obviously a humankind… the one to like humans, shouldn’t it be me?”

Just as Li Yalin thought, facing Red Queen’s overreaction, White Dragon God not only showed a thoughtful expression on her face but also seemed to find some interesting toy in her eyes.

Li Yalin was quite familiar with this look.

Please, don’t be curious about me, I can’t bear it!

It’s a pity that Li Yalin’s prayer did not come true. Just as Red Queen was holding him tightly like hen protecting chicks, White Dragon God actually stepped forward and took Li Yalin’s other arm.

What is this?

This is the first time we two met, White Dragon God-sama! What are you trying to do?

Li Yalin can now be sure that the relationship between White Dragon God and Red Queen is indeed not good, no… it should be described as tit-for-tat.

But while you guys are fighting, can you stop treating others as items? Especially in the current situation, the effect is super bad!

No, this is no longer about whether the effect is bad. Regarding the scene in front of them, the expressions of most people in the banquet hall are already sluggish!

White Dragon God above!

That White Dragon God-sama, she… she actually hugged him? And still with Red Dragon God?

What is this? Two women fighting for a husband? Two Great Dragon Gods fighting for a man?

It means that, right?

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