Cafe 344

“Hey! What are you doing! Let go! He is mine!”

“Is he yours if you say so? I also said that he is mine. I like him very much. Why don’t you come to be my dependant.”

“Be your dependant? Your wish!”

Look, the scene where the two Great Dragon Gods are fighting, does it look like two women fighting for their husbands?

Such a scene, it’s inevitable even if it is misunderstood, right?

But Li Yalin knows that he is purely suffering from an unwarranted disaster. God knows what will happen if this continues.

“Queen… can you stop already. Please let go if you still want to eat delicious food.”

Being hugged by two Great Dragon Gods while being in the middle gives Li Yalin a headache. Fortunately, they didn’t use their real power, otherwise he would be torn in half?

Therefore, it is better to deal with the two as soon as possible. Li Yalin doesn’t know how to deal the White Dragon God, but it couldn’t be easier to deal with Red Queen.

In summary, let go quickly if you want me to make you food. I won’t make it if you don’t let go!

Hearing such a ‘threat’, would Red Queen not let him go?

“Okay, I let go, can we eat taboo dishes today?”

As a foodie queen, she happily let go of her hand when she heard it. She now wants to eat forbidden dishes, she would not do anything to offend Li Yalin.

“No, the forbidden dishes were sealed for now, let’s talk about it again later.”

Although it’s not good to refuse Red Queen like this, Li Yalin still doesn’t want to make trouble due to the appearance of the forbidden dish, so he must refuse her cruelly.

“Ugh… you are so cruel…”

Red Queen got quite depressed for being ruthlessly rejected. But Li Yalin had seen this expression many times and had already developed immunity, so he was completely able to ignore it.

“Then White Dragon God, can you also let go of me?”

After dealing with Red Queen, White Dragon God will be next. Red has let go of her hand, White should have no reason to continue, right?

“Who are you? How could Red be so obedient?”

White Dragon God did let go as per his wish. But as she let go, her face was full of surprises, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

Who is standing in front of her?

That’s the bravest and the most belligerent among the 6 pillars Dragon God, Red!

If according to her past temperament, it would have been a long time ago that she would spray dragon flame if anyone dared to refuse her.

But now? She actually let go of her hand obediently because of his word, and her face will show the expression of loss like a child.

Is this the Red she knows?

No, she is the Red that she knows. Yes, she is still her, but someone changed her.

And the person who changed her was the boy who looked like an ordinary human in front of her!

In terms of human age, he should be called a teenager.

How can he make such a change happen to Red?

“Being obedient… not really, Queen and I are… friends? Or something like the shopkeepers and the customer?”

Facing the surprised White Dragon God, Li Yalin scratched his cheek a little awkwardly. His relationship with Red Queen is like a friend, like a shopkeeper and a customer, but it is more accurate to describe it as the pet owner and pet.

That’s right, Red Queen is like a little pet waiting to be fed. It is fed by the owner Li Yalin every day. It will become unhappy if he left for a bit.

It’s just that, can he say it in front of White Dragon God?

Of course he can’t.

“Friends? Shopkeepers and customers?”

Li Yalin’s statement made White Dragon God bewildered. She was already confused at first, but now she gets even more confused.

What exactly is going on?

“What’s wrong? Isn’t that simple? He belongs to me, that’s it!”

White Dragon God was puzzled by Li Yalin’s answer, but Red Dragon God reacted very quickly. She slapped her chest while saying this.

In her mind, Li Yalin had long been regarded as hers, the person who cooked her delicious food, that’s it.


“Sorry, Queen and I have just a normal relationship, that’s it.”

Red Queen was triumphant when she said this, but unfortunately, Li Yalin refuted her expressionlessly.

They just have a very normal relationship, nothing more. Don’t misunderstand White Dragon God, there is no special relationship between the two of us.

“Very normal relationship?”

It brought a big blow to Red Queen when he said this sentence. Similarly, White Dragon God also showed disbelief.

It’s just an ordinary relationship, can Red be so close to this guy? Don’t be kidding me, it’s already pretty good that you don’t get burned to death!

Only Red’s behavior is enough to show that the relationship between the two is definitely not simple! And what kind of human beings can make Red treat each other differently… no, even get intimate with human beings?

White Dragon God has always had a good impression of humans and has been helping humans. Naturally, she has an extraordinary curiosity towards humans.

And just today, a very special human has appeared. In the face of such a human, could White Dragon God just let it off?

Of course not!

So of course, along with the curiosity of White Dragon God, she began to look carefully at Li Yalin in front of her. But because of this, Red Queen stepped forward again, and the rivalry between the two Great Dragon Gods appeared again.

They are doing it again?

“Anyway… Your Majesty Wilhelm, can you get up first? I have something to tell you.”

God knows when this matter will end. In order to settle the inexplicable Dragon God dispute, Li Yalin hesitated for a while and found the emperor Wilhelm very decisively.

At this moment, the old man was still bowing down and dared not get up at all. This was not only because of the arrival of the two Great Dragon Gods but also because of the rivalry between the Dragon Gods. The pressure conveyed was too terrifying.

This is not something mortal can afford!

In comparison, Chino and other girls are much more relaxed. These lovely girls are also quite close with Red Queen. Even if she competing with White Dragon God, she has not forgotten to divide her power to protect the girls.

From this point of view, Red Queen is also a very gentle person. It would be better if she was more honest.

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