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Li Yalin came to Wilhelm, and his purpose was naturally to borrow the palace kitchen from him to make delicious dishes to stop the dispute between the two Great Dragon Gods of Red and White. Leaving aside the White Dragon God, Red Queen will shut up and obedient with just a braised beef.

He is quite confident about this.

After hearing Li Yalin’s words, there was no reason for the wise Emperor Wilhelm to refuse. He quickly got up and sent someone to guide him, and summoned all the chefs in the palace to help him.

It’s a pity that the so-called chefs in these palaces are so low-level that even the girls next to Li Yalin can’t match them. That’s pure chaos.

His girls would help him better.

“Sorry for the long wait Queen and White Dragon God. Please stop for a while, let’s have some food first.”

Although he borrowed the palace’s kitchen, in fact, Li Yalin only borrowed the space. Everything from the cooking utensils to the seasonings was taken from his portable space ring.

The food culture is different after all. Not to mention the cooking utensils in the palace kitchen and the spices, even the stove makes him wonder if it’s okay to tsukomi or not?

Forget it, Li Yalin doesn’t intend to mention how bad the palace kitchen is. With the help of Chino and the others, a lot of dishes are finally made. Not just for the two Great Dragon Gods, including Li Yalin as well as the girls around him, there’s also a meal for the members of the empire royal family, he included all of them.

He gave them a lot of trouble today. He should cook them some as apologize, right?

So now, it’s a pleasant mealtime!

“Broiled beef!”

Just as Li Yalin thought, as soon as the delicious dishes came out, Red Queen cheered immediately, gave up the ‘fight’ with White Dragon God, and rushed to the table.

Here, large portions of braised beef and all kinds of meat dishes have been put on the table, which was specially prepared by Li Yalin for her.

Although she really likes braised beef, Red Queen doesn’t avoid other dishes. In fact, she likes all delicious meat, but she has a special liking for braised beef.

“It seems to be food that I have never seen before. It looks delicious by just the smell.”

Hearing Li Yalin’s call, Red Dragon God didn’t care about anyone else, sitting directly at the table and feasting on it. And her transformation naturally attracted the attention of the White Dragon God.

Although she is a companion who has survived for tens of thousands of years, White Dragon God does not know that Red Queen still has a foodie attribute, so of course, she is full of curiosity about Red Queen’s transformation.

And what changed Red Queen… isn’t it the food that smells so delicious?

“If you don’t mind, please try White Dragon God. They are some dishes from my hometown. I hope they will suit your appetite.”

Seeing the curious gaze of the White Dragon God, Li Yalin also stretched out his hand and made an inviting gesture. It would be really great if he can tame the two Great Dragon Gods with food.

At least before his group left, he hoped that these two would still get along with each other in peace. They can fight as they like after he took the girls away, the fight would have nothing to do with him.

“Then I would take on your hospitality.”

Although she didn’t get along well with Red Queen, White Dragon God had a good attitude towards Li Yalin. She actually thanked him, and then found a seat and sat down, taking a closer look at the food in front of her.

“This is… the taste I have never tasted before!”

The creatures of the otherworld, whether they are gods or humans, actually reacted similarly after they tasted delicious food for the first time. White Dragon God also reacts the same.

Accompanied by the surprise of the first taste of the deliciousness, to the continuous tasting one after another, until the final feast, it did not take that long.

Of course, this White Dragon God has also fallen, and unlike the Red Queen who loves braised beef, she seems to have a soft spot for sweet and sour pineapple sweet and sour pork.

It was the luminous version of the special recipe, even Dragon God can’t resist the supreme charm.

“Then Your Majesty Wilhelm, please eat too. I have prepared enough food for everyone.”

The two Great Dragon Gods who were still fighting just now are eating silently and fast at the table. This scene is really comical.

But they can finally breathe a sigh of relief if it can stop them. Then, let everyone continue the previous dinner.

“No, how dare we eat at the same table with two Dragon Gods. It’s simply too rude!”

Li Yalin’s thoughts are very simple. The two Dragon Gods have both started to eat, so they can’t just look at them, right? However, just as he invited Wilhelm and the royal family members to sit down for dinner, Emperor’s forehead was already covered with sweat.

Have dinner at the same table with two Great Dragon Gods? Forgive him, he is already very old, he really can’t live for a few years, and his heart can’t bear such a terrible burden.

Rather, as a human being, being able to stand in the distance and witness the two Dragon Gods eating their meals is already the limit.

“Doesn’t matter, I think Queen and White Dragon God wouldn’t mind.”

Li Yalin also subconsciously scratched the back of his head when his invitation was rejected. In his opinion, this was not a big deal. It was just a small meal together. Only two Dragons Gods eating at the large dining table in the banquet hall, while the rest would only see, isn’t that weird?

It’s a pity that his thoughts will only make the people of the otherworld sweat cold. If the trivial things he thought are changed to others, it will be a big event the same as the sky is falling!

This is not a simple matter, okay!

At this moment, many members of the royal family behind Wilhelm shouted in their hearts. Those were two Dragon Gods, two Dragon Gods! Under such pressure, how could they have a meal!

In the end, Li Yalin had not been able to persuade Wilhelm. With no other choice, he could only open another table next to the banquet hall, and finally let him entertain these otherworld friends who had just met.

It’s just… that’s just the hospitality he imagined. In fact, even if he was dining at the same table with them, it also made the members of the imperial royal family feel more pressure.

After all, sitting next to them at this moment is a noble person with a status comparable to the two Great Dragon Gods!

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