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Sure enough, there is nothing good about the Queen’s appearance.

Before the appearance of Red Queen, the atmosphere at the banquet was pretty good. Although the food was too difficult to eat, there’s still laughter.

But now the unpalatable food has been replaced with delicious dishes. The imperial royal family members who tasted these delicacies almost swallowed their tongues. But even so, this banquet that should have been in a harmonious atmosphere was unusually silent. Everyone is speeding up their eating speed, as if they have grudge against these delicious dishes in front of them.

Only ten minutes later, everyone had finished eating. While the banquet hall next door, Red Queen and White Dragon God were still filling their stomachs with food.

This is really…

“Sorry Your Majesty Wilhelm, our arrival seems to have caused you trouble.”

Li Yalin knew very well that the Red Queen came because of himself, and the White Dragon God was attracted by the breath of Queen. So in the final analysis, the source of the panic inside the palace was him.

A good banquet was messed up, all because of him.

So he can only apologize to the Emperor.

“What are you saying sir, two Dragon Gods are coming, this is actually an honor for us.”

Facing Li Yalin’s apology, Wilhelm hurriedly waved his hand and shook his head. In front of Li Yalin, he could neither put on the emperor’s attitude nor show the attitude of the elders. On the contrary, he looked respectful, which made him helpless.

Not to mention, this is all Red Queen’s fault.

This is because of the work of Red Dragon Kamui.

To say that the most terrifying among the 6 pillar Dragon Gods are nothing more than the Black Dragon God, which represents darkness and death, and the Red Dragon God, who is the most aggressive and loves to fight. These two have almost the same level of danger.

The former Black Dragon God is better, as no one has ever witnessed this Dragon God appear again for many years. But Red Dragon God… she’s like a fierce god who willfully destroys the country and the city. The number of creatures destroyed in her hands can no longer be counted.

To put it bluntly, Red Queen is the source of fear, but she hasn’t even the slightest consciousness of it.

No, not only is Red Queen not conscious of this, Li Yalin actually doesn’t understand it. After all, the Red Queen in his eyes is almost the same as the little pet waiting to be fed. It can’t be easier to handle her. So he can’t really understand the panic of these otherworlders.

She is clearly such a beautiful Queen, and her lips are quite soft. Why are you guys so scared?

Forget it, just let them be afraid. He can’t change their mind anyway.

“Wow… I’m so full. I think this is the most delicious food I have ever eaten.”

Finally, the two Great Dragon Gods finished their dinner. Although Dragon God’s stomach seemed to be a bottomless pit, this time Li Yalin was well prepared and finally satisfied the appetites of the two Dragon Gods.

Because of this, White Dragon God also patted her stomach with satisfaction. This kind of food is a novel experience for her, and it also makes her very happy.

“Huh, it’s like you hadn’t seen the world yet.”

Red Queen rolled her eyes with disdain towards White Dragon God’s statement. Although she was also fascinated by Li Yalin’s cooking skills, she had eaten too many times after all. At the moment, she wouldn’t lose herself except for the taboo dishes. In addition, the rest of the dishes, even the luminous special recipes, she can still eat just fine.

Although it is not something to be proud of, it is enough for her to put on the score in front of White Dragon God.

“So, I kind of understand why Red is so fond of you. I also want a person who can cook delicious food for me to stay by my side forever.”

At this moment, White Dragon God did not pay attention to Red Queen’s taunts, but fixed her gaze on Li Yalin.

Her look that wants to studies him thoroughly is really uncomfortable…

“Don’t even think about it! He is mine!”

Perhaps because of a full stomach, the Red Queen was very energetic now. Looking at her attitude, she seemed to really mean to fight with White Dragon God again.

It’s a pity that White Dragon God’s attention is completely off her at this time.

“Not only the taste of the food I have never tasted before, but even many of the ingredients in it are also something I have never seen before. It is incredible, there are things I haven’t seen…”

Staring at Li Yalin in front of her, White Dragon God looked thoughtful. It was not until a long while later that she finally showed a certain look.

“You… are you not from this world?”

Are, does this White Dragon God still have the passive attribute of a keen eye? She can actually perceive the truth only through unseen ingredients?

Although this is not something worth hiding.

“It has nothing to do with you, right?”

Li Yalin didn’t think much about White Dragon God’s insight. He didn’t need to hide his identity at all times like those transmigrators who couldn’t go home after coming to the otherworld.

Anyway, with the Red Queen, White Dragon God’s attitude is pretty good. What does it matter even if he admits it?

But before Li Yalin could reply, Red Queen suddenly stood in front of Li Yalin, while was also full of vigilance when facing the White Dragon God.

The Queen’s performance made Li Yalin a little surprised. Although the two Dragon Gods are not in a good term, they are companions who guard the world. How could they be hostile to each other?

Why she’s so vigilant?

“So my guess was right?”

Red Queen behaves like this, how can White Dragon God not realize the truth? She smiled more happily than before.

“What on earth do you want to do? I’m telling you in advance that he belongs to me, so don’t even think of using him!”

Although Red Queen had never been nice during her fight with White Dragon God before, it was limited to just that. But her current expression was very solemn, and even Li Yalin was frowning subconsciously in this situation.

What does it mean?

Could it be this White Dragon God is really not as simple as it seems on the surface?

Are there any problems with this identity from the otherworld?

If this is the case, this trip to the otherworld will probably be the biggest mistake…

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