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“Okay, take it easy, I’m not like Gold. I don’t have any ill intentions.”

Just as Red Queen was wary and Li Yalin frowned, White Dragon God still showed a smile, and keep waving her hands, as if she had seen something very interesting.

And what she said about Gold… Did she mean the Gold Dragon God, one of the 6 pillar Dragon Gods?

It seems like he has heard some terrible information.

“Although Gold is very cunning, you are not much better either. Come on, what are you after?”

Red Queen really cares about Li Yalin regardless of food or not. At least at this moment, she is dedicated to protecting Li Yalin behind her. Even if she is facing a companion who has the same strength as her, there will be no compromises or retreat.

From this point, Li Yalin was very touched. The feeding for such a long time was really not in vain, Queen was reliable at the critical moment!

With her here, he can finally relax.

So… what does White Dragon God want to do?

“It’s nothing much. I think Red should be very clear. Although the war in this world has gradually subsided, the harm caused by the war is far from eliminated. This also makes me very worried.”

“I would like to ask that little brother if he from the otherworld has any good way to help humanity in this world rejuvenate.”

“I really just want to ask, I’m not threatening or want to use him. Multiple people have multiple methods. It would take a long while for this world to regain prosperity if nothing changed.”

White Dragon God didn’t hide her intentions. Rather, she told them all her thoughts from the beginning.

As the White Dragon God who has the highest affection for mankind among the 6 pillar dragon gods, she hopes that mankind can be rejuvenated as soon as possible and get out of this impoverished situation.

It’s just that, as a Dragon God, she doesn’t impose any interference. It’s really not that easy to rejuvenate mankind. At least at this moment, it was speculated that it needs another thirty or fifty years.

This is too slow.

Although she is not going to be in a hurry to look for a solution, she does hope that Li Yalin can help. Especially when he is from the otherworld, and looking at the world from the perspective of otherworld people, it might be possible to get unexpected gains.

What can he say?

As expected of the White Dragon God who is in charge of light and growth? Although Red Queen didn’t look at her pleasantly, she’s indeed a guardian Dragon God with a benevolent heart.

“Cih, that kind of boring thing, don’t drag my people into it!”

In contrast, Red Dragon God is not so kind. The human rejuvenation has nothing to do with her. It doesn’t matter to her whether they are dead or alive.

She didn’t intend to let Li Yalin get involved in this kind of a mess. So even if White Dragon God explained the reason very sincerely, she still didn’t intend to pay attention to it.

Red Queen knows very well that as long as she insists, even the White will definitely have no choice but to capture Li Yalin. Worst comes to worst she will take everyone away and pass through the otherworld gate. Even if the White Dragon God is a guardian Dragon God, she will definitely not be able to capture Li Yalin.


This time he will have to disappoint Red Queen.

Rejuvenate mankind? This is really a huge wish, and it is really stressful to take on such a responsibility.

But even with such heavy pressure, he seems to have no reason to refuse. Because this is not just White Dragon God’s expectation, but also a task sent by the system.

Yes, just after White Dragon God spoke, Li Yalin has already received a long-lost system task.

Main task: Cooking save otherworld, mankind rejuvenation(1).
Task content: Food is the top priority for the people. Change the world through food first if you want to rejuvenate mankind.
Task reward: System Lottery ×2.
Task tips: The crop yields in otherworld are scarce, which is the main reason that restricts human rejuvenation. Taking out high-yield crops is undoubtedly the best shortcut to complete the task.

Although the main task of otherworld was originally ‘cuisine save otherworld’, Li Yalin did not expect that the so-called ‘Save otherworld’ would start with crops.

However, the tips given by this task are very good, it was to the point. The biggest problem in the world today is that food production cannot keep up. If it can produce high-yield crops, such as potatoes and corn, isn’t it a matter of minutes to complete this task?

In other words, this task is actually not difficult?

“White Dragon God, where do you think is the biggest key to rejuvenate mankind and even the whole world?”

Although there was Red Queen in front of him, after confirming the thoughts in his mind, Li Yalin took a step forward very decisively, passed over Queen, and came to the front of White Dragon God.

And his behavior not only surprised Red Queen but even White Dragon God couldn’t help showing an unexpected look.

He… dare to stand up and face her?

Even if she knew earlier that he was not an ordinary human, his courage was really commendable.

“What are you going to do?”

Before White Dragon God could speak, Red Queen had already stepped forward and grabbed Li Yalin’s arm. At the same time, her face also showed a frustrated expression.

Clearly, as long as he hides behind her, nothing will happen, but why does he take the initiative to come forward?

That White is not such a simple character!

“Nothing, I just want to ask White Dragon God what she thinks. Since she wants me to help rejuvenate mankind, I’m asking her opinion about it.”

Regarding Red Queen’s pull, Li Yalin shakes his head slightly. This is not an impulse, but something he has planned earlier.

To complete this plan, he really had to pull the White Dragon God into the water, so the dialogue with her was imperative.


“Interesting, is my idea? Very good, then I will answer you, I think the biggest key to rejuvenating mankind is to feed everyone!”

Red Queen was obviously dissatisfied with Li Yalin’s answer, but White Dragon God was quite interested.

It is clearly the question she asked, but now she was asked back. So… how will the other party respond after she has answered it?

White Dragon God currently looked forward to what Li Yalin would say next.

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