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“Let everyone eat enough? As expected of White Dragon God, not a bad idea.”

After getting White Dragon God’s answer, Li Yalin nodded slightly, he couldn’t help showing a hint of joy in his eyes. Dragon God’s idea is not bad. Luckily he asked this question, wouldn’t it be much easier to talk about the next thing?

“You already know my answer, so what about your answer?”

Just after Li Yalin got the answer he wanted, White Dragon God expression was somewhat urgent.

“My answer is actually very simple. Just like White Dragon God thinks, it is to feed people in this world first.”

Facing the White Dragon God, the corners of Li Yalin’s mouth raised slightly. Now that they get to the heart of the matter, let’s just come clean and continue the conversation.

“The same idea as me? But what uses is your idea? Isn’t the difficulty we face now that we can’t make people eat enough?”

“Or… what solution do you have?”

Li Yalin’s answer made White Dragon God frowned slightly, obviously not satisfied. But she was not angry about it, but looked at Li Yalin with interest and waited for him to continue.

And Li Yalin, of course wouldn’t disappoint White Dragon God.

“Of course there is a solution, and it is actually very simple. People can’t eat well enough, mainly because the world’s crop yields are not high. So as long as we bring high-yield crops, everything will be solved?”

“That is to say… you mean that there are high-yield crops in your world?”

White Dragon God is very smart. With just a few words from Li Yalin, she figured out the joints. So, speaking to a smart person is really saving effort.

“Solanum tuberosum… I prefer to call them potatoes. The yield of this crop is very high. The yield per mu can easily reach more than 2,000 kg. If the land conditions are better or properly taken care of, the yield will be even higher.”

“Right, what you eat before was potato, so it should be pretty good.”

What crops he should take out to save the otherworld? Li Yalin’s first idea is undoubtedly potatoes. Potatoes are not only high in yield, but also relatively durable. It was exceptionally delicious after being cooked, and they are suitable to appear at this critical moment.

In order to verify his statement, Li Yalin also took the initiative to take out the potato from the space ring and handed it to White Dragon God. It was undoubtedly more convincing to take out the real thing.

“Solanum tuberosum… potatoes? This kind of thing… what is the yield of 2000 kilograms per mu?”

After receiving the potatoes in Li Yalin’s hands, White Dragon God began to take a closer look. But after a while, she again questioned the numbers Li Yalin said.

Damn, forget this is otherworld, the algorithm is completely different.

He slapped his forehead speechlessly, and Li Yalin quickly converted it to figure out the output unit of potatoes in the otherworld. However, just after he spoke, White Dragon God was in complete shock.

“There is such a thing? This is completely God-given food!”

How low is the crop yield of the otherworld? Although Li Yalin didn’t understand it very clearly, he just listened to it and then converted. He felt that the yield of ordinary grain per mu of land could be more than 100 kilograms. In case of good weather, and with the empire fertile land, the yield per mu is only about two hundred kilograms.

Compared to two thousand kilograms of potatoes per mu…

Well, it wasn’t comparable at all.

Thinking about it this way, it is no wonder that White Dragon God is so surprised. In fact, not only White Dragon God, but also the wise emperor Wilhelm who has been listening on the side is also dazed, as if he is listening to some fantasy.

The yield of crops that can be ten times higher than the best fertile land in the empire, how can this be like the God-given food in the myth?

Right, White Dragon God just said that this is God-given food…

Correct! This is God-given food! Why did he forget? The young man in front of him is a god from the otherworld!

It feels like the Emperor was going farther and farther on the road of misunderstanding.

“Of course, I don’t know the specific situation very well. I am not a graduate of agriculture, so I need to return to my world to learn more.”

“Here I propose to use the Empire as an experimental base to verify the feasibility of potato planting in this world. We can promote it to the whole world once we saw that this could be planted. What do you think Your Majesty Wilhelm?”

Although he has thrown out potatoes this trump card, he wasn’t sure whether the potatoes are suitable for this world, and Li Yalin did not dare to say it for sure.

In this case, the best solution is to start experimenting with fields first. Try planting little by little, and then gradually spread it to the whole world.

Li Yalin doesn’t know many people on the otherworld, so he can only take advantage of the empire. Don’t know if Wilhelm, who is known as the sage emperor, has the courage and dare to grow potatoes this new crop in the empire.

It just an empty promise before the real output appeared. No matter how fluently he spoke, make people believe is another thing.

“Of course it’s okay, I have no objection at all. Rather, this is the honor of our empire!”

Well, it really deserves to be the Emperor, he’s really bold. Li Yalin is just lip service, but he dares to support it. Doesn’t he need time to think about it?

In addition, it feels like being honored has become the mantra of the Emperor.

Li Yalin didn’t know that at this moment he was completely deified in Wilhelm’s heart, and was respected as a god of the otherworld. How could the person standing beside the two Great Dragon Gods be ordinary people?

So from the beginning, Wilhelm’s suspicions were non-existent, and Li Yalin simply thought too much.

“Well, in this case, let’s use the Empire as an experimental base first. If the first batch of potatoes can really reach that yield after the first batch of potatoes are mature, I will immediately issue an Oracle to let humans all over the world start planting potatoes this food from the otherworld.”

Wilhelm has no problem. Of course, White Dragon God is also happy to experiment. She is different from the Emperor as she still has some doubts about the output of potatoes.

But in the end, everything still needs to be tested to verify the truth. In other words, the plot of saving otherworld with potatoes is about to begin?

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  • Chouzenfox
    March 23, 2021 - 5:46 AM · Reply

    He just fucked the other world …. In the past in our world they also had this “brilliant” idea with potatoes, but planting them a lot in the same land, in consecutive harvests, “kills” the fertility of the land in question, leading to even more hunger, and the fact that potato sprouts are poisonous “cause severe diarrhea and dehydration, and can lead to death, especially in hungry people”. Spreading the potato like this without further warning or explanation will only make the world worse in 3 to 4 years.

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