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“You’re really a good person. If, as you said, potatoes can save mankind, then it will be a feat no one else can accomplish. I believe that even after tens of thousands of years, your epic would still be sung in this world.”

The plan for the potato test field is almost finalized. Wilhelm as the empire representative strongly supports. As long as Li Yalin provides the corresponding germ and planting method, it can immediately enter the planting process.

It was a good time to plant crops with the current season of the empire. So after a few months later, everyone can verify the true output of potatoes.

Precisely because of this that White Dragon God can be said to heap praise on Li Yalin. Even the eyes that look at him are slightly different, it is obviously dazzling!

And for her evaluation…

To be honest, it makes him shy.

“Epic sing or something… not so exaggerated…”

Li Yalin subconsciously touched his nose when White Dragon God praised him. He then turned his head and looked at the girls beside him, and found that the expressions on their faces were also different.

The dialogue between him and the two Great Dragon Gods just now, of course, the girls also heard clearly. But they never thought that the food that can be found everywhere around them can actually become the key to save other world.

It is clearly just a potato, but it can save so many lives. Is this method the onii-chan thought of?

But they can only lament the suffering in this world, but don’t know what to do. Compared with this, onii-chan is really amazing.

Unconsciously, Li Yalin seemed to see a look of worship in the eyes of the girls. Is this an illusion?

It seems… not really.

“No, it’s not an exaggeration. What happened today is destined to be included in the epic!”

“So… the youth from the otherworld, what kind of reward do you want for your achievements in benefiting the world?”

Being praised by the White Dragon God and feeling the admiration of the girls again made Li Yalin feel embarrassed. He didn’t do much. At best, he just came up with an idea. In the future, he will just make some potatoes. Come over to germinate, and then give pointers on the method of planting.

But White Dragon God suddenly became very serious, and she even offered to give back, which caught him off guard.


Li Yalin began to touch his nose again after hearing what White Dragon God said. The reward he needed was a reward from the system. This thing White Dragon God could not give, what else could he need?


The living standard of the otherworld is so low, what can he do with more money? What’s more, he didn’t regard the otherworld as his home. At best, he occasionally came to visit. Red Queen’s vault had already met all his needs.


As mentioned above, he simply regards the otherworld as a tourist attraction, and he has no desire for hegemony. What is the use of authority?


Don’t be kidding me, otherworld does have a lot of pretty girls, but doesn’t he were surrounded by beauty? Not to mention, just these girls at home, which one is not the best?


In comparison, the system is more reliable, right?

So think about it, Li Yalin seems to have nothing to demand.

“It’s fine, there is no need to pay back. I am just contributing to this world.”

After thinking about it for a while, Li Yalin finally shakes his head. He really didn’t need anything, he was just doing a good deed.

Anyway… it’s just some potatoes.

“No need to pay back?”

Li Yalin’s idea here is very simple. Since there is no need, then just say no. But didn’t expect that his answer made the White Dragon God dazed for a while. Not only the White Dragon God but Emperor Wilhelm and the princess are also dumbfounded.

It’s like how rare it is for people to ask for nothing in return.

Although, it seems that such a person is indeed quite rare.

“I’ll be honest… sir, that’s a god-given treasure. You… have you just handed it over to us?”

White Dragon God couldn’t speak for a long time, but Wilhelm on the side spoke first.

In Wilhelm’s eyes, this potato is a god-given thing that no treasure can match. A grace of God that can flourish human beings. How can such a treasure be easily given away?

At least… it has to be exchanged with treasures of the same value. Even White Dragon God has said that she intends to give back.

But why?

Why would you give it out so easily!

“God-given… It’s not that exaggerated at all. Anyway, I don’t have anything I want, so let’s forget it.”

Li Yalin lightly shakes his head to Wilhelm’s question. He doesn’t want to repeat himself, no need to pay back, that’s all.

This answer shows that Li Yalin is really doesn’t need anything. And because of this, Wilhelm, the Emperor who has ruled the empire for decades, feels moist in his eyes.

What a selfless person this is… His generosity makes his brilliance shroud the world like a miracle.

No… he is a god, a true god!

“Thank you for your gift! Dear Sir!”

After saying this, a generation of sage emperor Wilhelm knelt to the ground, and at the same time bowed to him, as well as all otherworld people including the princess.

At this moment, everyone felt the dazzling brilliance emanating from Li Yalin. His existence even covered the two Great Dragon Gods on the side.


The otherworld people are moved, but Li Yalin feels more awkward. The glory of God is just a conjecture in the hearts of those otherworld people. In fact, he currently doesn’t know what to do!

Being worshipped or something, especially by an old man who can be his grandfather at such an age, how can such a thing be accepted with peace of mind!

In a hurry, Li Yalin quickly stretched out his hand to help Wilhelm. Not only the Emperor but help everyone who was bowing around him to raise up. You guys are making me feels bad.

You know, in China’s traditional culture, respecting the old and loving the young are virtues. On the other hand, being worshipped by an elder will have one’s life shortened?

But after Li Yalin helped everyone up, before he could wipe the sweat. The White Dragon God’s eyes seemed to emit light.

Obviously, the Dragon God was very happy to see this scene before her eyes, no…it should be said that she was very interested in this scene.

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