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Did he catch a flu?

On the way home, Li Yalin sneezed several times in a row which made him feel weird.

Could it be that he didn’t wrap himself with blanket last night and caught a cold? Not right… he is quite healthy, and can stay up all night without problems. How can he catch a cold?

Maybe someone talking behind his back?

But who could it be?

Rubbing his nose vigorously, Li Yalin start to overthinking. Fortunately, sneezing stopped quickly, otherwise he will really think he had offended someone recently.

Forget it, this is not the most important, what he is worried about right now is the situation at Rabbit House.

Only the two girls Rinna Fuwa and Otosuna Mihari are in the store, is it really okay?

“Chino, you are back.”

Li Yalin thought that he was fast, but he never thought that when he returned to the store, Chino already standing behind the bar counter. She obviously participated in the entrance ceremony today. She came back so fast.

“Chino is worried about us.”

Before Chino could speak, the editor girl on the side was the first to speak. She is now wearing another uniform in the store, which is the same as Rinna Fuwa’s uniform.

Unlike Rinna Fuwa, the editor girl’s uniform fits very well. Especially the chest position, it can’t fit anymore than that.

But this is obviously a male uniform…

“It was hard for you Mihari, I’ll invite you to dinner tonight.”

Putting aside the issue of uniform not fit or not, Li Yalin can only thought about it but never say it or he will just seek death.

So he can only smile facing her.

Otosuna Mihari come to help today without any wages. Although she is voluntary, we can’t let her work in vain.

So after thinking a bit, Li Yalin decided to invite her to dinner. The first one is to thank her for her help. The second one is to have a good relationship with her. Isn’t that mangaka’s responsibility?

“Invite… Yalin sensei want to invite me to dinner?”

Li Yalin sudden invitation makes her surprised, and her cheeks suddenly turned red after thinking about something.

“Well, Mihari, do you have time tonight?”

Li Yalin didn’t know why the editor girl blushed, it just a dinner so he didn’t think too much.

“I have! Of course I have time!”

Unlike Li Yalin’s calmness, Otosuna Mihari’s expression became more and more tense. After she heard his inquiry, she tightened her body like a primary school student, and even the sound of her answer raised several tone.

“That’s good. Cocoa will back after a while. Let’s discuss what to eat tonight. I heard that there is a good teppanyaki nearby… what’s wrong Mihari?”

When the editor girl agree, Li Yalin nodded slightly. In his opinion, the next thing to consider is what to eat tonight.

After all, today is an entrance ceremony. In order to celebrate the start of the new semester, it’s the perfect time for everyone to go out for a meal together.

However, he was only halfway through, and before he finished it. Looking at the opposite Mihari like a deflated ball, her depression can be seen at a glance.

Her reaction makes Li Yalin felt very strange, did she feel depressed about something?

“No… nothing, I’m fine, I’m looking forward to it, yes… “

What is Otosuna Mihari depressed about?

The answer is actually very simple.

When Li Yalin invited her at the beginning, she subconsciously thought that it was a dinner between herself and Li Yalin. Furthermore, it might be a date.

A date you know! A date with Yalin sensei!

Otosuna Mihari who has never had such experience of couse will blush immediately.

It’s a pity that Li Yalin’s next words smashed her girl’s heart. Dating or something, there is no such thing!

Yalin sensei… unexpectedly a dense person…

Complaining like this in her heart, Otosuna Mihari worked very hard to clear up her mood. She couldn’t expose her thoughts even though she just misunderstood, otherwise she would be embarrassed!

“Ah that’s great.”

The editor girl’s mentality calmed down quickly, but Li Yalin didn’t notice anything. He didn’t have much contact with girls so it is impossible for him to suddenly realize it.

What’s more, he is still thinking about dinner. He already invited Mihari. Chino and Cocoa will definitely be present. Should we called Rize too?

They can’t leave Rinna Fuwa alone if he call Rize, right? After all, they are all companions in the coffee shop, how about having a dinner party today?

Yeah, let’s do it this way!

Thought of this, Li Yalin suddenly full of enthusiasm. Mihari beside him let out a deep sigh seeing him like this.

She wasn’t sure if it’s Yalin sensei thought too little or she thought too much…

Okay, let put aside the issue of dinner for later.

Concerned about the situation in the store, Li Yalin and Chino came back very early, and even Rize rushed back to the store at noon.

Only Cocoa to came back after 3 PM in the afternoon. The entrance ceremony would end at 10 AM. What is she doing?

“Let me introduce you, this is my best friend Chiya!”

Before asking Cocoa, everybody saw a girl wearing Ousai Academy uniforms with soft black hair trailing beside her. As soon as she entered the store, Cocoa immediately took the girl’s hand and introduced her to everyone.

Cocoa’s best friend?

She made close friends so quickly?

Although she is easy going, it doesn’t need to be so fast?

The girls who know Cocoa were amazed that she had made a close friend so quickly. After all, it is impossible for ordinary people to suddenly calling other close friend.

Only Li Yalin had no surprises on his face, and even expect this to happens.

Yes, he was not surprised at all that the girl called Chiya appeared. After all, in the original plot, Cocoa met Chiya right at this time.

In fact, as Li Yalin thought, Cocoa and Chiya soon became friends after going through a series of events such as getting lost, giving food and guiding her to the school.

As for why Cocoa came back so late, it also because of getting lost.

No way, Cocoa’s road idiot attribute has broken through the limit. When everyone discovered this, they will take her to familiarize with the surrounding environment as long as there is an opportunity, but in the end it still fails.

But it is for this reason that Cocoa meets Chiya. Is this fate?

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