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“Very good, really good. This is the biggest reason why I like humans. Only with such sincere feelings can weak humans unite and become stronger.”

The scene where Li Yalin assisted and appeased everyone got such an evaluation from White Dragon God. At the same time, she also took the initiative to step forward and got closer to Li Yalin.

“Although you don’t need anything in return, I still hope to return you in this way…”

Originally, White Dragon God was very close to Li Yalin. But they are really close together after she stepped forward. However, when Li Yalin instinctively wants to take a step back, White Dragon God reached out and held his cheek directly.

Before long, a warm touch comes from his lips, this feeling, as if he just tried it not long ago…

“White! What the hell are you doing!”

Without waiting for Li Yalin to reminisce about the warm feeling, Red Queen already rushed forward in desperation and separated the two vigorously.

Along with Queen’s roar, Li Yalin also recovered from his trance.


He was forced kisses?

By the White Dragon God?

What is happening? Can anyone explain?

“What I am doing? As you can see, I’m blessing him.”

The White Dragon God who was forcibly pulled apart by the Red Queen could not see the slightest anger on her face. Rather, she is smiling happily now. As the one who kisses forcefully, she has achieved her desired goal.

“Fuck blessing! Didn’t I say it before? He belongs to me! Do you want to snatch someone from me? Damn it! I knew you had no good intentions!”

White Dragon God is very happy, but Red Queen is very angry. Then, the consequences of Queen’s anger are really serious. At this moment, there is a raging flame on her body. The scorching temperature can almost melt steel.

In this case, there is no doubt that Red Queen will become a dragon and fight White Dragon God.

If it really evolved like that, it is very likely that the entire Imperial City will become a ruin.

“It belongs to you? Red, don’t jest with me. Who on earth does he belong to, let him make his own decision? Or do you think you can control everything about him?”


My goodness, after all this time, White Dragon God, can you stop provoking our Queen?

She’s going to explode at any moment!

No… it should be said, she’s already going to!

“Cough… Queen, calm down, you don’t have to be so mad for me? What do you want to eat tomorrow? I’ll make it for you.”

The anger of the Red Queen is not so easy to calm down. In order to prevent Imperial City from becoming a ruin under the battle of Dragon Gods, Li Yalin felt that he had to persuade Queen.

Right, he has to make eye contact with White Dragon God, don’t add fuel to the fire!


“What to eat? You… you don’t know anything! I’m… I am so angry!”

Red Queen was so angry that Li Yalin couldn’t get close to her. In this case, he could only find a way to calm Queen’s anger with delicious dishes.

It stands to reason that his approach should be correct. She’s a foodie queen after all. As long as the food is in front of her, she should be able to calm down quickly.

But Li Yalin got it wrong this time. After hearing what he said, the expression of Red Queen turned into unwillingness and resentful.

Why does this seem to be his fault all of a sudden?

Isn’t it just being kissed, by the way… oh yes, did he got a blessing from White Dragon God?

Why would you be so angry about something like this?

Li Yalin has not realized Red Queen’s mood. Queen stomped angrily, then turned and rushed to the window, and jumped out of the window.

And just after Li Yalin hurriedly followed, what appeared to him again was the crimson figure under the night sky – it was a majestic dragon figure, the true form of the Red Queen!

Only the wings danced, several whirlwinds were generated around Red Queen. And with the acceleration of the wings, her figure gradually became smaller… until she disappeared into the vast night.

Just left?

Standing by the window, Li Yalin couldn’t speak for a while. In fact, he still hasn’t figured out why the Red Queen was so angry.

In theory, this situation is like a scene where a third woman intervenes between a couple and the woman is upset. But Li Yalin knows well that his relationship with Red Queen is far from reaching that level of intimacy.

At best, it is the store owner and the customer, and further it is the owner and the pet. How could she be jealous because of the kiss of White Dragon God? Is this possible?

This is simply impossible.

He can’t comprehend it at all.

“Ah, she got really angry.”

Red Queen left angrily. Before leaving, the huge force of her stomp not only cracked the floor of the entire banquet hall, but also caused the entire palace to tremble three times. People who didn’t know might think there was an earthquake.

But for the scene before her, White Dragon God who caused all this, gave a chuckle, as if she was very happy to see this scene.

“White Dragon God, what in the world…”

Li Yalin, who is still unclear, can only ask White Dragon God for answers. At least that Dragon God definitely knows why Queen is angry, right?

“Don’t call me Dragon God, it’s too long. You should just call me White, and you don’t have to worry about Red. She is just a little upset, she will be fine after a while.”

White Dragon God understands what Li Yalin meant to ask. But unfortunately, she didn’t intend to tell Li Yalin. She just continued to chuckle and wave her hands, as if he doesn’t need to worry about it.

But the more she was like this, the more worried Li Yalin was. He got a feeling that this matter was not that simple!

“But White Dragon God…”

“Call me White!”

“Err… White…”

“Well, is there anything else?”

“No… nothing.”

When Li Yalin was about to ask again, before he could finish speaking, he was quickly interrupted by White Dragon God. And after hesitatingly called out the name of White Dragon God, Li Yalin suddenly felt a sense of powerlessness facing the smiling Dragon God.

Because he suddenly discovered that no matter how much he asked, the Dragon God didn’t intend to tell himself. That is to say, it would just a waste of breath no matter how much he said.

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