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In the end, Li Yalin could not figure out why Red Queen was so angry, and this trip to the empire was quite anticlimactic. The two Great Dragon Gods ’cause a disturbance’, and no one would have the mind to play, right?

This is really a helpless result.

But how to put it, the benefits are still there after all. Just like the previous blessings of the Red Queen, after getting White Dragon God’s kiss, Li Yalin also got the system prompt of attribute increase.

Congratulations on getting the blessing of White Dragon God. Strength attribute increased by 4 points, physical attribute increased by 4 points, agility attribute increased by 4 points, intelligence attribute increased by 7 points, spiritual attribute increased by 7 points, and light element affinity increased by 30 points.

This is the increase in attributes that Li Yalin himself got after receiving the blessing of the White Dragon God. Unlike the last time, the increase this time seems to be more inclined to intelligence and spiritual attributes, which each has increased by 7 points. With the addition of 4 points for agility, Li Yalin’s overall attributes have all exceeded 20 points.

And the highest spiritual attribute among them has even reached 28 points, and it can break 30 if there are 2 more points!

As for the last affinity of the light element, this is the same as the affinity of the fire element. It seems to have a bonus to the skill, and it is also a pretty good attribute.

It is indeed a blessing from Dragon God, it is really powerful!

The improvement of his own attributes has caused Li Yalin’s ability to grow rapidly. With his current strength, although he can’t compare with the famous swordmaster or Grand Mage in this world, he can crush those of the same age with ease.

After all, he now has not only the increase in attributes, but also the skills drawn by the system as his trump cards. If he really fights, he will definitely be able to exert very strong combat effectiveness.

It’s a pity that will he get the strength now, he has nowhere to display it.

So, even if he was happy now, he should have to think about how to appease Red Queen.

Yes, the trip to Imperial City came to an end for the time being, but Red Queen had gotten mad. It was really a misfortune. She flew away today, and though it’s not like they won’t meet again afterward, wouldn’t this makes thing awkward in the future if this matter wasn’t solved?

So… how can he appease Red Queen?

Sure enough, only good food will do.

Cooking every day recently, Li Yalin’s adept level of Chinese cooking will soon be maxed. That is to say, it will not take long for him to have the first expert-level option ability.

It should be noted that this is the first expert-level option ability, not an expert-level skill. In terms of skills, he has already possessed expert-level fighting skills for a long time, which he got from the lottery, so the bonus is quite impressive!

But having said that, he unlocked many options, but the first one to reach the top is the cooking option. It should be said that thanks to Red Queen’s daily presence, he has to constantly improve the proficiency of this ability?

He can’t even tsukomi from getting such a result.

Forget it, no need to tsukomi. He’s going to grind today in order to win Queen’s favor!

Level up! My Chinese cuisine option!

After returning from the empire, Li Yalin plunged into the kitchen, which surprised the girls at home. Fortunately, because the proficiency was close to full, Li Yalin did not cook all night, only a few hours. After that, he finished grinding his proficiency and finally obtained the first expert level of option ability.

Although… by-products are a lot of dishes that can’t be eaten all, which is a bit of a headache.

However, the option ability is upgraded to the expert level, and the effect is really superb. Leaving aside the craftsmanship of the expert level, Li Yalin’s dish deliciousness has been raised to a new level in an instant. More importantly, he also gained option exclusive items from the system reward -Chinese cuisine iron pot.

Don’t think this is just an inconspicuous black iron pot, but the dishes made from this iron pot can get a special bonus of food +5 deliciousness, and the passive attribute of adept level +3 deliciousness. Now every time Li Yalin made a dish, it has a delicacy bonus comparable to the previous special recipes.

No, it should be said that under the craftsmanship of the expert level, the dishes he made now may be more attractive than the previous special recipes!

And if he makes a special recipe, the effect may be even more exaggerated!

As for the final forbidden dish… Li Yalin can’t imagine what would happen!

Once the expert level option ability was improved, he was able to get such a rich reward. Now he has an urge to grind all other options to the expert level to see the effect!

Cough cough… Forget it, he will definitely become bald if he keeps grinding like this to become stronger. For the sake of his body, he should do it slow and steady.

This time the upgrade of Chinese cuisine options, Li Yalin’s harvest of course made him very happy. The only regret is that the name of the exclusive items doesn’t sound that strong.

Clearly is kitchenware that is comparable to a magical instrument. It should be called Holy Copperware, Coiled Dragon Pot, and so on. It will make it sounds like high-end products.

But the outward look so ordinary, plus it looks simple.

Okay, that’s the end of tsukomi. Having the option of expert level, coupled with the appearance of exclusive items, Li Yalin is confident that when Queen comes again, he will be able to calm her with delicious food and he will definitely feed her full.

But before Queen arrives, he still has one very important thing to do!

To say what it is, it is naturally to deal with the by-products in the kitchen!

So many dishes can’t be eaten only by the girls at home, and it would be a pity to throw them away. So there is no other way but to pack them into the space ring first, and then send them as gifts.

Schoolboy normally gives girls gifts, either cute accessories or beautiful flowers, but all Li Yalin gives was all food.

The last time he made too many jerkies and sent it to the girls. And today he’s going to send another food.

Fortunately, compared to the jerky last time, Li Yalin’s dishes are a bit richer this time. But even so, he is still embarrassed.

This is also thanks to his good craftsmanship, which is very popular with girls. If it weren’t for this, he would not dare to send it out!

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