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Li Yalin can’t send the by-products from grinding option ability to the girls as soon as he goes to school. After all, the number of dishes is not small, he can’t let everyone hold a big lunch box all day long, right?

So after school was over, he first gives it to Uomi in the student council, and then gave some to Kohinata Yukari, Aoba and Nene, and finally found Haruka and the others.

Since he intends to please Red Queen today, he didn’t intend to show up at the company. After the delivery of the last batch of dishes, he is ready to go home directly.

However, in order to save time, he directly invited Haruka’s trio to meet behind the school building after school, and he rushed out of the room as soon as the school bell rang. This situation naturally caused a misunderstanding.

“What is he planning to do? He didn’t say it directly but have to let us meet behind the school building. Isn’t this completely unnecessary?”

Li Yalin left the classroom hurriedly after told them a sentence. Maki was obviously very puzzled by his behavior.

“Probably… he has something important to tell us.”

As Maki said, Li Yalin’s actions were indeed unusual for the girls, and it also made them quite puzzled. But even so, Atsuko shook her head slightly and said her thoughts in a small voice.

With her personality, she will of course think of everything positively. But unlike Atsuko, Maki has too much delusion.

“Something important? What important thing he wants to tell us? Could it be… a confession?”

Have to say that Maki has much imagination, and even able to think of Li Yalin’s confession.

But this is not surprising, she’s a girl in puberty after all. Love is the real theme at their age. It was incomprehensible for her to have such thoughts.


“Confession, why did Yalin-kun look for the three of us? Shouldn’t the confession be one-on-one?”

Maki’s words were to instantly flush the cheeks of the two girls. Obviously, they also imagined the scene of Li Yalin confessing personally in their minds.

But after a while, Haruka shook her head with some doubts. As she said, confession happens one-on-one, not one-on-three.

“This… maybe he intends to confess to the three of us?”

After hearing Haruka’s question, Maki hesitated for a while, and then come up with such an answer.

But this time, her imagination was too wild that even Haruka and Atsuko couldn’t keep up.

“Confess to the three of us? How is that possible?”

Being in love is a matter of two people. How can it be possible for a person to confess to three people? This is not a harem game, it is simply impossible.

Both Haruka and Atsuko feel it was quite ridiculous, and they really thought Maki was thinking too much.

“No, I think it’s really possible.”

Just when Haruka and Atsuko felt that Maki has too much imagination, the red-haired girl’s expression suddenly became serious. Seeing her shaking her head like this, made her two friends feel very weird.

It was possible?

You’re kidding, right?

If this is the case, wouldn’t Yalin-kun become a scumbag?

“You have to know that the monogamy in our empire has only been implemented in recent decades. It was all polygamous before that.”

“Even now, many big families in the empire still maintain a polygamy system. Although the law does not allow it on the surface, does the law work for those big families?”

“Yalin, you guys also know that even though he looks like ordinary people like us, can ordinary people write lyrics and compose music, become an idol to making a game and start a company? The most important thing is that he is actually pretty good-looking, right? The other boys are inferior to him, right?”

“So I feel that he may be the heir of a big family. Like many novels, he went to our ordinary people’s school to experience life. If that’s the case, isn’t it make sense that he would confess to the three of us?”

Haruka and Atsuko were speechless about Maki’s remarks, but they were not convinced by Maki to refute it but were completely shocked by her brain.

Her words do have some truth, but how can this kind of thing happen in the real world?

“Recently, Maki seems to have read a lot of novels about the love between the rich and noble boy and the commoner Cinderella.”

After a while, Atsuko raised her hand weakly, explaining the real reason for Maki’s abnormality.

She didn’t notice at first, but the more she pondered, the more she felt that she saw such a plot before. After thinking about it, she realized that this is the content of the novel that Maki has read before.

And she also recommended it to her at the time, but unfortunately she was not very interested in that kind of novel, she didn’t read it again after reading one book.

It turned Maki couldn’t even distinguish between reality and novels.

“No no no, although I was indeed influenced by the novel, I can’t deny the possibility of such a thing? What if it’s true?”

Haruka was speechless after hearing Atsuko’s words. But Maki still insisted on her own ideas, feeling that this kind of thing is really possible.

Although it feels very unlikely, as Maki said, what if it is true?

If Yalin-kun really confessed to herself…

Being led by Maki, Haruka and Atsuko’s thoughts are starting to go a little wild. In fact, they can’t help but fantasize. What should they do if Li Yalin really confessed to them?

One must know that behind the school building… that is the confession sacred place of Eiryou High School. So far, it has created many couples, and many schoolboys have been friend-zoned by girls.

So, once the confession event does happen…

Should agree?

Or refuse?

It was a hard choice for them.

Because of Maki’s words, both Haruka and Atsuko were in a trance. Only come to their senses after they arrived and saw Li Yalin who had been waiting there.

No… it should be said that they have subconsciously blushed and losing their head, and can’t even look at Li Yalin in the eyes.

What will happen next?

Well, no matter how conflicted these girls are, the confession event will definitely not happen. Li Yalin is just going to give them food from beginning to end.

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