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“Oh, you guys are here, why so slow?”

Li Yalin, who didn’t know what happened between the three girls, smiled and greet them. He had just sent Uomi and the others food, being appreciated by the girls made him feel full of accomplishment.

Apart from anything else, in terms of cooking alone, he is about to become the man standing at the top of the world.

With such a craft, why worry about having girls that he can’t capture?

Of course, it’s still a bit early for worrying about capturing a girl to date. He still has to have a good relationship with everyone right now. Using cooking to conquer the girls’ stomachs is just the first step.

By the way…

What’s wrong with them?

After coming forward to greet them, Li Yalin discovered the weirdness of these three girls. Haruka and Atsuko are shy and afraid to look at him. While Maki, 20% conflicted, 30% looking forward and 50% shy, though he doesn’t know how this feeling was completely passed on him.

What happened to them?

“That… umm…”



Facing Li Yalin’s greetings, the three girls behaved differently, but they all have an amazing thing in common, that is, nervousness!

They usually talk and laugh a lot. Why are they nervous now?

Li Yalin has a question mark on his face. When he asked them, everyone was shying away from eye contact.

Something weird about him?

What the hell?

“Yesterday I made a lot of food on a whim, and my family couldn’t finish it, so I will bring it here today to share it with you guys. I also want to hear your comments on it.”

Although he didn’t know what was going on, Li Yalin rushed home to appease the Red Queen, and naturally quickly took out the food box he had prepared and handed it to the three girls.

But just after he took out the food box and said the above words, he looked at Haruka and the others, only to find that the expressions of these three girls were completely dazed.


What’s wrong with them again?

Why does it seem like they are completely petrified?


After a while, Maki opened her mouth with a look of disbelief and asked in faltering tones.

“Yes, food, is there anything wrong?”

Li Yalin with a puzzled look on his face, asked subconsciously, he didn’t think he had said something wrong.

“You call us here especially, and it was just for food?”

Unconsciously, Maki’s voice raised a few more pitches.

“That’s right. Ah, don’t worry, I just made a few more dishes, it wasn’t some leftovers, so they are clean. You can eat them with confidence.”

Maki’s reaction made Li Yalin thinks she disliked leftover dishes, so he explained it again. These dishes are also very clean, but they are cold and need to be warmed up at home.

What’s more, these dishes are delicious even if it’s cold. Last night he deliberately chose some dishes that are equally delicious even if they are left for a long time. For example, lou-mei, are all very classic dishes. It’s absolutely first-rate.


“It’s not about whether it’s dirty or not! Give me back my fantasy!”

So, Li Yalin misunderstood from the start, especially when he saw Maki’s expression of disillusion, he was stupified.

Delivering his own food… what does it have to do with your fantasy?

“Actually it’s like this… well, Maki, she… thought you call us to confe… confess, that’s why…”

Finally, Haruka managed to endure the shyness in her heart and explained to Li Yalin. It was just a misunderstanding, and it will create many misunderstandings if it was not cleared.

But even while explaining, Haruka was talking intermittently, and couldn’t even finish it to the end.

They have misunderstood among themselves, and it was just them imagining things. Thinking about it carefully, it is simply stupid.

Why did she believe in Maki’s delusion just now, and really regard this unreliable conjecture as possible?

I’ve shamed myself in front of Yalin-kun!

“Hah? Confession? Me to the three of you?”

Although he got the answer from Haruka, Li Yalin couldn’t help but opened his mouth wide. While Maki at this time, she had recovered from her disillusionment, replaced by sitting while covering her face, not daring to see anyone.

Maki is also a very pure girl. It’s just that she loves fantasizing. Now that her fantasies have been broken, she will of course blush after returning to reality.

“That… actually Maki read a novel…”

Li Yalin finally knew the cause of the misunderstanding after Atsuko’s explanation, which made him even more dumbfounded.

Fantasizing about the love between the rich nobleman and the commoner Cinderella? This is quite an interesting storyline, but it’s a pity that he’s not a wealthy man, so he can only disappoint Maki.

But having said that, although he’s not a wealthy man, he can build a wealthy family from scratch. Not only he have a system, but also have an otherworld behind him, so he had no problem creating his own force.

Think about it carefully, after becoming a rich man, can he be exempt from the legal restrictions of monogamy? This seems to be fine.

The fantasies of opening the harem openly are perhaps not just fantasies?

It seems… it’s possible!

Today’s Maki have reminded Li Yalin, maybe he has found another goal for which he should work hard for.

Of course, it would take a long time to even form a wealthy family.

However, no matter how long it takes, he should work hard for it, right?

“Sorry, Yalin-kun, we misunderstood ourselves.”

Haruka is very shy and softly apologized for their misunderstanding. Since the beginning, Li Yalin who delivered food to everyone was the most innocent one. It’s not fair to be misunderstood by others inexplicably.

However, what Haruka did not expect was that while she wanted to apologize to Li Yalin, when she looked at Li Yalin again, he slightly raised the corner of his mouth, and then shook his head gently.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind even if it weren’t treated as a misunderstanding. Actually, being a rich man is not a bad choice either.


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