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Because of Li Yalin’s words, the three girls Haruka, Maki and Atsuko were dumbfounded because they did not understand the meaning of this sentence at all.

What does he mean by that? Does this mean… Yalin-kun originally had this purpose? Or he’s actually a rich man?

It’s a pity that even if they want to find out the truth, the three of them can’t ask anymore. After all, they are too shy about this kind of thing.

How to ask? Asking Li Yalin to explain it more clearly? Let him explain his identity? Or let him confess that he’s interested in all three of them?

It is impossible to ask this kind of question no matter how one thinks about it!

“Wah, Haruka, you came back so late today. I’m almost starving to death!”

Due to Li Yalin’s full of ambiguities, Haruka was still in a trance when she returned home. If it were not for silly Kana’s complaint, she might not have been able to recover from her trance.


I… have arrived home?

Accompanied by imouto’s complaint, Haruka finally woke up from her trance. Looked around subconsciously, and finally her eyes fell on the lunch box in her hand.

Yalin-kun’s… cooking?

“Kana, Chiaki, I got a good thing today.”

Shaking her head gently, Haruka tried hard to throw out the distracting thoughts in her heart. Her main task now is to take care of her two imoutos. Love was not something she can think of now.

Even if… it’s Yalin-kun…

“Eh? Is this… Chinese food? Looks delicious.”

As Haruka opened the lunch box, Kana couldn’t help but exclaim. Such excellent Chinese cuisine is almost indistinguishable from the cuisine in the hotel. Just looking at it is super appetizing!

“Delicious! Haruka! This is so delicious!”

Tempted by the food in front, Kana couldn’t help stealing a piece of braised pork from the lunch box and impatiently put it in her mouth. The savory deliciousness that came from her lips and teeth made her subconsciously shout.

Kana did not eat less Chinese cuisine, but it was the first time she had tasted such delicious Chinese cuisine in her life.

This kind of taste is almost as good as the delicious bacon she ate last time!

No, in a sense, the foods this time is more delicious!

“Idiot! Don’t steal!”

After Kana just shouted, Chiaki’s heavy kick was hit in her ass. Chiaki will always be so direct for her own rude idiot sister.

“Alright Chiaki, you can try it too. This is a gift from Yalin-kun. It must be delicious.”

Seeing her third sister kicking her second sister to the ground, Haruka’s eyes also showed a helpless look. Such a scene is already unique to the Minami family’s daily life.

She would still reprimand them when she first saw this situation. But now, she has completely ignored it.

Rather than thinking about those, it is better to taste the delicious food in this lunch box like Kana.

After all, that’s what Yalin-kun makes.

“Okay Haruka onee-sama, itadakimasu.”

With her elder sister speaking, Chiaki naturally would not concern herself to Kana. She stood in front of the lunch box with her hands folded and said itadakimasu before she took out a piece of chicken wings and tasted it carefully.

Compared with Kana’s devouring, Chiaki is like a gourmet, carefully relishing the ultimate taste from the taste buds, and at the same time, a pair of eyes has become a thin line.


In the end, Chiaki gave such an evaluation. Li Yalin’s special cooking has completely captured the three sisters of the Minami family!

In all senses, Minami-ke is quite good at eating, especially in the current cuisine, they are even more unlikely to miss it.

But even if it tastes delicious, silly Kana will never be the one to be obedient. After a short while, Haruka almost spits out the food in her mouth because of her words.

“By the way, Haruka, when did you marry that Li Yalin senpai?”


Because of Kana’s words, Haruka is completely dumbfounded. Why would she marry Yalin-kun? Why doesn’t she understand at all?

“Eh? Haven’t you dated yet?”

Kana questioned to a dumbfounded Haruka. And just as Kana spoke, Chiaki on the side also subconsciously stopped eating. Although she did not speak, she quietly paying attention to her older sister Haruka. Obviously, very concerned about her answer.

“Something like dating… how is it possible…”

Haruka blushed and subconsciously waved her hands to deny it.

Although she was not dating Li Yalin, with everything that happened during school today, she was hesitant to deny it.

“You are not dating? Isn’t your relationship very good? I’m really disappointed…”

Silly Kana has never understood people’s moods. Upon hearing Haruka’s denial, her face immediately showed a deep disappointment, as if Haruka didn’t go out with Li Yalin really matter to her.

But Kana was disappointed, but Chiaki keenly discovered the flaws in her Haruka onee-sama, but she still hasn’t spoken yet and is still watching.

“Kana… do you really want me to go out with Yalin-kun?”

The silly girl suddenly raised this topic, causing Haruka’s thoughts to be messed up. She suddenly found it difficult to eat even with such food present. She tried to pick up the food with chopsticks many times but failed. And eventually, she tentatively asked such a question.

“Of course, you know, that Li Yalin senpai cooks are really delicious, right? If he becomes our brother-in-law, wouldn’t we be able to eat this kind of delicacy every day?”

For Haruka’s question, Kana said the answer without hesitation. But her answer made Haruka feel dumbfounded.

Turns out… just because of this?

“You sold your sister just because of the delicious food?”

Haruka suddenly felt that she raised such a big imouto in vain.

Although she knows that her second younger sister has some screw loose in her head, she only knows how unreliable Kana is today.

“No, no, I didn’t mean to say that. Cooking is one aspect, and more importantly, that Li Yalin senpai is very rich, right? With him, our family’s livelihood will not be a problem in the future, right? And he also very handsome, many girls in my class like him, and his personality is also good, otherwise he would not be able to become friends with Haruka. So overall, he must be the best choice to be my brother-in-law.”

Kana must be completely unaware of Haruka’s mood at the moment, but what she said next was another surprise.

Although she’s a silly girl, has to admit that sometimes what she says really makes a little sense.

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