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What kind of person is Li Yalin?

In Haruka’s eyes, he is a gentle and considerate boy. He has good academic performance, is good at basketball, and is versatile. He can write lyrics, compose music, make games, and make his debut as an idol. Although he didn’t talk much with other students in the class, no one has ever said bad things about him.

Such a schoolboy, no doubt, as Kana said, is a very good dating object.

No, it should be said that if she has to pick from the entire Eiryou High School, perhaps she would only choose Yalin-kun.

The only shortcoming he has is that there are too many girls around him. Kohinata senpai is his partner, Uomi student president often spend time with him, Suzukaze Aoba senpai as a third-year student, and Sakura Nene senpai…

Don’t have to look far, just the nearest one. Although she doesn’t show it, Haruka can perceive that whether it is Maki or Atsuko, they actually have a considerable degree of affection for Li Yalin.

If not, everyone won’t feel so conflicted when Maki told them her delusion.

But… in the face of such a Yalin-kun, can she really go out with him?

And did she know the real Yalin-kun?

To be honest, even though Haruka has known Li Yalin for a long time, she can’t guarantee to know him clearly and know everything about him.

Conversely, in Haruka’s eyes, Li Yalin is mysterious in many ways, and she doesn’t know when a surprise that she doesn’t know will suddenly appear.

Just like the scene that happened after school today, Yalin-kun may come from a wealthy family, after all…

Forget it, don’t think about it anymore. Her mind would just become more and more chaotic every time she thought about it

Shaking her head, Haruka forcibly calmed her confusion. But just when she wanted to refocus her attention on the food, Kana suddenly shouted.

“Look! It’s Li Yalin senpai!”

Accompanied by Kana’s shouts, Haruka and Chiaki also turned their heads in the direction of her fingers. They saw on the TV of the living room was now playing Li Yalin group’s singing on the selection finals.

When the screen on the selection event flashed, the recording footage of the Li Yalin group’s participation in the TV show appeared. It turned out that this was a preview of the prank show, which had actually been broadcast on the TV station.

It was precisely because of this program trailer that Minami-ke’s mind was all attracted. Until the trailer was over and a big letter Coming Soon on the TV screen appeared, the three sisters finally came back to their senses and let out a sigh.

“So amazing! They are on TV!”

The production of the program trailer is very exceptional, and naturally it can also arouse the expectations of the audience, then Kana’s amazement was a matter of course.

Although she already knows that Li Yalin’s has debuted as a school idol, for them to truly feature on TV and become the characters on the screen, at this moment, she really feels in her heart.

It turns out there really a famous star around her.

“Yeah… Yalin-kun, he’s… really good.”

Hearing Kana’s sigh, Haruka couldn’t help whispering to the side. The mood that had just calmed down actually began to mess up again.

Really… it’s really hard not to think about it.

Thinking of this, Haruka sighed slightly. And Chiaki, who had a panoramic view of this scene beside her, still did not make any comments, making it impossible to know what she was thinking at the moment.

The above is the daily routine of the Minami family today, so at the same moment in the daily routine of the 3 sisters, what is Li Yalin doing as the protagonist?

Changing the scene. Li Yalin currently has his mouth open while looking at the otherworld restaurant’s new guests with the girls around him.

Yes, the otherworld restaurant has welcomed new guests again in a short period of time. But this time the new guests are different. Her appearance has greatly shocked everyone.

I want to ask why…

Fuck! Why doesn’t this elves girl with beautiful black hair wear clothes!

Li Yalin was roaring in his heart.

Is there streaking custom in the culture of the otherworld?

The purpose of rushing home clearly today was to please Red Queen, but before he could see Red Queen, what awaited him was a new customer without clothes.

Facing such a customer, what kind of expression should Li Yalin show better?

Sure enough, he should turn his head quickly and pretend not to see anything, right?

After staring for a while, Li Yalin turned his head back decisively, while the girls around him made exclamations of varying sizes.

No way, the appearance of a beautiful elf sister who is not wearing clothes will undoubtedly have a huge impact on them, and some shy ones, such as Makoto, have directly covered her face with her hands.

The slightly bolder ones, such as Cocoa, while covering her face with her hands, there’s a crack in her fingers, her big eyes are staring at the other person’s body.

What the hell!

This is the first time since the otherworld restaurant’s opening that it become such a complete mess. All this is brought by the naked guest!


Be calm, everyone!

“Akane-ne! Hurry up and get a piece of clothing for that guest!”

Turning his head, Li Yalin could no longer see the situation behind him. In this case, he could only ask Kowata Akane to take action. She’s the most resistant to this kind of thing since she’s the oldest in this group of girls.

“Okay, leave it to me.”

After hearing Li Yalin’s words, Kowata Akane almost laughed out loud. She is different from those young and inexperienced little girls. Not to mention that the girl standing in front of her is an undressed girl, she would not bat an eye even if it was a man without clothes.

No, she still has actions, such as kicking that man with one foot. Don’t underestimate the sturdiness of the witch Kowata Akane.

However, it must be treated differently since it is a girl. Such as quickly fetch out clothes, at least help her to cover her body and calm the commotion in the store.

However, just as Kowata Akane took out the clothes with a funny face, trying to cover the body for the new guest, a black whirlwind suddenly blew around the black-haired naked elf girl and enclose her body completely.

It is precisely because of the appearance of this black whirlwind that the expressions of Li Yalin and Kowata Akane have become frozen, because they can clearly feel how powerful magic power is contained in this black whirlwind.

That is…

This black-haired elf girl without clothes is definitely not a simple character!

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