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With the disappearance of the black whirlwind, the black-haired elves girl has already put on a set of black clothes that are very similar to Chino and Cocoa. From this point of view, she condensed a black wind of very powerful magic power just to create this piece of clothing?

No… to be able to do this with magic power alone, who the hell is this girl?

『This… is the otherworld restaurant?』

Before Li Yalin and Kowata Akane can figure out the situation, suddenly, a cold voice appeared in everyone’s mind. It was clearly a voice that the ears did not hear, but the thought can clearly convey the meaning.

Is this… spiritual telepathy?

Although he hasn’t really seen it before, it is not difficult to guess, but what really concerns him right now is not the spiritual telepathy itself.

“Yes, this is the otherworld restaurant, welcome.”

This woman… how did she know that this is the otherworld restaurant?

Li Yalin, who turned around and greeted her with a smile, couldn’t help but raise such doubts in his heart.

There are only a few people who know this otherworld restaurant, combined with her pointed elves ears, is it… Fardania?

Did she arrive through the otherworld gate in Siena Forest?

During the recent period, Fardania has not come over too frequently. According to her, several Wood Elf villages around her home have recently held celebrations. And as a well-known chef, she is naturally among the ranks of invitations.

She intends to use this as an opportunity to verify her craft during the celebration. So she has been making preparations recently, and sincerely invites Li Yalin to participate in the celebration.

Li Yalin is certainly interested in Wood Elf’s celebration, but participating as an outsider is still needs to be discussed, so he didn’t agree immediately. Anyway, there is still some time before the celebration, so wait until then.

But now, does the emergence of this black-haired elf with powerful magic power have anything to do with this matter?

“Yo, are you surprised, or pleasantly surprised?”

Just as Li Yalin’s mind was thinking hard, and was still secretly in an alert. Once this black-haired elf girl tried to do any wrongdoing, he would kick her away immediately. With the doorbell ringing again, Red Queen’s familiar voice also reached everyone’s ears.

Queen is so late today?


What did she mean by pleasant surprise?

Usually, Red Queen will always be the first customer after opening the store, as if she has nothing to do every day, and just waiting at the door of the otherworld gate for the store to open.

But unfortunately, after something like that happened yesterday, she was late again today. So inevitably, this made Li Yalin couldn’t help but mumble.

Now, the sudden event made him can’t understand what’s going on.

Can anyone explain?

“Being pleasantly surprised or something… Queen, do you know that guest?”

Although the unexpected arrival of the Red Queen is very surprising, Li Yalin’s brains are not slow. With a flash, another thought came into his mind.

Although she looks like an elf, who said that the one with pointed ears must be an elf?

The most important thing is that through her majestic and terrifying magic power, it seems that her identity is not difficult to guess.

When making a bold assumption, she might…

“Of course, we are partners fighting together. Don’t you think, Black?”

As predicted!

With the hearty laughter of Red Queen, the identity of the black-haired elf girl was finally revealed.

She is the Black Dragon God who is in charge of death and darkness, and she also has the name of the Goddess of Darkness in the otherworld!

According to legend, among the 6 pillars of Dragon God, Black Dragon God’s power is the weakest. But in the same way, her power is also the most terrifying. The reason is that there is only endless death and darkness that accompanies her.

There are also rumors that the Goddess of Darkness, that is, the Black Dragon God and White Dragon God complement each other strengths, the two gods are tied together. So in the mortal world, there’s a statement that the Goddess of Darkness is the wife of the White Dragon God.

However, whether this rumor is true or not, Li Yalin feels that it needs further research. After all, the White Dragon God he saw with his own eyes is a girl, and he also received a kiss from her. If she was the Black Dragon God husband, did he just…

Nonsense! They are all girls, it would be just lilies if they are in some kind of relationship. They can’t be married couples!

The legend is wrong!

With the reveal of the Black Dragon God identity, Li Yalin couldn’t help but feel restless. She is the famous god of death, and God knows what her arrival will bring.

This is all because the imperial princess Adelheid talk about otherworld myths and legends when she was chatting with his girls yesterday, which caused Li Yalin to be quite interested, and heard a lot of things.

Now just after listening to the legend, he saw the legend itself. What is this? Will Dragon God have a meeting?

You guys are the 6 pillar Dragon God guarding the otherworld! Existence in the legend! Don’t show up to my house so casually, okay!

Li Yalin can’t stop tsukoming in his heart. However, when looking closely at the Black Dragon God, her character when she uses telepathy to converse, it feels so desolate.

Facing the enthusiastic Red Queen, Black Dragon God neither agreed nor refuted, but instead looked around the store, as if observing the surrounding scenery.

What is this? A kuudere girl?

She does fit with this setting.

“Tell me Queen, can you explain what the hell is going on?”

Just saw a White Dragon God yesterday, and Black Dragon God appeared today. To say that the initiator of all this must be the Red Queen. At least Li Yalin can clearly determine this.

So, should Queen be asked to answer everyone’s questions?

My dear Queen?

“What do you mean? I’m bringing my companions to boost your sales, okay? It’s obviously such a deserted store, so I just wanted to give you more customers?”

After a day, Red Queen seemed to have returned to the usual foodie queen. At least her current state was the same as usual, she waved her hand and said such words very freely.

It’s just… increase the number of customers in the deserted shop was a good idea, but is it really okay that you suddenly brought a Black Dragon God?

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