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Why did Red Queen drag the Black Dragon God to the otherworld restaurant? Li Yalin really wanted to know about this, so while the kuudere Dragon God was observing the environment in the store, he also hastily pulled Red Queen to the unmanned corner.

He must let her explain clearly today, otherwise, he will definitely not feel relieved!

The legend of the Black Dragon God circulating in the otherworld is too terrifying. He doesn’t want to bring death and darkness to his home!

If this is Red Queen’s way of ‘retaliation’, then even if he has to offend Queen, he must show the kuudere Dragon God the door!

Even if… that Black Dragon God is really pretty.

“You… I told you that don’t always believe those boring legends. Don’t you know that ninety percent of legend was fabricated?”

Feeling Li Yalin’s urgency, Red Queen suddenly burst into laughter. Maybe she thought that his worry is really funny.

And this made Li Yalin helpless.

Is this really the time to laugh?

“Even if only 10% is true, I would rather be on the safe side.”

Unlike the Red Dragon God who smiles happily, Li Yalin’s expression is really serious. In fact, he is ready to expel the guest.

“All right, I won’t tease you. You take things too seriously, do you think I will harm you?”

Seeing Li Yalin’s expression really serious, Red Queen finally withdrew her smile, and then shook her head slightly.

In the following, she also explained in more detail for Li Yalin, the real reason for dragging the Black Dragon God.

It all started with her eating a large portion of the forbidden dish.

The screen went back a few days ago.

Finally, she had the opportunity to eat an all-you-can-eat forbidden dish. Once Red Queen returned to her territory, she naturally couldn’t stop enjoying it. The consequence of eating too much forbidden dish was that her power began to swell, made her have to vent her power so as not to feel suffocated.

But venting power in one’s own territory is undoubtedly a very stupid choice. So in the end, the Red Queen in the shape of a dragon flew straight to the sky, crossed the atmosphere, and came to the outer space of the otherworld planet to vent her power.

However, even in outer space, it is not without creatures. No, it was more of a god than a creature.

Because just above the moon, there is a guardian Dragon God called the goddess of darkness by mortals – Black!

The relationship between Red and Black couldn’t be said to be good, but it is definitely not bad. Although they didn’t meet much, she needs to greet her since they have met, and Black Dragon God is also curious about the power of the Red Queen. After all, as a guardian Dragon God, this situation is obviously not common.

Ever since, Black Dragon God learned of the existence of the otherworld restaurant from Red Queen, and at the same time became interested in this restaurant from the otherworld.

Although… it’s just a little bit of interest.

After talking about the otherworld restaurant for a while, and her power has been vented completely, Red Queen did not stay in the Black Dragon God site for a long time.

Moon was known to be uninhabited, and there is nothing else except the ringing craters, which feels desolate.

Only Black Dragon God can live for a long time here. Even Red Queen can’t stand this place.

Originally, the encounter between the two Great Dragon Gods was nothing more than an accident, but who would have thought that White Dragon God unexpectedly appeared, and she actually wants to compete with Queen.

Of course the hot-tempered Red Queen can’t tolerate this!

That night, after flying away from the Imperial City palace, she goes straight to the moon. And together with the Black Dragon God, using the divine power of the two Great Dragon Gods, she abruptly summoned an otherworld gate, just above the uninhabited moon.

With this otherworld gate, Black Dragon God can come to the otherworld restaurant and appear in front of Li Yalin, And why Red Queen would go to such great lengths, the reason is very simple.

She alone is very difficult to deal with the White Dragon God. Not that she can’t beat her, but that the woman is too cunning, and she can’t fight her in IQ.

Red Dragon God’s force value was at the top of the 6 pillar Dragon God, but IQ… is the absolute reverse.

It’s not that Red Queen is stupid, but that Dragon God is too shrewd and cunning. Yup, this needs to be underlined. Otherwise, Queen’s dragon’s breath could kill!

Back to the topic just now, who is the smartest among the 6 pillars Dragon God?

Although it is a bit surprising, it was actually Black Dragon God. Despite her appearing like some kuudere girl, but if it’s about IQ, none of the three can compare to her.

Of course, Red Queen will never admit this, and this also needs to be highlighted.

All in all, with the help of Black Dragon God, Red Queen will no longer be afraid of White Dragon God’s ‘conspiracy’. At least she is confident that with Black, White will definitely not be able to steal Li Yalin.

It’s just… is it really as she thought?

“Queen… I said, did you think too much? My relationship with White is just a cooperative relationship. We have a common idea at best, to revive the world you guard. What does it have to do with stealing?”

Li Yalin was dumbfounded after Red Queen finished speaking.

The hell? Forming a gang in order to win him?

There is a Dragon God who is jealous, even if it is just because of his cooking skills, shouldn’t he be a little proud of it?

No… he can’t feel proud at all!

Honestly, it relieves him a lot that Red Queen did not continue to be angry about what happened yesterday. But in order to compete with White, she boldly found such a terrifying Black Dragon God. How can he be fine with it?

It is true that even if the Black Dragon God is the wisest Dragon God among the 6 pillars, she should not be against him if he did not offend her. But the problem is that the Black Dragon God has the power of death resides in her body, can he really serve her?

Red Queen comes back with an ally, or did he get himself dynamite? Which may explode at any time…

This matter really gives him a headache.

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