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Why does Red Queen say that Black Dragon God is pitiful?

This is of course for a reason.

As said before, the power of Black Dragon God is the weakest among the 6 pillars of Dragon God, but it is also the most terrifying. Because the power in her body is the power of death, which will only bring death and silence to all creatures.

However, having this power is not Black Dragon God’s original intention. In fact, she doesn’t like the feeling of death, and she doesn’t want to see life dissipated because of her power.

It is precisely because of this kindness that the Black Dragon God flies away from the other world and heads to the so-called end of the world alone, which is the uninhabited moon and survives alone for tens of thousands of years.

She endured loneliness and solitude alone on the moon and has survived to this day.

Can’t such a situation be described as pitiful?

One must know, even Chang’e who lives in the Guanghan Palace is accompanied by a jade rabbit, but Black Dragon God has been alone for tens of thousands of years…

It’s no wonder that she was this expressionless. She hasn’t seen people for tens of thousands of years, it’s a strange thing to have an expression.

After hearing all this from Red Queen, Li Yalin couldn’t help but send out such emotions, so at the same time, the tasks given by the system are not surprising.

Main task: Cooking save otherworld, 6 pillar capture (2).
Task content: Take out the most delicious dishes and let Black Dragon God feel what delicious happiness is.
Task reward: Special recipe-boiled pork slices (luminous version).
Task tips: Black Dragon God seems to like spicy dishes. Such an obvious reminder is undoubtedly the task of sending points. Please work hard to complete it.

6 pillar capture part two?

Well, now that the task is here, let himself do his best and let the Black Dragon God enjoy the happiness brought by cooking!

Whether it’s because of the system task or the emotion brought by Red Queen’s words, Li Yalin has decided that he must show his skills today and let the Black Dragon God enjoy a delicious meal.

As for the direction of cooking, isn’t it clear from the system? Spicy food, isn’t it easy?

Among the eight major cuisines of Chinese cuisine, Li Yalin’s first choice is undoubtedly Sichuan cuisine and Hunan cuisine. Then choose suitable dishes from these two cuisines. Isn’t it easy to satisfy Black Dragon God?

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

The conversation with Red Queen took a lot of time. When he came to Black Dragon God again, the dark goddess had already seen the store environment and found a chair to sit down.

And not far from her, the girls at home are looking curiously. Originally, Cocoa wanted to come forward and talk, but due to the terrifying magic power exuding from Black Dragon God, she was held tightly by Kowata Akane.

Before everything becomes clear, even if Kowata Akane is carefree, she wouldn’t let Cocoa take risks.

So the new customers in this store can only be left alone.

At this time, it is natural that Li Yalin can only come forward to entertain her.

『It’s ok.』

Perhaps because of living alone for too long, this Black Dragon God seems to be not good at talking. Even when facing Li Yalin standing in front of her, she still uses spiritual telepathy to pass her words to Li Yalin’s mind.

But at the same time as she conveyed the spiritual telepathy, her head shook gently. Although the amplitude was not large, she still moved.

“The situation of this otherworld restaurant, I think the queen… cough, Red has already told you about, then… welcome to our shop, Black Dragon God.”

At this moment, face-to-face communication with Black Dragon God, Li Yalin has already abandoned his previous fear. Perhaps because of the words of Red Queen just now, anyway, he has an inexplicable feeling for the Dragon God in front of him.

So… should it be called sympathy?

That’s probably it.

『Thank you.』

Really deserves to be the Black Dragon God, the words are really concise and comprehensive. Is she reluctant to talk nonsense, or are not good at communicating?

Well, now is not the time to think about this issue.

“Black Dragon God is here for the first time. I think I will make some good dishes and let you have a taste?”

『Okay, trouble you. 』

“Um… then I’m going to cook.”

It seems… really difficult to communicate.

As far as Li Yalin is concerned, he is not good at dealing with people like Black Dragon God. It feels like the conversation will stop when they talk, this feeling is really uncomfortable.

However, he also understands the other party’s situation, so there is no need to worry about it. What’s more, the main task at the moment is to cook and let Black Dragon God feel the delicious happiness, so he turned around after the conversation.


Just as Li Yalin turned around, before he take a step, he stopped very suddenly, and turned around again. And didn’t expect it himself that he would blur out the thoughts in his heart.

“Can I just call you Black from now on?”

Except for the 6 pillar Dragon God, no one would have the courage to call the name of the goddess of darkness directly.

But Li Yalin didn’t know why either. After getting rid of his fear of the Black Dragon God, such an idea suddenly appeared in his heart.

He didn’t even know why such an idea appeared again, but he had already spoken, and it was too late to take it back.

No, it should be said that he has no intention of taking back this sentence at all.

Because he had a hunch, Black Dragon God wouldn’t mind being called directly.

『Sure. 』

Sure enough, just as Li Yalin thought, Black Dragon God doesn’t mind being called directly by Li Yalin. Although there is no joy and sadness on her face, and her voice is as calm as ever, she simply response back.

Unlike Red Queen and White Dragon God, Li Yalin took the initiative to call her Black directly this time, because this is what he thinks in his heart.

And just after getting Black response, a smile appeared on his face.

Although it was the Dragon God who brought death, it was unexpectedly cute.

The expressionless Dragon God, the wisest Dragon God, the most compassionate Dragon God with the power of death.

Black, I am very happy to meet you here. I also hope that my cooking can bring you happiness!

Then! With this goal, start working hard!

Today, he has to show his skills!

Li Yalin’s current mood is inexplicably at ease, so next, he has to show all his strength!

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