Cafe 36

Ujimatsu Chiya, a 15 years old girl who is a freshman at Ousai Academy just like Cocoa.

It is very worth mentioning that Chiya and Cocoa met outside the school. After they became friends, they discovered that the two is actually classmates. This made people wonder how wonderful the fate was.

It come as no surprise that Cocoa will bring Chiya back to Rabbit House.

Chiya has a gentle personality and can win the favor of others. Naturally, it is also easy to integrate into this small group.

In fact, a few girls soon smiled and laughs together, the atmosphere was very harmonious.

It’s a pity that everyone didn’t talk to Chiya for too long, because the girls get more busy as the shop had more and more customers.

It is no wonder that in the past Li Yalin’s performances were basically in the daytime, and the the highest peak of traffic is from noon to afternoon. However, because of the upcoming school, Li Yalin discussed with the girls and decided to postpone the performance until 4 pm to 6 pm.

This news was posted to the store posters and customers are also aware of it so there are not many customers during the day.

But now when the performance is about to begin, customers are constantly appearing in the store, which shows how great Li Yalin’s piano appeal is.

“The business in this shop… looks great… “

Chiya’s home also opened a store. Though her home is not selling coffee but a Japanese-style pastry house, she usually busy attending it alone.

It was the first time she saw three or four people working together like now, and she couldn’t help but marvel at it.

Clearly this is just an ordinary coffee shop, how can it attract so many customers?

Is the coffee here that delicious?

“It’s about to start, Yalin senpai’s.”

As Chiya marveled, Cocoa with a dinner plate in her hand passed by her and spoke such a word softly.

Going to start?

That Yalin senpai?

As the only male in the store, Li Yalin will of course be noticed by Chiya. But he did not intend to get involved in the topic of girls, so he simply stood aside as an audience.

So in Chiya’s impression, Li Yalin is a senpai who looks handsome but a little reserved.

So this senpai… what’s he going to do?

Chiya’s question was quickly answered.

When Li Yalin walked to the piano at the counter side, the store suddenly burst into thunderous applause. But just as his hands rested on the keys, the entire Rabbit House suddenly become so quiet.

As the melodious piano sounded, the guests quickly fell into a dream-like music hall composed of Li Yalin’s hands.

And this is also a great shock to the newcomer Chiya.

Such a beautiful sound… was performed by Yalin senpai?

This… this is so pleasant to hear!

Nothing unexpected, Li Yalin had a little fan after the song ended. Li Yalin actually feel a bit a smug when he saw Chiya’s adoring expression.

The most effective way to hook up with girls is with musical instrument. From all angles this is not wrong.

“It’s finally over… “

Rabbit House closing time is at 7 pm, which has been discussed by Li Yalin and Chino before. After all, everyone is still a student and it would be counterproductive to sacrifice more time to make money.

But even so, Cocoa still slumped on the table softly after the busy work, her physical strength is really bad.

Should she exercise?

“Are you tired Cocoa? Go upstairs to rest first if you are too tired. For dinner, wait for us to bring them back for you.”

After sighing, Li Yalin couldn’t force her to go out for dinner looking at her weak appearance.

In his opinion, he could bring some back for Cocoa to eat. Anyway, it just a Teppanyaki meal.

What he didn’t expect was that after he just spoke, Cocoa suddenly stood up as if she was greatly stimulated. With her eyes that begun to shine!

“Not tired! I’m not tired at all! Let’s eat Teppanyaki! Let’s go now!”

Regarding going to eat Teppanyaki at night, Li Yalin told everyone in his spare time that Cocoa expressed great expectations at the time, but it was far less exaggerated than now.

Is it because the work is too tiring, so the appetite is also rising?

Seeing a gleam of light flowing down the corner of Cocoa’s mouth, Li Yalin couldn’t help but shook his head.

“Set off!”

In this way, under Li Yalin leadership, a few girls walk to the nearby Teppanyaki shop with a smile.

At dinner, everyone had a very pleasant meal. The only pity was that Chiya, Cocoa’s new friend can’t come with them.

It was not that Li Yalin did not invite her but she needs to look after the pastry shop at home. So can only invite her again later, it’s still a pity though.

After the end of this pleasant dinner, Li Yalin encounter finally began in the next day and at the same time it also made him very entangled in his high school life…

Standing at the entrance of Eiryou High School and looking at the school sign board in front, Li Yalin couldn’t help but sigh.

Although he have already prepared for it, he have reported to sensei his status as a newly transfer student yesterday and also participated in the entrance ceremony but it still makes him feel awkward!

“Student over there, why did you keep standing in front of the school gate?”

As Li Yalin sighed, a voice suddenly came from behind that makes him turn around in a hurry.

No way, the voice is too close to him, as if said to his ear.

What the most important is, it’s a girl’s voice!

What does this mean?

It’s simple – A girl standing behind him and absolutely no more than half a meter away from him!

What’s this situation?

“Uomi… student president?”

Turning back, Li Yalin’s eyes catches an expresionless exquisite face and also not an unfamiliar face.

Yes, just yesterday, he saw the owner of this face, because she was the Eiryou High School students president Uomi Chihiro who had spoken in front of the stage!

“Ah, you knows me, but…I have never seen you before, are you a new student?”

Recognized by Li Yalin, Uomi slightly showed a surprised expression. But after being surprised, she leaned forward to look at Li Yalin carefully.

In such a situation, how should he tsukomi?

Facing Uomi student president’s scrutinize look, Li Yalin scratched his head somewhat awkwardly.

He always feel that if this situation continue, things will become more troublesome.

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