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How to entertain this Black Dragon God from the moon, Li Yalin’s mind has already laid out a draft work. Spicy food should not be that difficult.

But no matter how simple it is, he has put his full effort to cook a table of spicy, fragrant dishes with his expert-level Chinese cuisine option ability.

It can be said that this is his most proud masterpiece so far. This kind of delicacies, even the special recipes he has obtained before, may be slightly inferior. The scent that fills the air has already let everyone salivating!

“It smells great… and it looks so spicy, I really want to taste it…”

“Although it’s spicy, it doesn’t choke my nose. How does onii-chan do it?”

Li Yalin had never cooked such a full spicy feast before. Seeing such a dish for the first time, the girls hiding behind were all whispering.

However, although it looks very spicy, it looks really delicious.

“You… are too partial!”

Compared to the girls who secretly chatting in the dark, Red Queen is undoubtedly more fearless. After the food was served, she couldn’t help but taste it. But her expression immediately changed color after tasting it.

This kind of spicy cuisine also won her heart, and she felt that the hot taste almost made her whole body burn.

That is a scorching power that can ignite her original power!

This is the essence of spicy cuisine!

But more so because of this, the more uncomfortable Red Queen will be. Because she deeply felt that all the dishes she had eaten today were comparable to the delicious braised beef.

Originally, in her impression, the first-class delicacy is the taboo braised beef, the second-class is braised beef, and the rest of the dishes are in the third-class.

Most of the dishes Li Yalin makes are third-class, so she is very proud to be able to eat braised beef that is second only to the first-class delicacies, no… it should be said that she feels that only she can enjoy the real delicacy that Li Yalin produces.

But now, this table full of spicy flavors is not inferior to her favorite braised beef. Red Queen who noticed this, how could she not feel frustrated?

Did he come up with such dishes because Black came?

Then what did she feel proud before for?

“No, no, it’s not that I’m partial, but that I had a breakthrough in cooking skills yesterday, so it can produce this kind of taste.

“The braised beef for Red will definitely be more delicious in the future, I promise!”

Red Queen looks changed, Li Yalin immediately reacted and quickly explain. He didn’t want to see the jealous Queen again.

Ordinary girls can be coaxed when they are jealous, but Queen is jealous, that’s terrible!

“Breakthrough in craftsmanship? Will braised beef be more delicious?”

Fortunately, Li Yalin’s explanation was timely and finally calmed Red Queen before her jealousy erupted. But because of this, Queen’s eyes flashed with a gleam of light. She was obviously attracted by his words.

But soon, Queen’s expression began to get tangled again. Will the more delicious braised beef reach the level of a forbidden dish?

Meanwhile, will the taste of forbidden dishes become more amazing, how powerful will the power of increase be?

If this continues, will she really be unable to enjoy the delicious forbidden dish in the future?

This… is really painful and happy news.

“It will definitely be more delicious.”

Li Yalin didn’t pay much attention to Red Queen’s entanglement. Seeing that she had been attracted by the food, his gaze quickly shifted to Black.

Compared to Queen, Black is the main character today.

Can this spicy feast on the table satisfy her taste buds and make her feel delicious happiness?

Well, looking at her silent eating state, it says everything.

What is happiness?

For Black, she is not very clear about this feeling. It is better to say that she has not had any emotions since her birth.

No, it is not correct to say that there is no emotion at all.

When life was dissipated due to the power of her death, she once had a sad feeling in her heart. That feeling made her very uncomfortable, so she didn’t want to have that feeling again. This is why she would choose to live alone on the moon, with extreme cold altitude.

However, just today, eating this table full of hot and spicy food made a burning feeling rise in her cold heart.

Different from the sadness of the passing away of life, this hot feeling almost embraces her whole body!

What kind of feelings is this?

Black doesn’t know what kind of feelings are coming out of her body, but one thing she can be sure of is that she likes this feeling, and even more likes every dish on the table!

Is this the food that Red can’t forget?

It turns out that food can be so delicious, that people didn’t wish to stop?

For a long time, Black’s wisdom is reflected in her own calmness, because she can think indifferently at any time. But only today, she doesn’t want to think about any problems. Right now, she just wants to eat everything in front of her!

Spoon after spoonful, Black can’t stop at all!

This is the charm of food. Under this food, another Dragon God of the otherworld guardian has become a captive of the ultimate delicacies!

By the way… should Li Yalin be happy about this?

Yes, he should not only be happy, but he can also be proud of it. Because just as Black was eating the food on the table, the system had already sent a message that the task was completed.

The special recipe -the luminous version of boiled pork slices is available!

6 pillar capture part two -success!

In other words, Black has already experienced the happiness brought by delicious food. So next, should he continue to show his skills and completely capture her body and mind?

It feels like this is really possible!

So, let this spicy feast continue!

Just got the boiled pork slices, let see its true power!

Turning to the kitchen again, the corners of Li Yalin’s mouth were already arching. And at this moment, he even had a thought.

Now that the second part of the 6 pillar capture has been completed, then simply capture all 6 pillars Dragon God in turn.

Anyway… this is not very difficult, is it?

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