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Using food to capture all otherworld Dragon God is just a passing thought of Li Yalin. Even if he has already seen three of them, he may not be able to see the other three again. They are Dragon God, how could it be so easy to see them.

In fact, even the meeting between Red and Black is also a reunion after tens of thousands of years. It is so difficult to see between Dragon God. He is an ordinary person, so how could he have so many opportunities to see all Dragons God.

So, just think about it. The real focus is to capture Red and Black with delicious food.

It’s quite natural. With the addition of the expert level option, the two special recipes of braised beef and boiled pork have been amazingly effective, and they have directly become the favorites of the two Dragon Gods. Especially Black, there was an amazing sense of happiness on her expressionless face, apparently she was completely immersed in the charm of food.

It is foreseeable that after Red Queen, the otherworld restaurant will add another regular customer every day.

“Black, do you like the food here? Isn’t it delicious?”

After feasting, Red Queen patted her belly very contentedly and happily. Today’s meal was extremely enjoyable for her, almost comparable to the time when she enjoyed taboo recipes.

The most important thing is that after enjoying this meal, she doesn’t have to worry about the surge in strength like after eating the taboo recipe, which naturally makes her happy.

But after enjoying the perfect meal, this Queen does not like to be silent. She saw Black with a smile and kindly asked her such a question.

This question… there is a problem!

As far as Li Yalin is concerned, he is already familiar with Red Queen, and because of this, he knows better that the Queen definitely does not have any good intentions.

What does she want to do?

Red Queen’s performance made Li Yalin frown, but looking at Black, she seemed to have not noticed the other party’s bad intentions, and she just nodded faintly.

Although she didn’t speak, she already answered Queen with gestures.

As she said, the food here is really delicious.

“Then Black, do you know that in the human world, you need to pay for food?”

Seeing Black nodded, the smile on Red Queen’s face increased, and then she spoke and continued to ask questions to the expressionless Black.

Hearing this question, Black hesitated for a moment, then glanced at Li Yalin, then nodded again.

Although it’s not very clear, it should be the rules of human beings. Even if she live alone for tens of thousands of years, the wisdom of Black Dragon God cannot be underestimated.

“So… do you have money to pay?”

At this moment, Red Queen’s sinister intentions have been fully revealed!

Knowing that she didn’t have a good intention, she actually bringing up the money issue at this point. What does she want? Is she going to embarrass Black?

Even if she lived alone on the moon for tens of thousands of years, how could a guardian Dragon God be short of money for food?

In many legends, the dragon is a very greedy creature. They love gold coins and shiny things. Although Li Yalin doesn’t know whether this legend is true or false, Red Queen definitely loves gold coins.

According to her statement, she lives on a golden mountain made up of gold coins, which shows how terrifying her obsession with gold is.

In comparison, no matter how poor the other Dragon Gods are, they will definitely not be out of cash, right? So why does Red Queen laugh so insidiously?

Although Li Yalin thought so in his mind, the reality is not as he expected. Because he actually saw Black slightly shake her head after a moment of silence.


The legendary Black Dragon God can’t even pay for a meal?

Well, Li Yalin is completely in confusion.

By the way… Red Queen will definitely not mention this for no reason. Is it possible that her purpose for doing this is to imply something to him?

In other words, she is creating opportunities for him, intending to let him stand up at this critical moment to get the favor of Black?

Is it really possible to get the favor of Black Dragon God with such superficiality?

Although he wasn’t sure, Li Yalin still intends to give it a try. But this time he understood Red Queen’s intentions wrong again. Because just before he could even speak, he saw Queen give him a look, letting him sat back in his place again.

Damn it, Queen’s ferocious eyes made it clear that he should stop with what he was going to do, but what did she mean by doing this?

The doubts in Li Yalin’s mind did not last long, because soon, Red Queen spoke again, and made her intentions clear.

“I can pay for you once, but… Black, you can’t come here only once and never come again, right?”

“I can pay for you this time, but you can’t expect me to pay for you all the time, right?”

“According to human rules, you can’t just eat without paying. So I have a good idea for you.”

“Why don’t you work at this otherworld restaurant? This way you can earn money for meals, and you can also eat delicious food every day.”

Good God, it turns out that Red Queen had this idea from the beginning. In fact, she did not just want to form an alliance with her to fight the White Dragon God when she dragged Black. She actually planned to let Black be stationed in the otherworld restaurant!

This is not surprising as Red Queen can’t stay in this restaurant all the time. And with Wilhelm’s group, the existence of the otherworld gate is definitely not hidden to White. If one day White took advantage of her absence and come to this otherworld restaurant, everything would be too late.

Therefore, she needs a person who can fight White Dragon God to stay for a long time and help her guard against the opponent. Then undoubtedly, Black has become the best candidate.

So from the beginning, her purpose was only this one, and even Li Yalin could not see through it. The original courageous Red Queen could even show such a mind.

Luckily she could think of a good way.

So, Red Queen’s intentions have been fully stated, so what will Black’s reaction be?

Will she really agree to Red Queen?

Well, she actually agreed!

With Black nods, Red Queen’s eyebrows suddenly stretched out. Her plan was a big success! From today, she no longer has to worry about that fellow White coming over and making trouble!

But… Will Queen’s plan really go so smoothly?

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