Cafe 362

To be honest, Black agreed to Red Queen stationed at the otherworld restaurant, and working in this small shop was indeed far beyond Li Yalin’s expectations.

But this didn’t sit well with him.

Damn, this is my shop. You guys decide things on your own, have you guys asked me what I think?

Although Black is a beautiful girl, whether her black long hair or her being kuudere, they are all very attractive moe attributes, but you guys can’t decide things without authorization!

I’m the store manager!

I have the final say whether or not to let Black stay!

With this in mind, Li Yalin subconsciously wanted to stand up and express his opinion. This time, no matter how strong Red Queen is, as a man, he has to step forward without any fear!

However, just when Li Yalin wanted to express his opinion, Black unexpectedly opened her mouth.

Oh right, speaking is just an adjective, in fact she just passes her thoughts to everyone’s mind.

『Since I stay here to work, I should live here, right? 』

“What? Live? No! I mean, you only need to come to work when the otherworld gate is open, and leave when the door is closed. Staying here is completely unnecessary!”

Red Queen suddenly panicked after hearing Black’s words. She just wanted to leave Black to guard against White Dragon God and didn’t plan to let her live in this otherworld.

One must know that Black’s identity is the guardian Dragon God of their world. Once she leaves for a long time, God knows what disturbance it will cause to the otherworld.

And the most important thing is that, without knowing why, she suddenly had a hunch in her heart. She felt that the threat of letting Black staying was far greater than that of White Dragon God.

Although knowing that Black should not become a threat to herself, and it is even less possible to snatch Li Yalin away, she has such a sense of crisis in her heart!

So in any case, she must let Black give up the idea of ​​staying in the otherworld, and must let her leave!

『Too much trouble, I don’t mind living here. 』

The more Red Queen rushed to persuade her, the calmer Black was. After lightly shaking her head, she still insisted on her decision.

In this way, Red Queen was completely dumbfounded.

What is this? She tries to achieve her goal, but ends up making it worse. She needs to guard against White, but now Black too?

“No! You can’t do that! This is just your idea. Whether they let you stay or not is a different matter. This store has enough employees.”

Under this circumstance, Red Queen finally thought of Li Yalin and blinked at him eagerly, her eyes conveying her thoughts well.

Is she asking him to reject her now?

It’s too late!

『Can I stay? 』

When Red Queen signaled Li Yalin to reject her, Black turned her gaze to him and asked in a soft voice, completely different from Red Queen’s strong feeling.

“Of course, as long as Black can control her strength, and promise not to leave this store, appear in my world to cause turmoil, whether it is part-time work or staying, it will not be a problem.”

To be honest, Li Yalin should have discussed with the girls at home before deciding whether or not to let Black stay. Although he didn’t think everyone will refuse, and he can’t just decide alone, even if this store already belongs to him in name.

But at this critical moment, if he didn’t reiterate against Red Queen, how can he tolerate this?

Of course he can’t tolerate it!

So Li Yalin nodded and agreed decisively, completely without thinking, and immediately extinguished the last gleam of Red Queen’s hope.

He agreed…

He actually agreed!

This means that from now on, Black will be able to live in this house, and will be able to eat all the delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Damn it!

Why didn’t she think of this trick!

“Then, let’s get along from today on.”

『Yes, please take care of me. 』

Just as Red Queen felt regretful, Li Yalin had already had a friendly exchange with Black. Although this kuudere Dragon God still didn’t say much, her attitude was very good, which Li Yalin liked.

Honestly, agreeing to let Black stay is not just as simple as payback against Red Queen. Although it is undeniable that it is one of the reasons, more importantly, it is because of Black itself.

Red Queen also said before that Black has lived alone for tens of thousands of years. This situation makes people feel pity. Faced with such a kind-hearted Dragon God, Li Yalin always wants to do something for her.

What’s more, as the Dragon God of the otherworld guardian, Black’s own strength is also very powerful. Even if she ranks at the bottom of the 6 pillars, Dragon God is still Dragon God. Just yawning is not what ordinary things can compare to.

There is such a final-level big boss guarding the house, it would be stupid of him not to hold her tight, and the price he needs to pay is nothing more than three meals for the family.

Such a good thing is simply a pie falling from the sky, how could Li Yalin refuse?

From this point of view, he really wants to thank Queen more.

“Black… you did it on purpose, right?”

Although Red Queen’s wisdom is not ranked among the 6 pillars, it does not mean that she is stupid. Through a moment of thinking, she has already figured out many of the joints.

Her intentions were so obvious that it was impossible for Black not to guess it, but she agreed and took the opportunity to stay in this otherworld restaurant, making it too late to stop it.

All of this came so logically. Is it possible that she had guessed her own thoughts from the beginning, so she borrowed her own words to let her stay?

The more profound the thinking, the more scared Red Queen was. Until the end, she finally put forward the conjecture in her mind about Black.

While for Black, when asked by Queen, she also nodded gently, without denying it.

Just as Red Queen thought, she had indeed seen her thoughts a long time ago, but she never said anything.

Of course, in the beginning, she didn’t intend to be the so-called ‘assistance’ of Red Queen. She was simply curious about the otherworld restaurant, so she came here at the invitation of Queen.

After arriving, she felt delicious happiness for the first time in her life. Of course, Black hopes to continue to experience such happiness.

However, she has no money to pay for meals, so Queen’s proposal to trade part-time for food is very much approved by her. So she agrees while asking for stays. Isn’t it a natural thing?

It’s just Black idea, Queen hasn’t guessed it, her only feeling now is that she seems to have suffered a big loss, and the pit was dug by herself.

What the hell?

Did she have to bear with the consequences of her own actions?

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