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Regarding the Black Dragon God’s move to Kafuu’s house, Li Yalin found a time afterward to discussed it with the girls at home.

As he thought, after learning about Black’s ‘sad’ past, the girls at home were basically moved to tears. In order to prevent her own power from spreading to others, she actually endured tens of thousands of years of loneliness, such an experience is really pitiful!

Welcome to Kafuu!

Neither Chino nor Cocoa refused the arrival of Black. Only Kowata Akane was the only one who had contacted Li Yalin afterwards and communicated with him alone.

The intention of Kowata Akane is actually very simple, because she has intuitively felt Black’s horror, the majestic and full of death magic power, whether it is good or bad to stay in Kafuu’s house, this still needs further discussion.

However, Li Yalin gave her reassurance. Prior to this, he had already done a lot of understanding about this matter, enough to ensure that Black power would not threaten the safety of the family, so this point is not a problem at all.

At least, Red Queen can guarantee this, even if she is still very dissatisfied with Black staying…

All in all, Kafuu’s family has a new occupant, which is already a certainty. Although it is nominally a part-time job in the otherworld restaurant, in actuality, it is actually a new family member.

Those who live in this home are all family members.

In this way, Black Dragon God stays came to an end for the time being, he can let Cocoa and the others talk with Black to arrange her a room, Li Yalin can be considered relieved.

And what he needs to do next is really to complete the previous task.

Potato save the otherworld!

In the past few days, with the green light of the empire, a large amount of land suitable for planting potatoes has been reclaimed. Li Yalin also has learned a lot of knowledge and experience about potato planting, and has acquired a large number of good quality potatoes that have sprouted.

After sending these potatoes to the empire, the next step is to explain the planting time. Although Li Yalin did not stay for long, he still fully taught the potato planting knowledge he had learned before leaving to otherworld farmers who will grow the potatoes.

Next, it depends on their own efforts!

Yes, Li Yalin didn’t plan to keep an eye on those potatoes, because his mission was to bring new crops and change the otherworld where crop yields are poor.

And just after the potatoes are planted in the soil, his task is considered complete. Even if the potatoes are not produced, the system still believes that the new crops have affected the entire otherworld.

Then the task is completed and he will get the task reward, which naturally becomes a matter of course.

However, regarding this task reward, Li Yalin did not rush to use it but kept all the lottery chance like the last time Shizuku Hazuki rescue mission.

Yes, Li Yalin didn’t use the lottery last time, because he knew that even if he draws it now, he would not be able to get the reward he wanted.

What he is looking forward to now was the skills or items from the Wind Fantasy world. Especially the Emblem, can be said to be the most powerful equipment he wants to get!

According to the setting of Magic War, after wearing the Emblem, one can not only use the abilities attached to Emblem, but one can also transfer jobs through Emblem and become a super-strong job in Wind Fantasy.

In particular, Li Yalin pays attention to the most terrifying Fate Emblem, because it is the Emblem of the goddess of fate. After equipping this Emblem, not only can he use all the elves’ magic and the more powerful five kinds of magic origin. The most important thing is, he can also transfer to Order God through this Emblem.

In other words, as long as Li Yalin gets the Fate Emblem, he can have the ability to become a god. Although he doesn’t know whether Order God is stronger than the 6 pillar Dragon God that guards the other world, it certainly not too inferior since it was called a god.

Therefore, Fate Emblem can be described as an excellent tool to turn things around. But he wasn’t sure what kind of powerful items can really be obtained from system lottery.

Quite a tangled problem, isn’t it?

But before getting tangled, let’s make the game as soon as possible!

At present, in EagleJump, the game schedule has been rushed. All employees have increased their horsepower, and everything is proceeding smoothly according to the expected progress. Especially the design team, after Li Yalin provided all the character settings, those girls’ work is much simpler and more intuitive, and it can be said to be smoother.

However, there is a slight delay in the programming team. After all, it is the first time to develop this kind of battle flag game. It is inevitable that there will be bugs in the program. For this reason, it is normal for the girls in the programming team to stay up late and work overtime. Every time Li Yalin went to the programming group, all he saw were girls with dark circles under their eyes from coding the programs, which was really distressing.

Especially Ahagon Umiko, as the team leader, is the type to work overtime. In order to fix bugs, she can even do a desk job without eating all day.

In this case, although the progress of the game can be guaranteed, can everyone’s body really bear it?

Although Li Yalin hopes that Magic War can be launched as soon as possible, he doesn’t want to see it hurt everyone’s health. If so many excellent girls get burned out because of this game, Li Yalin feels that this will be his loss.

So, sure enough, he still has to talk to Shizuku Hazuki.

Shizuku Hazuki was the highest in command when Li Yalin was not in the company, and she was responsible for managing everything basically. Although Ahagon Umiko was able to defeat her, her position was still the highest.

She still needs to pay more attention to staff deployment.

Of course… To a certain extent, Shizuku Hazuki is also quite unreliable, so besides her, Li Yalin has to bring in girls like Toyama Rin, so they will take care of the health problems of the entire company.

Shizuku Hazuki and Toyama Rin also deeply agree with Li Yalin’s proposal. The overtime madman in the company is not only the girls in the programming team, but also on the design team. Kou Yagami also stays up all night and even lives in the company, which also worries Toyama Rin.

So Li Yalin’s ideas are in line with her. With her, Li Yalin can safely let the company continue to run.

He thought that his own body had recovered after a few months of training, but it turned out that he was too naive…

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