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Everything is going well in EagleJump. Li Yalin doesn’t have to worry too much with Shizuku Hazuki and Toyama Rin there, so the next focus was on the idol office.

The opening date of the Hot Holiday Music Festival is getting closer and everyone’s training is getting more and more intense. While Li Yalin keeps coming out with classic songs, everyone’s practice intensity has also increased a lot.

So occasionally, we should also reduce the burden for everyone, such as having a meal with the girls, or going to KTV to sing for amusement, which can make everyone better relax and increase the intimacy between each other.

And it was with the passage of time that before the official opening of the music festival, the TV program in which the Li Yalin group participated was officially launched.

In view of the TV station’s publicity, many viewers are full of expectations for this show. In fact, after the TV show officially started, the effect of the program is indeed very good. Dumb Yui and MIO’s performance successfully attracted a wave of fans for them.

By the time the TV show was over, their fan club members had greatly surpassed Ritsu and Kotobuki ojou-sama, and even had the tendency to move closer to Kohinata Yukari.

The timid MIO and the cute Yui-chan are so cute, they are just too cute.

But similarly, with the end of the TV show and the performance of Li Yalin, the degree of praise and criticism on the internet began to polarize. Of course, diehard fans who like his appearance and works love his performance, even many former neutral fans praised him. After all, to be able to stand up in that situation and have the courage to confront the three hooligans, a boy like that are extremely rare and can quite arouse girls’ sense of security.

But the scene where Li Yalin acted on the actors who played hooligan was also faithfully recorded by the camera, which also triggered a lot of attacks by an internet trolls.

People with such irritable personalities are not suitable to be an idol. The entertainment industry should boycott him, etc etcetera. They frequently appear in the comments on the official TV station website, even the official media social of Eiryou High School school idol received a lot of net trolls.

This is obviously what someone deliberately did.

Which is not surprising as Li Yalin and the girls suddenly emerged from an ordinary high school in a short time to become a popular idol. It is inevitable that some people will tried to block their way. Because of their interests, they will inevitably appear to make trouble.

Li Yalin doesn’t care about this. Being an idol, some will like and some will dislike, just like a novel can never satisfy the tastes of everyone.

Jus let those trolls do whatever they want.

However, Kohinata Yukari is opposed to Li Yalin’s ideas. She has always disliked fighting, but this was an exception. She believed those troll must not be allowed to discredit Li Yalin, no matter what the reason is!

And Kohinata Yukari is also fully supported by Uomi student president, who believes that this public opinion must be suppressed, and even some lessons for those that try to stir things up.

So, how to counterattack the internet troll?

Kohinata Yukari as ojou-sama, who was born in a rich and powerful family, naturally has her own way of counterattack. The capabilities of the Kohinata family in the entertainment industry are far greater than imagined.

With the support of the Kohinata family, plus the haraguro Uomi student president, who dared to attack and slander Li Yalin, the end is conceivable, and it will definitely not be good.

However, Li Yalin did not participate in this action at all. It was not that he did not want to, but Kohinata Yukari and Uomi student president did not give him this opportunity at all.

According to them, this is their war, and men can stand aside.

Regarding the attitude of Kohinata Yukari and Uomi student president, Li Yalin is completely speechless. What does it mean that a man can stand aside? Obviously I am the party involved, okay!

But since they don’t want to let him participate, just let them be. Looking at their determination, Li Yalin feels that what he needs to do is mourn for those who slander him on the internet.

These two girls are strong, those guys would not have an easy time!

After the broadcast of this TV show, in addition to triggering a storm of public opinion, Kafuu’s side also caused some small surprises. Especially Rize, when she saw Kirima Syaro in the TV series, she couldn’t close her mouth in surprise.

Isn’t this the kouhai in her school?

Why is she on TV too?

“Eeh? Rize, do you know that girl?”

When Rize shouted out Kirima Syaro’s name, it also succeeded in arousing Cocoa’s interest. Syaro’s performance on TV is remarkable, and her maid outfit and lop-eared rabbit headdress are also quite impressive to Cocoa, it fits with her taste.

Is such a cute girl an acquaintance of Rize?

“Yes… she’s my school kouhai…”

After hearing Cocoa’s question, Rize subconsciously nodded slightly. In fact, she hadn’t been able to recover from her shock after seeing Syaro on TV.

After all, in her impression, Syaro does not seem to be a girl who would participate in this kind of TV show recording.

“So it was Rize’s kouhai? Great, can I be friends with her?”

After receiving Rize’s response, Cocoa immediately clapped her hands with great interest. Making friends should be regarded as one of the girl’s greatest hobbies. Perhaps after seeing Syaro, it let her have the ‘thrill of the hunt’ again.

“This… should be ok…”

Maybe it was because of the arrival of Li Yalin, Kirima Syaro did not interact with the Kafuu girls as in the original plot. Even though she is Rize’s kouhai and also lives next door to Ama Usa An, but everyone has never seen her.

So this time Cocoa’s proposal can also be regarded as the real beginning of the intersection between the girls at home and Kirima Syaro.

He believes that through Rize, everyone will quickly get to know Syaro and learn that she’s Chiya childhood friend, and should become very good friends soon.

Of course, Li Yalin is very happy to see such a situation. After all, after the girls became friends with Kirima Syaro, wouldn’t he be more justified by contacting other girls?

In fact, he has been waiting for this opportunity.

Then, hurry up and become friends!

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