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Cocoa wants to become friends with Kirima Syaro through Rize. Of course, Rize has no reason to refuse, she nodded in agreement after hesitating a little.

However, Cocoa was not the only one getting to know Kirima Syaro this time. The girls at home, Chino, Makoto, except for Black who couldn’t leave Kafuu’s house, were all taken away by her.

According to her, it would be better to take everyone since they want to make friends. After all, isn’t it a very nice thing?

This is so reasonable that it is impossible to refute it.

In this way, Chino and the others were taken away by Cocoa, and met Kirima Syaro at work in the herbal tea coffee shop of Fleur De Lapin very smoothly.

With Rize as a referral, the girls can of course get along very harmoniously, but they also learned about Syaro’s recent distress because of this.

Yes, Kirima Syaro is very distressed recently.

Kirima Syaro is a very beautiful girl, with dignified words and deeds, not only has a delicate and pretty face, but also has short blond hair, just like an ojou-sama from a noble family.

But in fact, Kirima Syaro is not an ojou-sama from a noble family. On the contrary, she is from a poor family. If she hadn’t had a high school scholarship, she might not even be able to go to school.

Now she is living in a shabby little house next to Ama Usa An, and her daily living expenses depend on working part-time outside to make money. Due to her supporting herself through working, her classmates get the wrong idea.

It is precisely because of poor family circumstances that Kirima Syaro is unexpectedly sensitive to money. After all, she had to work painstakingly every day, every penny has to be spent well.

So when the segment team chose Fleur De Lapin to shoot, and used some money to invite her to act as the prankster, it was natural that she can’t think of a reason to reject it.

She thought that she can make money as long as she acts, so why should she refuse? What’s more, the money given by the segment team is very generous, saving a little bit, and it is enough for her to live on for a week.

Therefore, Kirima Syaro agreed to participate in the TV show, but she can’t even work smoothly now because of this decision.

Even though the TV station had already used mosaics to obscure the shop’s sign when the TV program was broadcast, there were still netizens who found Fleur De Lapin’s address and posted it on the internet.

This led to a large number of netizens forming groups and visited in groups.

It would be fine if they are just watching around, but some impulsive female fans pointed to Syaro’s nose and called her a liar or saying something mean.

This situation not only affected Syaro’s own works, but also affected the business in the store. After all, those netizens who visited in groups did not really come here to drink tea.

If this continues, let alone normal work, her life might get affected.

Kirima Syaro regrets it, why did she agree to the segment team without thinking?

And this is just the beginning. It turns more sour along with the TV programs, God knows what will happen in the future.

After Cocoa and the others got to know Syaro through Rize, her distress was naturally passed to Li Yalin’s ears. Seriously, even he didn’t expect that a prank TV show could cause this problem.

Although it is only occasional that some immature female fans say bad things, no one knows if there will be more excessive things happen in the future.

After all, on the internet at this moment, the fans and the trolls have been condemning each other. Before the condemn war can be quelled, it is difficult to say whether fans will lose their rationality.

One must know, with Li Yalin’s current reputation, he is no less inferior to ordinary artist idols, and even many established idol artists’ search interest on the internet is not necessarily higher than him.

It was caused by him?

After learning the news, Li Yalin was also a little bit dumbfounded. What should he say? Is idol utility really terrifying?

“Sorry, I didn’t think you got into trouble because of me.”

After learning about Kirima Syaro’s recent situation, Li Yalin also came to her through Rize and apologized to her.

In any case, it is his fans who caused trouble to her. Although he has appealed to everyone through the official media social of Eiryou High School school idol, hope everyone will not disturb Syaro’s life, but the result is not that great.

At least for the moment, Kirima Syaro has difficulty continuing to work at Fleur De Lapin.

“No, I should actually apologize, after all, I deceived you…”

Kirima Syaro did not expect that she would meet Li Yalin again. And what surprised her even more was that Rize senpai, whom she had been longing for, had a very close relationship with Li Yalin, and her childhood friend Chiya also knew him.

Meeting again, the expression on her face is also quite awkward. In her opinion, it was because of her deception that Li Yalin acted on the actors who played hooligan, which made him getting blamed on the internet.

Compared to being harassed by others, he actually carries more infamy.

If she didn’t agree at the time…

“That’s not a deception at all, it’s just a TV show designed to make the audience laugh… By the way, Kirima-san, you shouldn’t be able to continue working at Fleur De Lapin now, right?”

Li Yalin is even more embarrassed when Kirima Syaro apologizes, and he is also very concerned about her at the moment. Apart from Chiya, no one else knows this poor girl’s true financial situation.

If she loses this job, wouldn’t it cause her to lose her source of livelihood? Although he knows that she does more than one odd job, sure enough, the highest salary is in Fleur De Lapin.

At least Li Yalin didn’t think Kirima Syaro would make more money from selling crepes than in a coffee shop.

“Yes… I have temporarily suspended…”

After hearing Li Yalin’s question, Kirima Syaro’s face couldn’t help being darkened. The so-called temporary suspension was actually no different from resignation. After the turmoil, the store would have hired a new clerk. How could the boss not do business just to wait for her alone?

Kirima Syaro had already done psychological preparation for this, but this made Li Yalin even more guilty.

So… should he introduce a new job to her?

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