Cafe 366

Li Yalin certainly can’t just watch a cute girl lose her source of income because of him, so preparing a suitable job for Kirima Syaro has also become imperative.

So, what kind of job should he introduce her to?

Sign up with the firm to become an idol?

Or a part-time job in EagleJump?

Or maybe… let her stay in Rabbit House?

As far as Li Yalin is concerned, he actually prefers the third one. In his opinion, every girl in GochiUsa is indispensable. Since Chiya already knows the existence of the otherworld gate, it wouldn’t matter if he let Syaro become Rabbit House’s clerk, isn’t it?

Rather, he welcomes her to join this big family.

What’s more, Rabbit House has been busy recently. Because Kowata Akane’s spellcasting materials are very good, there are customers who visit during the opening of the store. Although most of the guests are for the purpose of exchanging materials, they would have a drink coffee to relax after completing the transaction, which happens often.

Because of this, the business in the store is getting better every day, and occasionally even Makoto has to come out to help, or they would really be short-handed.

Although there is a new member in Kafuu’s family recently, everyone is not planning to let Black help in the coffee shop. One must know that most of the people who visit Rabbit House are witches, who are very sensitive to magic power. Once Black magic power leaks out, no one knows what kind of trouble it will cause.

So, let Kirima Syaro help in the store seems to be a good choice.

Of course, this matter still has to be discussed with everyone first, Li Yalin doesn’t want to make a decision on his own.

“Hire Syaro? That sounds great!”

After hearing Li Yalin’s thoughts, only Cocoa would say this. She doesn’t think too much about it. She’s the happiest to have more friends and companions at home.

“It’s okay to let her work in the store, but… can we trust her?”

Unlike the mindless Cocoa, Kowata Akane is still cautious about hiring Syaro. The existence of witches can’t be easily revealed, although it is not necessary to keep secrets, it will certainly cause unnecessary trouble if it is known to the public.

“I think it’s okay. In fact, Rize should know her well, what do you think Rize?”

Li Yalin certainly agrees with Kowata Akane’s cautiousness. But based on his knowledge of Kirima Syaro, she’s not a blabbermouth. She would not speak carelessly even if she knows the secret of the witch.

However, his knowledge of Syaro cannot be explained to everyone, so he can only use Rize’s mouth to give Kowata Akane reassurance.

“I don’t think that kid would speak carelessly. It should be no problem hiring her.”

As Li Yalin thought, Rize didn’t doubt Kirima Syaro’s character. With her words, Kowata Akane nodded and did not object.

Of course, even if there is no objection, it does not mean that she will believe Syaro. They have just met, so she will definitely need to observe more in the future. At least for a short time, she will have a wait-and-see attitude.

In this way, the girls, including Chino, did not oppose Li Yalin’s decision, so in the end it was him who have to spoke and invited Kirima Syaro.

“Eh? Can I work in this store?”

When Syaro was invited to work at Rabbit House, Li Yalin did not mention the existence of the witch, but first conveyed his intention to her. When she learned that Li Yalin was willing to take her in, Kirima Syaro’s face also showed an unexpected look.

She was able to come to Rabbit House because of everyone’s led, so she would not be disturbed by the concealment magic. But she did not understand the matter at all and was still immersed in the invitation just now.

This is the coffee shop where Rize senpai works part-time, and she now has the opportunity to work here?

Syaro has always been looking up to Rize. It is no exaggeration to say that she was her fan. Now that she knows that she can work with her senpai, who she’s been looking up to, such good news was like a dream come true to her.

“Yes, we would welcome you to join our big family.”

Li Yalin nodded slightly toward Syaro who was full of surprises on her face. But then, his expression suddenly became serious.

“Of course, if you want to work in our store, you must protect the secrets of this store and can’t disclose it to anyone.”


Originally immersed in the joy of being able to work with Rize senpai, Kirima Syaro had not been able to react to this sudden seriousness.

In this coffee shop… there is still a big secret hidden?

Could it be that this is a secret organization for training spies? Rize senpai is a member of this organization?

Rize loves firearms and weapons, which is no secret in school. But her heroic attitude still attracts a lot of fans for her, Syaro is one of them.

It is precisely because of this that Kirima Syaro has such imagination at this moment. In her opinion, since she has received an invitation, it means that she, like Rize senpai, will become a member of this secret organization?

Inadvertently, Kirima Syaro had already imagined in her mind wearing night tights, becoming a super female agent wandering in the dark night.

Have to say that with Cat Eye manga being so popular, even the poor Syaro has heard about it, and even caused a fantasy in her mind.

It’s a pity that Li Yalin doesn’t know what this girl thinking, and he might not know what expression he should show if he knows it.

At least, he can’t get away from the embarrassment.

“Can I… trust you?”

Li Yalin currently facing Kirima Syaro with a serious face, and this girl also produce such a thought.

Is this… an entry test?

Only after passing the test, can she follow Rize senpai and fight side by side with senpai?

Kirima Syaro once again misunderstood what Li Yalin meant. But whether she misunderstood or not, at least her answer would not disappoint.

“I can keep a secret! Absolutely!”

Kirima Syaro was fully prepared now. Even if she will face rigorous training next, and even set foot on the battlefield in the future, as long as she can be by Rize senpai’s side, she will never back down!

It’s just that… her preparedness is for naught.

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