Cafe 367

“Okay, since you said that, then I will tell you the secrets of this store first.”

Although he won’t know what Syaro is thinking about, Li Yalin can’t help laughing in his heart when he sees her determination.

In fact, he’s doing this just for the formality. To put it bluntly, this is all for Kowata Akane. Of course, such a good girl as Syaro can protect everyone’s secrets, does this still need to be doubted?

She is one of the few more reliable girls, as long as she doesn’t drink coffee, yes, as long as she doesn’t drink coffee.

“Kirima Syaro-san… Do you know anything about witch?”

Li Yalin opened his mouth slightly toward the serious Kirima Syaro, but what he said caused the thorough misunderstood Syaro to be dazed.


The poor girl doesn’t seem to get it, she had no idea what the connection between the witch and joining this secret organization. Could it be that the witch is the code name of this secret organization?

How can an ordinary person like her know this kind of stuff?

What is this?

Another test?

“Yes, it is the witch in many stories.”

Just when Kirima Syaro looks dazed, Li Yalin nodded again, and emphasized the word witch.

“Like… the witch who flies on a broom?”

In this world, there are many legends about witches. The most popular image of witches is probably the one wearing a black robe, a pointed round hat and riding a broom.

There are real witches in this world, and many legends are naturally adapted from real events, so the witch that Syaro thinks of at the moment is exactly the image of a real witch.

“Yes, that’s kind of witch. Although for ordinary people, the legend of the witch is just a story made up, but in fact, the witch really exists.”

“Our Rabbit House is just a coffee shop that entertains witch guests. As a future companion, I think it is necessary to inform you in advance about this matter, and I hope you can guard the secrets of this store.”

“Coffee shop for witches? But…”

When Syaro heard what Li Yalin said, she naturally showed a look that he was joking with her. But soon, Kowata Akane appeared wearing a robe and riding a broomstick, and was really floating in the air, which caused her to be speechless.

So… there’s really a witch in this world?

Right at this moment, what Kirima Syaro-san needs is to reshape her worldview and realize the true side of this world.

What about the secret organization and trained super agents? The real secret of this store is 10,000 times stronger than that!

There is no need for Li Yalin’s help to make Kirima Syaro accept reality. With the thoughtful Rize senpai, the bundle of joy Cocoa, plus the childhood friend Chiya, it wouldn’t take long for her to accept everything.

At that time, Rabbit House will have a new companion to join, and there will be more and more members of this big family.

There are more and more beautiful girls around, this feeling is really good!

Well, although there are many beautiful girls around, as a qualified gentleman plus siscon, Li Yalin just treats everyone as imouto. He even treated Black the Black Dragon God as an object to be cared for.

Although Black is very smart, she has lived alone for tens of thousands of years. She’s very naive in many respects, and needs more care and attention.

And in this Kafuu’s house, Kowata Akane is the oldest besides Black…

Forget it, Li Yalin doesn’t want to mention her at all. Even if she occasionally shows a mature side, but most of the time she act like a child, even Chino is more stable than her!

Once done with the home matter, let’s focus on the career! With the reminder from Maki last time, Li Yalin feels that he should pay more attention to his own business and form a wealthy family so he can do whatever he wants?

Cough… Of course, that is only secondary, the main reason is Li Yalin want to be more serious about his career, yes, that’s right.

He is a very self-motivated man!

Believe it or not, he’ll believe it anyway!

So, let’s talk more about the career.

Speaking of a career, it is nothing more than having great power and wealth. Li Yalin did not lack money at all. Not to mention the income generated by Cat Eye, Sword and Generation XTH. Simply from EagleJump, as long as Wind Fantasy comes out, it will definitely bring a great change to the game industry.

When the time comes, money will definitely continue to come in. He was very confident on this point.

As for the idol office, his training with the girls is almost over. After getting more popularity at the music festival, whether it is to release an album or a single, it will make a lot of money.

The only thing he lacks now is actually time. He will naturally have all the money as time goes.


Having money alone is far from enough. Being rich does not mean that he can become a rich man. One must have the corresponding power, otherwise, he’d be just a small fry that anyone can crash.

In other words, he needs to form a force?

What he needs to form a force?

Furthermore, does he need the force on the bright side, or the force hidden on the dark side of this world?

To be fair, Li Yalin has been in this world for a while. While meeting so many girls and making ties, he also saw too many unexpected things.

This world is far less peaceful than imagined, and hidden under this peace, there is more darkness that cannot be seen with the eyes.

If Li Yalin was just an ordinary person, perhaps he would not think about it so much. Even if there is something hidden in the dark side of this world, it is still out of his reach, so there is no need to worry.

But as his strength grew, he gradually became concerned. Let alone his situation, but what about everyone’s safety? Isn’t this need consideration?

Chino’s mother is a witch, and her father Kafuu Takahiro has disappeared because of this. What is the connection behind this, and will it affect everyone’s lives in the future?

He said before to do whatever he wants but it wasn’t really the main reason Li Yalin decides to develop his force. What he really cares about is actually everyone’s safety!

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