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“Forming forces… Do you plan to start the hegemony route? You can do it with the resources of the otherworld, but it is not without the opportunity. As long as you are willing to give away some money, you will surely attract some followers. In addition, depends on your relationship between a few otherword Dragon Gods, borrowing otherworld’s manpower from them shouldn’t be a problem.”

Li Yalin definitely not going to tell the girls at home about his idea of ​​forming force, all they need to do is to live happily every day.

However, Kowata Akane can be Li Yalin’s communication partner. Although she is often not reliable, at least she can provide some useful suggestions.

In any case, she is also a very famous witch in the industry.

“I’m not going for the hegemony route. In addition, I am not prepared to let otherworld people intervene in matters in our own world, it wasn’t a good idea, but looking for followers can be considered.”

Li Yalin shook his head directly to Kowata Akane’s words. Striving for hegemony, like overthrowing the empire by himself, or to form an underground dark force? It wasn’t really in line with his style.

As for borrowing manpower from the otherworld, although it is not impossible, he did not intend to do so. He does not know much about the otherworld, and it is still unclear what impact the use of force there will have on this world.

So after much deliberation, finding a few followers is more reliable.

“So a follower, what kind of follower do you want to find? I mostly interact with the witches of the witch world, I know less on ability user in other fields.”

Of course, there are not only witches in this world. The ancient warriors and monks of the empire, the ninja and onmyouji of the district, the templar of the West, and the mages, etc., actually exist.

It’s just that the different fields don’t overlap each other too much. Anyway, Kowata Akane only mixes in the witch world, and most of the people she knows are friends of the witch. Other than that, there are fewer acquaintances.

What’s more, it’s especially important to note that even if Li Yalin wants to hire people, he may not necessarily succeed. The great majority of ability users are very rebellious. Unless he comes up with really good things to attract them, else he will just attract third-rate minions.

But to come up with real good things without enough strength, will it arouse the greed of others? This is another issue.

This is really hard.

“This is also a problem… how about this, since this is not an urgent matter, Akane-ne, please help me figure this out first.”

Through Kowata Akane’s analysis, Li Yalin also knows that this is not something that can be done in a short while, and can only wait slowly for the opportunity.

Although he failed to achieve his goal, Li Yalin was not disappointed. You know, after everyone’s hard work, Rabbit House is now quite well-known in the witch world. It welcomes a lot of passing guests every day, and naturally brings them a lot of news.

They can get a few followers through the information of these industry insiders.

So… the matter of forming a force has come to an end for the time being, what’s next is to wait for the start of the music festival?

No, in fact, just before the official start of the music festival, the follower they originally thought would take a while to find, actually have taking shape!

To be more precise, the so-called follower is more like a girl who come to apply for a job…

“Please let me work in this store!”

The people who can come to Rabbit House are either the witches of the witch world, or the people who have inextricably linked with the witches. So for the girls in the shop, they are used to witch appearing while wearing robes.

Then suddenly a girl who was about 15-16 years old, dressed in a blue samurai attire and holding a katana in her hand appeared, which naturally attracted everyone’s curiosity.

The girl looked around when she first entered the shop, and become restless after sitting in a chair, like not knowing what to do.

However, before everyone came forward to greet her, she took the initiative to stand up again, came to the bar counter, and bowed deeply to Chino who was making coffee, which baffled everyone.


Since the number of customers in the shop began to increase, Chino’s days have been very fulfilling. Her coffee-making skills are the best in the shop, and naturally, she has been praised by many regular customers.

However, this is the first time she has seen a guest like the one in front of her, no… not so much as a guest, but an applicant, right?

But Rabbit House did not post any recruitment notices. Why does this girl still apply for a job?

“Sorry, we have no plans to hire a waiter yet, I’m really sorry.”

Chino couldn’t handle the sudden applicant. Cocoa could only ask Li Yalin to talk with the applicant girl.

And Li Yalin’s eyes lit up when he first saw the black long-haired girl in samurai attire and holding a katana in her hand. She has a very chivalrous bishoujo image, and it is also swordsmanship bishoujo. A girl like this is more than enough to be a sign girl no matter which coffee shop they put in.

It’s a pity that there are enough cute girls in Rabbit House, and there are many secrets about this store that outsiders shouldn’t know about. So they can only reject this black long-haired girl who wants to work in their store.

“I’m very sorry for causing trouble to you all.”

After receiving Li Yalin’s reply, knowing that she had been rejected, the face of the black long-haired girl holding the sword immediately showed disappointment. But she did not insist, but bowed deeply, intending to say goodbye.

But at the moment the girl was bowing, a stomach growl was heard in Li Yalin’s ears. If he heard it correctly, it was obviously the sound from the girl’s belly.

This is…

Before Li Yalin could ask, a louder growls came from the girl’s belly again. Now even without asking, the girl’s belly has already answered first.


Because her belly kept growling, the chivalrous black long-haired girl was flushed and it becomes silent for quite a while, this scene was extremely awkward.

“Come with me first.”

Seeing this, Li Yalin couldn’t help shaking his head while feeling funny.

Although they can’t recruit her into the Rabbit House, there is no problem to entertain her for a meal.

At least, let her have a full meal.

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