Cafe 369

“I’m sorry for causing you trouble.”

Half an hour later, the black long-haired girl who wanted to be employed by the shop finally put down the chopsticks in her hand, and after a soft hiccup, thanked Li Yalin very sincerely.

Although she was not able to apply for a job in this shop, the girl was very satisfied with the meal for the first time in a few days at least.

Then, to Li Yalin who gave her this kind of meal, of course, she also responded extremely gratefully.

But look at Li Yalin across from her…

“Um… no problem…”

At this moment, the expression on Li Yalin’s face was dull, he was really surprised by the girl’s appetite.

Is this girl’s stomach bottomless? Such a big pot of rice was eaten by her alone?

A person he has ever seen so far that could eat the most is undoubtedly Red Queen the big stomach Dragon God. Basically, she would eat without moderation, and will not be satisfied without eating a table of meals.

She’s dragons so she can eat a lot. But this black long-haired girl should be a human, right? Why can she eat so much?

Yes, the appetite of this girl has far exceeded Li Yalin’s imagination. She’s second only to Red Queen’s glutton king. Even the Goddess of Darkness is not as good as hers!

Where did the food she eats just now go? Why is there no change in this girl figure?

While he kept thinking about these, Li Yalin also waved his hand slightly and responded stiffly.

This is really… the world is so amazing…

“It looks like you haven’t eaten in a long time.”

Li Yalin previously thought to just entertain the girl, and let her leave after a full meal. But now, because of her terrifying appetite, he has a little interest in her.

Such a bishoujo, wearing a retro district samurai attire, holding a katana in her hand, and having a connection with the witch world, proves that she is definitely not an ordinary person.

So, what is her background?

Japan samurai?

Isn’t this profession already declining?

Where does she come from? And why she’s so broke that she can’t even afford to buy a meal?

All of this made Li Yalin too curious and naturally couldn’t help chatting with her.

“Yes, I haven’t eaten anything for four or five days. I always fill my hunger with cold water. Thank you very much for giving me such a delicious meal.”

Probably because she’s grateful for the meal, this girl has a very good attitude towards Li Yalin. She immediately answered after hearing his question.

However, her answer also made Li Yalin a little bit stunned. Hadn’t eaten anything for four or five days and only rely on cold water to satisfy her hunger? This is too miserable, right?

By the way… she was this miserable that did she come to Rabbit House?

“It wasn’t much, you don’t have to thank me. But I want to know how you came to this store. Did someone bring you here?”

According to common sense, there are two ways to enter Rabbit House. One is to use the transfer magic array, and the other is to go directly from the door. Although the concealment magic placed around can shield ordinary people, but witches can still find it as long as they look carefully.

Of course, the witch who can see through this concealment magic must have extraordinary strength. Listening to Cocoa and the others, this girl came to the store by herself. Does that prove that someone brought her here on purpose?

But if someone deliberately leads the way, why not let her eat a full meal?

Suddenly, Li Yalin had many thoughts in his mind, and even some conspiracy theories were born in his mind. However, Li Yalin was dumbfounded after hearing the girl answer.

“Take me? No one brought me here. I just walked around and saw this store, and then I came in.”


She just saw Rabbit House so she walked in?

She’s kidding, right?

“Then how did you think of applying for a job at this store?”

After being dumbfounded, Li Yalin asked again.

“Because… I’m so hungry, I want to work part-time to earn some money…”

This time, the black long-haired girl blushed when she answered. She was really hungry and uncomfortable at the time, and she had no money in her hand, so she entered this coffee shop without knowing what to do.

In the end, she finally mustered up the courage to apply for the job, but she was rejected. Thanks to Li Yalin’s kindness or she would be hungry forever.

Such an answer sounds quite normal, but… it’s totally wrong!

What a joke!

Do you think I will believe in a lie that can be broken with just one poke?

Say it!

Which force are you from! What their aim to this store!

To be honest, Li Yalin really raised the idea of ​​catching the girl now and have her tortured. What she said is too sketchy, and there are too many flaws worthy of tsukomi. How could he believe it?

But even so, he was still completely calm. He can do it after understanding more of the situation.

He wanted to see how far this girl who had no acting skills wanted to trick him.

Next, what kind of crappy lie can she tell!

“I see, that’s really unfortunate. I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Li Yalin. I’m the manager of this Rabbit House, and you are…”

Li Yalin will be in full acting mode since he wants to explore the backing of the other party. He will not be showing half of his feeling, he is completely a gentle onii-chan image with a friendly smiling face.

And this kind of image is the best thing to let girls put down their defenses.

“How rude of me, my name is Shiranui Akeno. Nice to meet you.”

After hearing Li Yalin’s self-introduction, the black long-haired girl also hurriedly said her name. Shiranui Akeno, it’s a good name. What does Shiranui Mai have to do with her? Are they relatives?

Well, now is obviously not the time for tsukomi.

To be honest, Li Yalin feels that her name sounds familiar, but he can’t remember it well. If it’s about the surname Shiranui, the image of Shiranui Mai must first be reflected in his mind. This character is too classic, the goddess of his childhood.

But the girl in front of him… probably just has the same surname. Anyway, he doesn’t think there is Shiranui Mai in this world, otherwise, he probably has heard about the King of Fighters tournament a long time ago.

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