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Uomi student president is a beautiful girl with outstanding ability and excellent performance, is a rare students president. There is no doubt about this.

However, Li Yalin is very clear that these are not all of Uomi’s. Those who are not familiar with her may not know, but anyone who is close to her should be very clear. Uomi student president… is a very fond using dirty joke. A female high school student who also likes to tease people!

Yes, in all senses, the character of Uomi student president can be described as bad.

It’s not a good thing to be stared at by this Uomi student president. Although Li Yalin really liked her character when he first see her in the anime, but it may become troublesome when put into reality!

Li Yalin originally feel entangled in becoming a high school student. If he could, he would like to keep this identity in a low profile.

If he get involved with this Uomi student president…

Forget it, better get away from her quickly!

“I’m not a freshman, but a transfer student who just transferred to this school. I attended the entrance ceremony yesterday, so I heard Uomi student president speech… I’ll take my leave now if Uomi student president didn’t have any business with me.”

Li Yalin didn’t consider himself as a protagonist in anime, and he also knew that this is not really 2D. If he really think of the school as his own harem, capturing any beautiful female students he sees. It’s absolutely an acts of seeking death. He may follow Makoto’s footsteps if not handled properly.

He didn’t intend to seek death, of course he won’t take the initiative to get into trouble. So he thought of an excuse to leave quickly, after answering Uomi’s question perfectly, he turned around and walked away without looking back.

This is just a small episode, and the Uomi student president is unlikely to be interested in this new transfer student.

That’s right, that’s it!

With such thoughts in mind, Li Yalin walked towards sensei’s office. He did not notice at all that when he leave in hurry, Uomi student president still stood in place, watching his back.

“Student president! So you are here.”

Not long after, a girl with a chestnut ponytail ran to Uomi’s side, with a little anxiety in her tone.

“Classes will start soon, we should go back.”

“Mori-san, do you think I’m scary?”

This chestnut-hair girl came to inform Uomi that the class is going to start. But after hearing her words, instead of moving, Uomi asked her such a question.

“Student president? Scary? Who would be scared of student president?”

Uomi’s sudden question made the chestnut-hair girl Mori-san puzzled.

What does student president mean by asking this question?

“Then am I very troublesome?”

Did not answer Mori-san’s question, Uomi continued to ask questions.

“Troublesome? Although student president sometimes harass people, but it is not troublesome…”

Uomi following question makes Mori-san even more confused, scary? troublesome?
Uomi student president’s character is indeed a bit bad. Sometimes she will harass people by teasing them, but calling her scary or troublesome is a bit too much.

What is this about?

“I’m neither scary nor troublesome. Why did the transfer student avoid me?”

If Uomi’s conversation with Mori-san is heard by Li Yalin, there will definitely be cold sweat on his forehead. Even if he has little contact with her, he can detect something wrong in Uomi’s tone.

It is a pity that he’s not there anymore, Li Yalin has arrived at the entrance of sensei’s office. As a new transfer student, he will be led by sensei to the class and introduced to the classmates.

In the generic harem anime series, if Li Yalin is the protagonist, then his class teacher should be a beauty. A gentle sensei with glasses type is his favorite, mature onee-san type is also very good. He can accept anything even if it is a loli sensei.

But reality is often cruel. Li Yalin met with the class teacher at the entrance ceremony yesterday. The other party was an ordinary, middle-aged man with a generic face you can find everywhere.

Think of it this way, he really is not a protagonist.

After meeting with the class teacher, Li Yalin couldn’t help but sighed.

“Come with me, Li-kun.”

Not giving Li Yalin much time to think about. After seeing him, the class teacher sensei with generic face immediately led him to the class.

Eiryou High School does not have a class rotation system. After the first-year class is completed, it will not change for the next three years. That is to say, the students in class C in the second grade have formed a small group, Li Yalin as an outsider can’t easily join their group.

Of course, Li Yalin did not intend to enter the students small circle. In his view, he just need to keeps the identity of high school students in a low-key manner, going to school is just a setting for him.

After he earned the one hundred million and settled Chino’s debt, God knows what kind of tasks the system will release. Maybe he can get rid of this high school student identity.

After all, he is a man with a system in his body, isn’t he?

Having said that… the face value of this class seems pretty good…

Since coming to this world, Li Yalin has found that the face value of this world is generally high. Although his current appearance can be regarded as a high-level classification in the crowd, but he never see a really ugly people.

So after he entered the class with the teacher, he found that the face value of these students in Class C of second grade generally exceeded the average level and there’s even several top-looking girls!

Although there are some ordinary-looking students, and even girls with relatively fat bodies, but this value is still quite amazing.

Studying in such a class may seem like a kind of enjoyment.

“From today on, Li Yalin student will learn and studying in the same class with us. I hope everyone can actively help Li Yalin student.”

After being brought into the class by the class teacher, Li Yalin observed the students in the class, and the students under the podium also watched him. Although not everyone is interested in the new transfer student, a students transferred from outside Japan district is a new experience for them, it naturally attracted a lot of curious eyes.

“Now, you can ask any questions about Li Yalin student, we don’t have much time so do it quickly.”

Class teacher’s introduction is very fast. Before Li Yalin could see all the appearance of the students under the podium, his introduction already finished and now is for the students under the podium to ask question.

This sensei… is he an impatient person?

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