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“Then Ms. Shiranui, what are your plans next? You must have encountered some difficulties since you haven’t eaten for a few days.”

From the bottom of his heart, Li Yalin always thought that Shiranui Akeno was lying. So from the start, he wanted to uncover her. So what kind of lie the girl will tell next.

“I… I don’t know what to do next. I… lost my memory. I can’t remember everything except knowing my name and practicing swordsmanship.”

What an old-fashioned lie!

It’s really nothing new!

Facing Li Yalin’s question, the girl named Shiranui Akeno showed a hesitant look on her face, while being depressed at the same time. Although her acting looks very real, the plot wasn’t that convincing.

Amnesia, can she say something new? I would believe more if she said that her family fortunes have declined, doing kendo practice outside, and want to earn some part-time work during the journey.


Bad review! Absolutely bad review!

Having said that, Li Yalin doesn’t want to continue the conversation anymore. He can’t really stomach such an old-fashioned plot. He should just expose the other party’s lies instead of continuing to listen. See how she continues to make up a lie.

However, just when Li Yalin was about to expose the other party’s lies, a very sudden system task made him stunned on the spot.

Daily task: Save the girl with amnesia.
Task content: Help the amnesia Shiranui Akeno restore her lost memory.
Task reward: Adept level swordsmanship skill。
Task tips: Shiranui clan has amnesia and is extremely easy to lose memory, but it is also easy to restore them, so this task is not difficult, just find the right way to complete it.


Was it really amnesia?

Looking at the task from the system, Li Yalin didn’t know what kind of expression he should make for a while. He would never think that what Shiranui Akeno said was true, she did lose her memory, which means she walked into the Rabbit House unknowingly is actually true?

For this point, Kowata Akane explained to him afterward. Although concealment magic can block the five senses of ordinary people, it does not really disappear. For some intuitive people, the effect of concealment magic is not great.

Of course, such a situation is very rare, and Kowata Akane has never seen it before. As a result, they happened to encounter a freak like Shiranui Akeno.

So, she really didn’t lie, and because of this, Li Yalin got the idea of ​​upgrading concealment magic.

But this can be done later, at least what Li Yalin thinks right now is the task sent by the system.

The system task did not lie. This shows that he really misunderstood her. Fortunately, he was calm and didn’t ‘expose’ the other party’s ‘lie’ at the beginning. Otherwise, it would be too much of an embarrassment.

So what should we do now?

Li Yalin would not just give up the task given by the system. The reward for that task was quite tempting. The adept level swordsmanship skill would definitely make his sword technique stronger.

Originally, after having Horizontal Square, he already had some experience in swordsmanship due to the passiveness of this skill. But that was only a side effect after all. What he really wanted was the swordsmanship skill itself.

Now that he has the hope of acquiring swordsmanship skills, he certainly cannot give up. Even if this task is not too easy, he will definitely try it!

Isn’t it just helping Shiranui Akeno restore her memory? Just like the system says, just find the right method and it’s definitely done in minutes!

Of course, before completing the task, he still has to gain the trust of the other party. This is the first time they meet, and suddenly proposed to help the other party find her memory, would she really trust him?

Of course she won’t, so let’s get closer first.

“So it was amnesia? This situation seems to be serious. It does look like you have been away from home for a long time? Have you called the police and asked the police for assistance to help you find your family?”

Originally, Li Yalin suspected that Shiranui Akeno was acting, but now it’s his turn to start acting. Although it’s a bit fake, since the task come out, might as well continue with the acting.

“No! I don’t need police help, and even if I am amnesia, I also know that I have left home before I amnesia, and have been practicing swordsmanship all the time, in order to improve my swordsmanship… to let…”

After hearing Li Yalin’s words, the girl named Shiranui Akeno instinctively shook her head. She didn’t need to call the police, nor did she need to look for family members. At the moment, she is on a journey of swordsmanship practice. The purpose is to…

Well, at this point, Shiranui Akeno suddenly raised her head with a painful expression on her face. This is also an inherent manifestation of people with amnesia. Once they think of touching the lost memory, they will start to have a headache.

This can be regarded as an inherent part of the sequence, and Li Yalin is not surprised. Although he will feel she faking it before he doesn’t know the truth, now, this child should be really in pain.

“Okay, don’t think hard since you can’t remember it, or it may cause brain damage.”

Quickly stopping Shiranui Akeno from recalling her memory, Li Yalin was also considering how to help her.

Sure enough, before helping her restore her memory, she should still be taken in first, but… there are too many secrets in the house, just the existence of an otherworld gate, absolutely can not let this girl know.

Even if she had not deceived him, even if she was an important target for completing the task, he still couldn’t let her live in Kafuu’s house easily.

But if he didn’t let her live in Kafuu’s house, where should she live?

After thinking about it carefully, Li Yalin felt that it was time to seek assistance!

More precisely, he has found a good place for Shiranui Akeno!

“Ms. Shiranui, based on your current situation, I don’t think you are suitable for wandering around. At least you should settle down temporarily until you get back your lost memories.”

“I have a friend who opened a cookies shop at home. If you don’t mind, I can introduce you to work there. I wonder if you are okay with it?”

Yes, the place Li Yalin thought of for Shiranui Akeno to work is the cookie shop, Ama Usa An, not far from Rabbit House!

Ujimatsu Chiya!

It’s your turn to be on stage!

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