Cafe 371

“Chiya, I’m going to trouble you this time.”

Yes, the best place for Shiranui Akeno that Li Yalin could think of is Chiya’s Ama Usa An. If asked why, just look at the way Chiya looks at Shiranui Akeno with a longing face.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind, our house is currently short of staff, it’s great to have Akeno to help!”

Although Li Yalin wanted to place Shiranui Akeno in Ama Usa An, he still had to ask Chiya’s consent, and after Chiya, her grandmother.

So Li Yalin brought the girl with amnesia to Chiya first, explained the full story to the kanban girl of Ama Usa An, and then voiced his thoughts.

In his opinion, girls like Chiya are very fond of the traditional culture of the Japan district. Coupled with giving him some face, it shouldn’t be a problem to take in Shiranui Akeno, a traditional samurai girl.

In fact, just as he thought, the moment Chiya saw Shiranui Akeno, little stars flashed in her eyes, and she did not refuse to take in this girl with amnesia.

It’s better to say, she’s completely moved by now!

“Um… can you try to put this on?”

After watching Shiranui Akeno for a long time, Chiya seemed to have thought of something suddenly, turned around and ran into Ama Usa An, and after a while, strenuously came out with a full-body armor.

This girl… is actually a fan of Japan’s general. Seeing a brave samurai girl like Shiranui Akeno, her first thought was to equip her with a full set of armor.

The most surprising thing is that Shiranui Akeno didn’t refuse Chiya’s strange behavior. Instead, put on all the armor as Chiya’s wish.

Not long after, a general girl wearing a red Japan general armor with a big rabbit character on her head appeared in front of everyone.

And this also made Chiya take out her phone and shoot continuously.

Looks like they would get along very well?

Well, this should be okay.

“Then, I’ll leave her to your care Chiya.”

“Don’t worry, leave it to me!”

Seeing Chiya patting her chest to take in Shiranui Akeno, Li Yalin is also a little relieved. At least he has settled down the target person of his task, and the next step is to wait for the right timing to help her restore her lost memory.

He can rest assured with Chiya’s there.

After staying in Ama Usa An for a while, Li Yalin nodded inwardly as he watched the two girls getting along harmoniously. Anyway, this was a good thing.


“Onii-chan! Why did you send that girl to Ama Usa An?”

Ordinarily, sending the amnesia girl to Chiya should be a very correct choice, but he was questioned by Cocoa just as he returned to the Rabbit House.

Seeing her like this, looks like she was quite dissatisfied with what he did.

“Eh… anything wrong with it?”

Cocoa’s aura right now was quite explosive, even Li Yalin couldn’t help taking a step back. While his face showed a surprise, he kept pondering about it in his heart.

Why she gets so fussy today? What’s wrong with sending her to Ama Usa An?

If he didn’t send her to Ama Usa An, wouldn’t she have to stay at their home?

“Of course! We haven’t become friends with that girl yet! Onii-chan why did you send her away?”

Well, it turned out to be because of this.

Cocoa likes to make friends, everyone knows this very well. But for Shiranui Akeno, Li Yalin just got in touch with Chiya, and then let her took the person away. Cocoa didn’t have a chance to make friends with her.

This makes Cocoa become sulky.

Not to mention…

“Also, Chiya actually regarded that girl as Ama Usa An’s kanban girl, just take a look!”

To say that this year, everything is advancing with the times. Don’t think that Ama Usa An is just a small traditional cookie shop, but Chiya has also registered it on social media, and there are even many fans following.

Speaking of which, Chiya will register Ama Usa An on social media was influenced by Li Yalin. Although it was not very good at the beginning, as time goes by, some of the food messages posted by her on social media were liked by many Japan dessert enthusiasts.

Of course, that’s not the point. What really matters to Cocoa is a social media message posted by Chiya just now.

On that social media, there was a picture of her and Shiranui Akeno. And Chiya also announced on social media that in the next week, Ama Usa An will usher in Samurai’s Week. All cookies in the store will be marked with samurai’s name or deeds, and Ama Usa An’s new kanban girl will serve as a waiter.

As soon as the news came out, it attracted many fans on social media. It can also be seen that in the next week, Ama Usa An’s business will inevitably become a big hit.

This girl, Chiya actually has a good head for business?

To be honest, when Li Yalin saw Chiya’s social media, he couldn’t help but sigh. In the past, Ama Usa An’s kanban girl was all held by Chiya, and customers were very used to it. This sudden change of kanban girl and it was also a general kanban girl, which will naturally make the guests feel fresh.

If nothing else, just look at Shiranui Akeno’s look, right?

To even think about this, Chiya sure knows how to have fun.

“Isn’t this pretty good?”

Although Chiya made a Samurai’s Week surprised Li Yalin, it is also quite interesting. And Shiranui Akeno, a girl with amnesia seems to be okay with it.

But why would Cocoa react like this?

“But then, won’t we be beaten by Chiya? I also want to try something like Samurai’s Week.”

Well, Cocoa reacted so much, because she was attracted by Shiranui Akeno’s general appearance?

Right, Rabbit House is a shop specializing in witches. To make a Samurai’s Week… wouldn’t that be weird?

“No! I don’t want to be beaten by Chiya! Since Chiya is going to make Samurai’s Week, we should have a Witch’s Week in the next week!”

In the end, Cocoa finally issued her own declaration, but what she said attracted everyone’s eyes.

There are witches everywhere in the house and it’s already a witch shop, but you still want to announce a Witch’s Week?

Don’t be silly!

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